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8208382 1,000,000/10, would favorite, track, and like instantly.
God DAMN, that speech! Plus the fact that he pretty much stunned THE MERCHANT, and was so overpowered that he needed to go to The Merchant's BOSS to get Displaced?! Sanguine Dream, you have achieved Master Artist status in my eyes! AFTER A SINGLE CHAPTER!

8208395 Well thank you :rainbowderp: that was an unexpectedly nice comment

8208397 There are only two Displaced stories I read/keep track of, SPD Emergency is the first, and yours just became the second. I like SPD because Power Rangers fan, Shadow Ranger was my favorite of SPD, and the fact that he tries to mold the Crossovers to fit into his story plotline, while following it. Plus, and a bit of a spoiler, He is a Displaced Cruger, WHO NOT ONLY WAS THE HEAD OF THE ROYAL GUARD IN THE PAST, BUT HAS HIS OWN SPD, AND HAS MASTERY OF DIMENSIONAL MAGIC, so OP as fuck. Even dueled the Displaced from the Final Fantasy Giglamesh story TO A DRAW, and that guy was the most powerful being on his Equis.

8208408 Wow... well one, I'm honored. and Two.. that sounds awesome. :rainbowderp:

8208410 Go check it out, it is pretty cool. But, there are a lot crossovers, just not derailing crossovers.

Since I have the day off work tomorrow, I may try and put out another chapter of this and another chapter of MLaaEH

This seems very tongue-in-cheek. Might actually be a displaced fic I'll keep track of :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by King Leoric deleted Aug 1st, 2017

8208444 More of a semi-comedic power fantasy, with stupid power scaling

Well, I really like story with OP main hero/character, as long as it fits into story:pinkiehappy:
......and as the modern saying goes "There Is No Kill Like Overkill":pinkiecrazy:

At first I thought this would be a terrible, randomly thrown together crossover, but because I was bord I took a chance....I'm so happy now:raritystarry:.....this crossover is AWESOME!!!!.

8208495 what's overkill? As far as I know there are only might be dead, probably dead, or for sure they are dead.

8208500 And they haven't even gotten in Equestria yet :pinkiecrazy: do note the next chapter includes delicious delicious violence :pinkiecrazy:

8208507 Is there any physical evidence of them existing in the first place? No? That's overkill :rainbowlaugh:

8208613 Oh don't worry, Ralts should be fine. :twilightsmile: Also it will be a bit before I'm accepting Crossover offers. Now I just need to decide if Ralts'll be in the story or a one-shot.

8208618 The little guy can be an introduction summon. He should know future sight by the time you summon him, so he can help out.... Maybe... That yandere tsundere you have in there came outta left field!

8208626 Not a bad idea :rainbowlaugh:
"Please summon me, I can be helpful."
Also, yes Tanya is horrifying, but you already knew that :rainbowlaugh:

...one chapter, you're suddenly featured. That's damn impressive.

I most certainly can say that I'm enjoying this, which is an understatement

i never thought that this would happen, but it did... the day i would favourite a displaced fic has come

lets see. three completely overpowered people and they're dorks? i'm going to be keeping an eye on this one. great work so far! btw there's nothing wrong with being a dork.

Yea, I'm afraid I just can't with this one. While I do want to read it because the comments so far are promising, your lack of a proper editor/proofreader is murder on my poor eyeballs. I quite literally couldn't get two sentences in before I was already making an entirely too big of an effort to understand the words on the page in front of me-- not exactly a good first impression, especially since its currently in the featured box. I will keep this on my read later list, just on the off-chance that it gets cleaned up sometime in the near future.

I will applaud you for at least trying a first attempt, most new author's never will.


interesting, the sisterhood is pleased, and a little intrigued, by this

8208520 in that case overkill is only in effect when you start torching papers, and killing people who knew of who you killed:rainbowwild:

You need an editor for this. The quality is there, easily seen, but you need a bit more polish to buff out those typos.

I can't wait to see what happens next keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

I shall grace thee with the greatest [sfm] of tanya ever

Great chapter! It's an amazing kick off for this story! Good sir, you have yourself a like and a track!!!:pinkiehappy:

As some whine who has read a lot of displased fics this chapter had me screaming in laughter. seriously dam good job! I hope to read the next chapter

This story has intrigued me (and given me a HUGE displaced boner) continue

I find this.......... intriguing:trixieshiftright: Now let's see if you can do an OP without fucking it up. Also, I too share your views on displaced.:scootangel: I recommend you try some of these as well

I love this so much..I can tell your of to a great start

I'd still read this even if there wasn't a displacement fic. Guy goes to con is compelling enough.

Alright... I'll bite. Let's see where this train takes us.

I don't normally comment on things I downvote, but I took a look at your library of work and realized I have downvoted every one of them. It doesn't seem fair that you get no explanation on why. Lord knows that irks me as a writer.

I doubt that you are a bad writer, or that you haven't put valuable time and effort into your stories. You dominated the feature box with your first story, for crying out loud. So you have some ability and there is an audience for what you write. That's groovy.


The ideas you write about are trash tier at best. A cheeky nod at how common and played out the displaced trope is lazy lampshading and not in any way subversive of a poor idea that was DOA years ago. Mashing together a bunch of crap into one story just saves you the space of having to write them seperately. If you want to write Human in Equestria, write it. You want to write a crossover with whatever else, go for it. You want self-insert, you do that. But actually do it, goddamn. Displaced is already a mishmash of this crap and trying to one up that level of dud is stupid. But hey, there's a lot of dumb going around.

From concept to execution this story is retarded. So are the tentacle monster fics, just fyi. I'm unsure how the second one even made it onto the site, but that's for the mods to deal with and I'm no mod. I do sincerely hope you get tons of followers and helpful critique and cool comments. Don't let my sour grapes ruin the batch for you. But to throw my two cents in for actual constructive criticism, shave down your descriptions. You don't need a small snippet of the story or any dialogue. Provide an actual hook to reel readers in as opposed to a challenge that equates to the literary version of nee-ner-nee-ner. Use MLP characters more strongly as opposed to something to just bounce and compare your OCs to. Use the MLP setting, even if you make a full on AU. Take the wonderful and copious amount of content the show, comics, and movies have given us and just do something with it.

If that something still turns out to be another displaced pile of garbage...well, you do you.

Oh shit, that one fic I edit has inspired someone. xD
Imma gonna read this soon, I just need to finish my current read.

Ummm... yeah. I'm not sure if you've told weapons about you making this. But damn, he's gonna be happy. :derpytongue2:
Anyway, that's about it.
I'll be back...
Very soon...

I Am Become Death... I Am Eternal...

is the title a typo also you got in the feature box
time of discovered feature 12:19 6/4/17

8208707 I didn't know I was featured :rainbowhuh: I was at work.
8208738 Well I honored that you picked my Displaced fic to favourite
8208911 I will have to see if I can get n my editor to edit this :twilightsheepish:

So, all three of them are in the same equestria right?


if you can kill it you can overkill it

best line.

8209162 You don't need to tell me :rainbowlaugh: I've read all of Tat's stuff!

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