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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.

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3 partner story, nice


I try my best for my fans.

Twilight juggling two roles? This'll make for an interesting finale. Almost as interesting as Spike's history with that cat door...


Don't forget Rarity's history with cosplay clop ("I've wanted to do this for months.")

I mean, Sweetie didn't even MENTION his costum, so that must be normal by now....

That was fantastic! Can't wait to see what happens in the finale!!!

Oh, it's coming soon, mate.

Wtf is wrong with those "warnings"? Write the kinks like all you should, instead of these weird lyrics.


It's inside the chapter; besides, the description should hint you enough to the kinks. Clutter on the front page is an issue too.

Besides, I 'like writing those 'weird' lyrics. It's a fun bit of humor before the big business of clop goes on.

Well, at least there's that, though "humorous" aspect of them is debatable.

Admittedly not into futa much, but this was damn hot!

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