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As a dedicated Warhammer player, how much did you have to research to make this sound like a proper crossover, and not thrown together in 10 seconds?

Does look interesting. But I'm cautious before I start.

Jest #2 · May 24th · · 1 · Many Changes ·

I own about 2 dozen of the books, and have read more in audio form. I've played nearly every major video game put out, and have been an avid lore fanatic for nearly a decade at this point.

To the people who downvoted it faster then what is even possible to read the first chapter. Why?

whistles appreciatively Most impressive. I very much am nowhere near as much of a lore fanatic when it comes to the WH/40K universe, but there is just something interesting about how unabashedly grimdark it is and the lengths it can go to when reinforcing it.

As for those who downvoted it, They likely saw the tags and automatically assumed.

So Rarity struck a deal with Slaanesh as part of her survival..... And don't think I missed that bit about Rarity referring to Discord as a "god of chaos undivided". Implications that he went rogue from the rest of the pantheon, or simply her acknowledging that undivided best describes his type of chaos...

This is already great, I have no idea why it was down voted so fast. Great cover image too.

oooo i love Warhammer 40K stuff, just gotten my Toes wet with it and i love it, :D

I wonder if a Custodes will find Rarity and bring her before the Golden Throne to commune with Big E? When she returns, I wonder if she'll bring Saint Celestine, the Sanguinor or any of the Legion of the Damned with her. I'd love to see the enemies of Equestria have to deal with the daemons of Emps.

Did Rarity make some sort of deal with chaos? Or did she pull a Big E and stole power from the chaos gods?

Did Rarity wind up as part of an inquisitorial retinue or as part of a crew under a rogue trader?


“Then they are shallow fools,” Rarity stated confidently. “You’re true beauty remains unblemished my dear.”


Well. Certainly an intriguing opening. Looking forward to further details on both ends of the timeskip. (And given the nature of the Warp, Rarity's probably grateful she didn't return to Equestria ten thousand years later. Or earlier.)

I think the portal scene, plus all the hints about her having some kind of otherworldly/unnatural allure, and the fact she describes it as a "gift", point heavily to her having struck a deal with, if not become an unwilling disciple of, Slaanesh.

Good God this is intriguing, and I'm not even a fan of warhammer! Can't say how accurate it is to the lore... What I can say, is that I'll be looking forward for more.

There are some minor lore breaks, but 99% of it is lore accurate. I've been a fan of 40k for over a decade at this point.

Comment posted by Jest deleted May 24th

I shall keep my third eye on this one.

yeah I already dont trust her not wanting to just bring her lord of chaos to equestria given how chaos taint works and all.

You seem to forget there are ways of getting those "blessings" or mutations without divulging into chaos worship/allegiance (especially if one can find a certain library or similar ancient sites of knowledge or possibly contents thought lost from them). Unfortunately whether or not one allies with Chaos at that point the Inquisition tends to hunt the subject down.

Please tell me your lore is mostly from the novels and other sources that are not the codices.

Seems to me that Rarity might be a Daemonhost of slaanesh who somehow still has control over herself.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll find where the lore comes from.

Awesome! Too many forget that the codices are technically supposed to be written by Imperial Guard, Inquisition, or Mechanicus hence a lot of the info is biased or plain out wrong lore wise. A brilliant if somewhat obnoxious excuse for changing lore and continuity in them for game rules.

That's a majority of the lore though. So much has been lost, forgotten, or altered purposefully for propaganda reasons that getting a true understanding of the setting isn't entirely possible. That's one reason I enjoy the 40k universe so much. Yes there is a ton of lore, but there is alot of grey area for interpretation so long as you arent breaking the few things that are set in stone.

Yep which is why the novels are the best way of getting the lore. The only novels that are technically affected by that are the Ciaphas Cain novels which are supposed to be his memoirs that were taken by an Inquisitor to censor and instead she uses them as teaching tools for other Inquisitors (with sidebars from her explaining things nicely for those new to 40k) to show the problems with the way they think and how not being an overzealous by the book fanatic is actually better for success in service against the enemies of the Emperium.

I just read this within the past few hours and i am looking forward to hearing Rarity's tale.

If I remember correctly, chaos undevided is just another faction in the immaterium. It doesn't have any canonical gods associated with it - but is a sort of wild card within chaos. By necessity, any being we hear about from that faction has to be powerful - they had to survive in the warp alone after all.

Its also when they are embraced by all the chaos gods.

Wasn't Malal the god of Chaos Undivided before he was pseudo-retconned?

Nothing was really ever concretely said about malaal before he was booted so I'd take it with a grain of salt.

Surprise twist: Discord was Malaal all along! Equestria was simply his idea of a retirement home and he needed to make things convincing for the other Gods, so he used the Warp to pseudo-retcon himself out of existence by adopting a new persona!:trollestia:

Sounds really interesting and I like it so far except for the de-magicked Celestia. :trollestia:

“Don't worry about it,” Rarity exclaimed.

Well i would say "worry much about them!"

Aweyome story, cant wait for more ^^

Malal is god of evil. If equestria is warp realm here, D is just one of lesser patrons.

“I know how it is. And Fluttershy?” Pinkie Pie asked,

Who shrugged noncommittally. “You know how today is.”


the cover art makes me think she made a deal with Slaanesh.

But the tail and horn make me think something that shouldn't be possible even in Warhammer 40K.

EDIT: MAYBE she managed to talk her way into getting some favor from Tzeench. (is that the Chaos god of Cunning or whatever?) It's really one of the only 3 ways i can see her having enough power to even ATTEMPT piercing a barrier capable of isolating an entire SOLAR SYSTEM.

EDIT 2: I feel it should be noted that the first edit was an observation made while inebriated.

if we go by the comics, cosmos would probably be closer to malal than discord

Seriously, Cosmos straight up IS Malal. She even calls herself Malice!

It seems like Rarity hasn't joined Chaos OR The T'au like I expected from the cover art, but instead is allied with none of the playable factions. I'm excited for this, because it means you might explore the rarely seen seedy underbelly of the galaxy, where lesser-known xenos, Rogue Traders, and more unscrupulous Inquisitors barter, staying out of the affairs of everyone else.

How do you work that out?

Because I'm fairly sure I remember the Slaaneshi symbol appearing just before she returned.

Just interested in your reasoning.

It is normally pretty easy to tell when something has been irredeemably corrupted by Chaos, especially Slaanesh. Rarity isn't exactly building a shrine with pony sacrifices to call her daemonic overlords. It is possible for servants of Chaos to be subtle in order to infiltrate, but not usually at the point where they have physical changes. I'm not sure what's up with Rarity, but she doesn't seem to be a servant of Chaos. Yet.

Now, this is really interesting, I played 40K a long time ago as a nipper and don't no a lot about the lore anymore, but I love the contrasting cross over and what's been built up so far. look forward to seeing where this goes :D

hey wouldn't it be funny if Rarity has accidentally pulled a Magnus here and now ponykind is doomed due to a vulnerability in the barrier around their homeworld.

how does rarity acquire all those different weapons? Imma say she has a run-in with a certain magnificent 'kronspreadin' bastard

I mean he inadvertently got an entire imperium planet extermanatus'd because he set a tyranid loose on another necron as a joke, his excuse being "if I was trying to get you killed I would have sent more than one"

he'd absolutely give a pony access to a few random items from the Solemnos galleries then subtly steer her towards the Eldari to see how much havoc she'd cause

of course this is just me being naively hopeful as an unabashed necron supremasist who's introduction to Warhammer novels consisted of The Infinite & The Divine followed immediately by The Twice Dead King

Actually, now that I think about it, giving Tirek and Discord to Trazyn to store in his galleries is actually a much better security plan than leaving them in Tartarus, (and would be a way for her to bargain out of being trapped there for eternity herself) :twilightoops:

I'm by no means an expert on the more niche Imperium lore, but the suit sounds like Oficio Assasinorum gear to me

of course that opens a whole other can of worms regarding how she could step within 10-AUs of an imperium held world without being shot on sight as a filthy zeno heretic for having natural purple hair or something

But I'm a necron boi, so what do I know? I've got bigger issues to ponder, like how the fuck do I stop techpreists from stealing the fridge?

Seriously, I just had the damn thing replaced on monday!

it would certainly track with the expansive list of ironies that makes up the rest of 40k's lore at this point

It is nice to see more Warhammer around here. Far too few done by someone who knows how to properly do a crossover. And one with actual thought put into it. Not 2 seconds like some.

I'm a player myself.

Let's see where you take this

This is the longest comment chain I think I ever saw here

Interesting start! I'd say she's exaggerating a tad on the shotgun, there's no way an adult dragon is less tough or dangerous than a Carnifex, and those would practically ignore mere shotguns. Unless she's talking about an adolescent dragon, those'd hardly be tougher than carapace armor.
Or maybe she's just doing the responsible thing and putting proper fear of firearms and explosives on them. Good on her for that! :twilightsmile:

I aprove of Lunity! At least she'll still be able to physically love. She wouldn't be that lucky if her armor came from one of the other three, be it spikes, disease, warp shenaniganry or simply lack of access. There is the silver lining for romance that magic plus eldritch gifts tend to make one's life not be limited to it's original span, in the end :raritystarry:

Hmm she did mention this galaxy. Somehow I severely doubt discord would've sent her so close, unless he was lying about what he did... shenanigans are afoot, I'm sure! :pinkiecrazy:

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