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I'm a little messed up. I'll update chapters when I can. Sorry for the long waiting periods :(

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I'm sorry but wasn't this story re-written not long ago?

8056577 I was just thinking the same thing. If I remember correctly this story was cancelled to be re-writen and then the first chapter was posted. Why is that chapter missing and this one is the only one there?

Thie is a Epic rewrite he sounds like a B.A.M.F .

8056762 Thank you, I changed Walter's character quite a lot but I think I am satisfied with how he is now.

Interesting start.^^

Ok not a bad start. I still kinda remember what the previous stories were like. This one is a bit too serious. Not trying to be mean or rude, this is my option after all. I can see that he cares for his sister but at the same time he reminds me a little too much about my brother.

Tries to act like hes some type of bad ass. Barely any type of combat training, doesn't even exercise and plays VG's all day while yelling on his mic saying how much they suck and should cry to their mommies ect. Acts like he's an US Navy Seal (even though hes not), talks like hes an Venetian( pretty sure I miss spelled that) ECT. That was by brother.

This is just my option but I prefer the older version better. The one that he goes to college and room makes with all of the girls.

8057161 Just wait until the next chapter, he isn't exactly all he claims to be. If your family is in danger and you are scared for them, you will say things to assure they will be saved.

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If your family is in danger and you are scared for them, you will say things to assure they will be saved.

Indeed. :pinkiehappy:


8057161 I agree with what you said, thise Walter seems too much like the Punisher type. If Iwere toguess Id say he'll spend a lot of time thinking of what he would do to certain people who are annoying him if he wasn't a refugee in the good grace of the HCA.

But I'm willing to give this story a chance, just hope it's not all gloomy and him rejecting every act of good will that ponies give him or that he's going to give everyone the cold shoulder for the longest of time.

I hope he realizes that his lofe might never get back to how it used to be and that to be able to set a new status quo and live a new life here that he's going to jave to let people in.

8057249 As a person who's read a lot of different fanfic, I don't always remember the tittles or the storylines I know I've read. So if you don't mind I'd liketo ask a quick question to see if a certain storyline that I remember was one that you hadin a previous version of this story.

Did one of your previous versions include him meeting a ghost that hunted the room of the house he was dorming in?

8057807 ok then, sorry about that. I was confusing it with another story about a guy who ends up living in this dorm house with a bunch of mares.

Similar base plot so my mind gumbles the details and I don't remember which was which

8057809 also why did the picture change to anthro rainbow in a maids uniform?

8057814 Well, I don't exactly have a good cover for the story. I wanted to make a cover of Walter standing in a circle made by the main six, however I'm no expert artist so that won't be happening any time soon. I decided to make Rainbow Dash the poster child, plus I like that art style so it will be the art style of the world.

8057821 hmmm, I can't promise you anything but if you send me (or post it in a blog for easier access) that pic of walter you had there before and that pic of rainbow then I might be able to help you there.

How about it?

8057831 orig08.deviantart.net/6fc7/f/2017/079/a/b/bandicam_2017_03_20_21_36_10_250_by_drew97-db30nfy.jpg

I was thinking of having him stand within a circle made by the girls, all of them either casting him a friendly smile, or waving at the viewer, while Walter just stands their towering above them with his arms crossed staring forward at the viewer with an expression that reads "Well fuck" or something along those lines.

and just for reference:

Walter: 6'8''

Applejack: 6'0''

Rarity: 5'8''

Twilight: 5'10''

Fluttershy: 5'1''

Pinkie Pie: 5'5''

Rainbow Dash: 5'7''

8057846 cool, I'll see if I can make something.m

8057831 I would be thankful for your generosity, and make sure to properly credit you in the story's description

So lets see how this story turns out great start so far

I don't know if it is me but is Walter supposed to be Russian or something thing? because that is what I get with him.

8059271 Walter was born in the Griffon Kingdom where he grew up most of his life, whatever human culture relates best to the Griffons is what traits Walter inherited.

Then the griffons are like Russians .....wow.... he is awesome!!!

Very interesting...
Very interesting indeed.

This sounds like a good story so far, can't wait to see the rest.

8059923 I'm working on the drawing, but need to ask something. Your anthro ponies have feet or hooves?

8061786 Feet, feet and hands. They have similar anatomy to Rainbow Dash in the photo.

8062007 the sketches are done, if you have skype you can pm me and I'll show them to you

Let's see where it goes from here. Give us a bit more detail on his surroundings if you can, and make sure you keep track of your characters appearances and quirks.

8062239 could you show me over messaging on here? I don't have skype.

that was a sweet and awesome read I'm happy Walter foungd a good garden and friends that he can let truely relax.

I read this before and thought "Y'know this is good stuff, I wanna read more" then stuff happened, and the story was going a bit out of direction, then you show me this great piece of work, thanks Papa Bear, way to be a hero with this story, I really like it and hope to see more chapters in the future ^~^

8069252 Yeah the original got way out of hand so fast. 0 to a 100 real quick.

Really love what you have done with the story so far.

Poor Walter just can't catch a break, can he?:fluttershysad:
And how come I have a feeling that his sister is living with the buffalo?

8069340 I finished the drawing. Check your email

8075843 Thank you so much, this means a lot to me. I will work much harder now!

8076862 aw shucks, don't worry about it.

8076864 For you to take time out of your life to make this means a lot. Thank you.

8076869 well I truly enjoy your story so it's only natural to support it in some way. I'm just glad the drawing matched your expectations

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