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Just a casual reader and occasional writer. I know I make mistakes and I'll try my best to prevent them, but I write mostly to relax or just pass the time. Also English isn't my native language.

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Seriously what the hell is a void Walker?

I enjoyed it but the explanations of every little thing and overuse of kanji might have been a bit too much fantalk for my tastes...

The kanji will be used only on the first time something is named.

K, just a bit too much info for me. I think its a story that has a lot of potential despite the main character maybe having the equivalent chakra reserves of a neutron star... :pinkiecrazy:

So, what happened to the body he was using before he went back to his original?

I just got done reading your story and it has my interest please continue the awesome work:pinkiehappy:

Bodies and that's a something that you will find out later.

He is no more powerful than the royal sisters together, it's just that his technique are more efficient when it comes to combat or killing.
Right now most of it's power is sealed.

Nice story though you might want to get a beta to help with grammar and literacy.

Nice busty dragoness your displace got there. ^^

Really great work of Art you got there...
Cant w8 for Luna and Celestias Reaction one they realize he is free and had been roaming for years in reincarnated form... I love the possibilities you gave him to have interracted with everyones Ancestor but Celestias and Lunas... Or did he know their mom ? Keep up the creativity and theories of working original Powers of Naruto and Hunterxhunter ( and majou)
Hope to see the Mane6 Reactions to the Bone jutsus... Nothing better than ripping out your own spine and fighting with it... 😎

An impressive work...I like this. Even more because it's a good OC character that fits the displaced multiverse well.

You have my interest good sir/madam. :moustache:
I will be following the story. keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

when the next chapter be update on?

If everything goes as I planned, someday next week.

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

A few descriptions of violence, maybe torture and surgery, but that's later.
The surgery and experiments are more likely.
The violence will be like Naruto, Hunter x Hunter or Inuyasha's levels of violence.(The manga not the anime)
Think of it as shounen almost seinen level of violence.

I will put a author's note on the top warning about.

I wondered if they were going to bring up the fact he had been recycling his spirit again...

Actually...I think that at the end was one of his Paths....

Earlier chapter he was recycling his spirit in the same fashion as Yoko Kurama to pass the time and build up his power as he waited to free himself. When he replied that the body was his it kinda made sense that all those past selves bodies wouldn't simply just disappear...

Actually the "Paths" are just bodies –normally corpses– with the "black receivers" implanted in them, so he could recreate the "Six Paths of Pain" using spare bodies, it doesn't matter whose bodies he uses.

You are mostly right, the physical prowess of his reincarnated bodies is far superior to the average member of that species, but over the millennia he could access most of his spiritual energy. While he used this time to gain a bit of power he focused mostly on control and efficiency.

wait, wait, wait that his body? I need to understand what id going on?

ssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttt!!!!!

The body they were looking at was that of a diamond dog, although it's features were more wolf like the dog like. The coat was white like snow, but had many intricate red curved lines that were seemingly draw by a brush all over its body, the tip of the ears and tail however were black as if dipped in black ink.

Ammy is that you?


So is He going to Use the Black recievers to Make puppets like Nagato/pain or will he Transfer his soul Into the body to move without being noticed?

That is a spoiler. So you have to wait, sorry.

I'm loving this I just wish there was more.

This is cool and damn that marshmallow is whiney


also i love this chapter keep it going mate :P

GOD DAMNIT! you missed a perfect opportunity to introduce the six paths of pain Into the Story. But you could give kazuki the opportunity to go to
ponyville or in general outside of the forest by Making a rinnegan reanimation with contact lenses. And just by theory kazuki should have a susanoo right, if yes which one? Or is it all of them?

Yeah, completely add even more to the story by making him even more OP... You do realize that by giving every power to the character at what is essentially the beginning, and not letting the character develop them like he's doing is the worst possible idea? No character growth is how good stories go bad very quickly...

Im pretty sure using the six paths of pain would Make him weaker acually, since his chakra gets split up and the can't control them and move individually. And using the rinnegan to posess his former bodies would allow him to acually interact with anything outside the forest for once and contact lenses would be the only logical option because im pretty sure the Sisters have Seen his eyes(rinnegan) before. And im pretty sure he used kamui earlier and even if Not, he has a sharingan so He should also atleast have the possibility of evolving it. On a sidenote, we Don't even know What big bad he's up against (if there is one). Example: There is a Story called Star Eater in which the Protagonist has everything naruto, all bending forms from avatar together with the avatar state followed by being Dante from devil may cry, having devil trigger, Ebony &Ivory plus Rebellion. Despite sounding ridiculously op and being it, the Author managed to bring out the Cliche Bad guys aka demons and Despite continously discovering New powers he is still ridiculously outclassed.

The Story has just begun so simmer down sally. (Not That I would mind a Good gary stu in this Story)

P.s: you probatly would get an aneurism at reading "Don't get Cocky", the Protagonist is literally a god.

I don't really think he's interested in leaving right now. His main focus seems to be maintaining the timeline without actually interacting with the main cast. If they do meet he makes them either forget or agree not to mention him.

I agree But I meant leaving the forest in general to gain more followers rare Ressources and such. Also there is a Good Chance the rinnegan body control -whatever -no jutsu is gonna Make a debut in the next chapter, he would have to be stupid to Show himself already.

He doesn't have the powers of other animes he is recreating something similar using what he already has.

Only until the Gala, but he realized that small changes are inevitable and he might have to either accelerate or change his plans accordingly.

I never said he did, I just said to do so would kinda make it boring for obvious reasons.

I'm still trying to figure out his endgame...

Great progress 😁
Finally smart D.D.s
And with Zetsu armor!
I am curious for the next chapter....
Will the mane six Meet more of Kazukis unique guards? Will his soldiers mention him? Or simply call him "Boss"? Will they finally meet an Anthro Dragon? Will Spike finally lose his crush on Rares when seeing a true Dragon Lady?
I am whirring in circles here xD

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