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"A Guide to Herd Dynamics" Under Construction and Questions · 3:50am Dec 28th, 2017

Once again, playing the bullshit game with my readers.... if I still have any. In either case, more work will be done on 'AGHD.' Mostly minor changes and cleaner, smoother flow. Also, as he's gained more of a personality, I've realized I've made him too 'dense' without actually giving clues as to WHY he's acting this way. So, yeah, that should make it more interesting as well as add more pony flavor to what's essentially become human MLP with cosmetic changes. Hopefully this will get me off my

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Upcoming Story! And Other News... · 1:20am Oct 24th, 2017

Once again, hey to anyone reading this. "A Guide to Herd Dynamics" is still being worked on, so don't worry. This time, the game Nier: Automata consumed my soul, but I finally finished it so now other things can slip between the cracks. Also, two main characters of next chapter are a bit hard (no set canon personalities for them, and fanon is ALL over the place). Also, dialogue will be... interesting. In all the good and bad ways.

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"A Guide to Herd Dynamics" Still In Progress and Other Fic Matters · 2:32pm Sep 23rd, 2017

Hey to anyone who actual follows me. Sorry that I missed the time I said I'd post the new chapter. A mix of work picking up and leaving me more tired than usual, getting hooked on 4chan MLP threads (I have been corrupted by RGRE so badly), and me just being lazy contributed to me not doing anything for the past couple weeks. Also, the next chapter is giving me a little trouble - trying to get a good handle on the new date's personality and how she interacts with Anon (already revised several

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