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Yay! You're back! You are the kind of guy that gets what I really like. And I'm stoked to see more of this.

Glad to see more of your work, AuNaturale. Can't wait for the next chapters.

Ah yes! Universal Acceptance was one of my favorite clop-fics. I'm psyched for more of it.

Also I don't supposed you could use any help editing maybe? I'd love to be a part of this epic.

Welcome back.:D Glad to see you return with this.^^

Wonder if he can make the gender change potions become common or something, thanks to his experience with Hoity earlier on.^^


Oh man, I am SO excited to see this story continue with a sequel. Absolutely loved the original, can't wait to see what's to come!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the only clopfic series I've seen to competently handle questions of morality.

Mostly skipping the sex scenes because hyper's never been to my tastes.
However, the story has me hooked.

7959952 Same here, not that I don't enjoy a nice plunge off the slippery slope or magical corruption, but the closest story to this that I've read was Friendship is Mind Control, which was good and brought up all the right arguments about morals, but then right at the end Twilight (who's the protagonist) just gets some of the consequences of her actions waved away and more power and freedom handed to her just before and after the final battle with no real explanation or reasoning:twilightangry2: I actually made an entire folder for stories that disappoint me like that because of that story.

Looks like it's already come. The biggest question is: how many more times will it come?

Goodies, the story continues.

There is always the classic romantic castle life option?

The maids are treated well, so happy, so therefore happy to help out in ANY way they can, including turning up first thing to assist the occupants getting out of bed without leaving a mess behind in the bed, by leaving the mess in the maid? :trollestia:

Happy to see you finally wrote the first chapter of this. The previous was one of my favorite fics on this site. I'm giddy to read more of this, AuNaturale :pinkiehappy:

It should go without saying how pleased we all are that this is continuing. I'm fascinated how things will play out with this more relaxed tone.

*Heavy Breathing*

Fat chance of becoming that now.

Is this a chekov?

It definitely does. When I saw this on the main page I may or may not have squealed.

no thanks, i'm pretty insufferable and hate having people looking over my shoulder. there are exceptions, but occasional typos aside, when it comes to fanfic, i honestly work better alone

That's what I didn't like about that fic. Instead of talking about the problems, it just got mind controlled away.

7961038 Yeah, but as I said, what bothered me the most was that the story never took the option of working through everything it set up, all the suspense and drama of the mind control, off the table, but then at the end it just ends like Twilight's completely right to oppose Celestia and Celestia barely even cares when she loses, when to me Twilight was interesting in that she was no better morally at first, but then began to improve but still had a ways to go. Also, the story brings up at one point that it's preferable for Twilight to win since she's mortal, which means that she can prevent a morally corrupt Celestia from mind controlling her little ponies forever, but then at the end...She (Twilight) becomes an immortal alicorn, for no real reason at all!!!!!!

The writer, in one or two chapters, turned their story from a moral roller coaster with a protagonist who I enjoyed watching fall and then rise, to a flat Mary-Sue! Which I thought would only happen with the show's Twilight!:flutterrage:

i still like FiMC. hell, it's the fic that inspired me to start UA

not gonna try to invalidate your opinions, just sayin imma respectfully disagree a little bit

7961115 I understand, I loved the story desperately right up until the end, if you got something else from the story, or the parts that bother me don't hit you the same way than all that is is an example of how we're different, heck, as I laid out, AppleTank and I, though we both dislike the story, we focus on different things about it. Bottom line, I respect your opinion and I'm not gonna get worked up over it. How could I get bothered anyway? If anything it makes me feel better in a weird way that that story inspired you, like you found a way to bring what I liked about the story back to me, like the phoenix:twilightsmile:

Congrats on making it on the frontpage!

Yay, more cuddly romance with fun fetishes! :pinkiehappy:

Well... I'm definitely going to be rather eager to see this story go to completion, reading the prequel to this? I honestly can't wait to see what can happen next especially with how well the prequel was. :pinkiehappy:

Speaking as someone who has been on the cleaning crew, I would much rather replace the sheets than the carpet.

they'll probably be getting a(nother) stern word from the staff

7961763 Always a pain to make the carpet match the drapes as well:pinkiehappy:

Very glad to see the story isnt over. Cant wait for more. :)

After just finishing the prequel to this i am super glad that the story takes after right at the end of the prequel. Can't wait for more chapters and such.

I liked UA for the characters. FiMC felt more like a fetish train with an excuse plot.

7963628 I can see that, for me the sex was written in a way I found boring so I just read through it for the sake of the story, practically ignoring it. As I mentioned, what I liked about the story was Twilight steady moral descent, then when her rise actually seemed to be progressing sensibly to me, I was more excited than I'd been in a while, which is why the ending hit me so hard.

What he needs is somethign with the same taste and flavour, but with no bulk and no calories, that or anti flavour from everyone else, Eventually the occasional snack of maid, guard, personal assistant, ambassadorial staff etc would wean her off Pascal all together? :yay:

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Sweet! New chapter so soon! Love every second of this!

i'm not going on a six day sprint like last time

7964239 Good, no need to burn yourself out... Just sit back and enjoy writing it when you have the time or what have you... lol I'll sit back and enjoy the ride... :pinkiehappy:

You have the right idea, no need to rush chapters out like as if the end of the world's coming. (and probably would never come)
I agree with you on the fact of enjoying of what you're writing, if you don't, it'd end up feeling like a boring chore, and that's no fun at all. Though I'll also be enjoying where this story goes as well.

Another excellent chapter, as always with your works.:D

Princess Luna - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

Goddammit, I'm trying to do homework.

While I'm happy to see another chapter so soon, I will say that I very much enjoyed the more sedate pace of updates, and certainly won't be knocking down your door begging for a fast update. Especially since this story is much less 'ticking clock' and much more 'let's deliver on all those long-term goals we teased in the first story'.

Dang that was fast, nice chapter. Hope he can find away to either get celestia off his seed like an addict and or settle with himself being a normal human, it's a good thing he has those imperfections to balance out his perfections, or else he really would be that normal stallion who doesnt really do anything out of what their society deems as "Normal".

Anyways nice chapter, good work man!

"Seems rather obvious to me,"

No kidding.
I really like the continuation of the moral quandary.
Pascal's fretting about the continuity of the show reminds me of Thomas from my story, Horse People Go Naked. It's nice to see Luna giving therapy to a guy who's job I imagine to be a super therapist. Seriously. He could set himself up as the uber marriage counselor, just telling couples to get over their issues and remember they love each other, and it would happen. Be good money doing good work.

7964519 It's not foolproof, and his power could still have damaging consequences in this scenario.

For example, what if one set of clients are an abusive marriage with the abuser using counseling as a tool to discourage the victim? A simple "just work it out, focus on your love" would cause more harm than good.

As someone who read the first story for the plot, not the clop, my initial reaction was, "why is there a sequel? The first story wrapped everything up, and everyone rode off into the sunset, on a partner of their choice."

As of this second chapter, I see that Pascal and Celestia are still pretty borked in the head, and there's still plenty to resolve.

I completely forgot that Pascal is either a Brony or from a universe that has the MLP shows. :twilightsheepish:

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