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As an avatar of chaos once said, love is a grand and multi-tentacled thing.

Only in Japan.

Because only in Japan would a tentacled monster girl (as well as a centaur, a spider hybrid, a zombie girl, and a whole herd of them) love a human.

I'd love to see how this story develops, if i could suggest something: add clop tags to smut chapters to let people interested in the story skip'em.
It does wonders for getting more readers. :twilightsmile:

a quick intro duction huh so why is it OVER 9000 words long huh

I love how you wrote fluttershy. Have a thumbs up.

Liked and added to favorites because holy crap, this story is already incredible.

Great story so far. My only gripe is that you skipped the threesome :fluttercry:. Have a like and favorite, anyway

The real clop doesn't start until the third arc, and even then it'll be 1-on-1 with each of the M6 only. But if you can wait till the 2nd, you'll see some fun/interesting fetishes (though nothing too extreme; I'm pretty vanilla) that works with each of their personalities. You've already seen a hint of Fluttershy's.

If I get enough inspiration and/or find it fun enough, i may just make a sequel/side-story that involves the 3P

Good advice. Some good, old coconut warnings it is. Ho, bad Monty Python joke!

I honestly didn't expect it to run that long, but I was having too much fun and it just sorta ended up like that. Also, the chapter name actually refers to the quote at the top of the page itself.

That's cool. I was joking (mostly). The best clop scenes have build up and character development. It adds an emotional investment to the clop, which only makes it better.

Polyamory :pinkiehappy: mane six :pinkiegasp: great cover picture :heart: human... :pinkiesad2: So close.


Mine was >self insert

So, so close. Especially if it indeed includes THICC Pinkie Pie.

i just wanted to make a refrence in honesty and poking fun at the same time was just luck

Possibly one of the ugliest front covers I've ever seen. But hey... this story made the featured list... so you've got to be doing something right... right?! :twilightoops:

If you tease me with amazing clop situations like this until the third arc, I will hit you with a stick.

This looks nice!

Now we just need some more of the girls with more subby fetishes and I'm happy as can be. Maybe Rarity likes a good spanking..?

The only reason I'm not reading this is because of the name 'Anon;.:pinkiesick: The premise seems very interesting.:twilightsheepish:

gotta say i'm really liking this. Can't wait to see where all this goes.

So flutters is into pet play eh? Cute, it's rare to find anything like that on here. That aside, this entire chapter was ADORABLE! And I like your choice of holding back the descriptive smut because it felt right for the pacing, and would kinda muck up the previously done cuteness. Love this and can't wait to see more.... Please don't be one of those post a single chapter and then hiatus forever type things


They use "anon"as a way to describe yourself anonymously, the story is written in second person (from what I've read), and they use the title/name as a placeholder for yourself. That aside, this being second person, they don't refer to you by the name anon, the author states that they "say your name" or "whisper your name",ect, easily allowing for you to place yourself. Even if this doesn't persuade you let the words of all the others who commented good things persuade you to give this fic a chance, I promise you (hopefully) won't regret it

8350101Forgive me, but I see too many stories that use 'Anon' when they can't think of a name to use. You can do 2nd person without using 'Anon'. I've seen it done. So, I still choose not to read this.

The artist name is SomeScrub. Go crazy.

if hearing your own name in your pony smut is that important to you, just copy the whole thing into word and wordfilter 'anon' to your name

I do indeed enjoy the Waff.

By the way, what does Waff mean? I see that you're using it a lot.

By the power of the internet, I think I found what is probably the closest definition for this case. That being it's an acronym for Warm and Fuzzy Feelings (WAFF). Which I'll agree there certainly were a few of those in this first chapter.

Did you even read his comment? They don't refer to 'you' as Anon in this story. The story mentions 'your' name being said without directly saying it.

" a furry-lover (the worst kind of shitposter on any forum) "

Well that's uncalled for.

'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' reference. Cast used coconuts to make the clopping noises for the fake 'pack horses' a few actors played. Informative!

Ah. now I'm reminded. And being reminded is half the battle.

10/10 chapter. Looking forward to how this pans out. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the hard work looking forward to the date.

Love this chapter so much. Really love the dynamic between the MC and Twilight, especially with all his commentaries about other ponies like Vinyl Scratch (hope we see her) and Lyra. The fact that Twilight obviously set up the meeting to have him date her friends made me laugh. Thanks for the chapter. Hope the next one comes soon so we can see how he interacts with Pinkie.

Tsundere Twilight is a fine idea just as long as it doesn't become unbearable as tsunderes who react violently are terrible characters and ruin any story they're involved in. With that out of the way, I just want to say that I can't wait to read more chapters.

Ironically, I think I made her more like the original tsunderes, not the abominations that plague the media today. These were the ones that, while sometimes a bit pissy, still obviously cared about their love interest even when they acted cold and didn't smack the MC unless he really deserved it. A good example of the tsunderes I like are Rin from Fate/stay night and Akane from the early portions of Ranma 1/2 (you know, before she got hit with the Takahashi flanderization hammer).

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