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Note Of A Ghost

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Now. Is the AU tag for just 'Earth' or will be for Equestria as well. In other words. will the story follow the series in any way other than the characters?

7626464 it will follow the series, I plan to have him arrive not long after the main six defeated nightmare moon (in the next chapter) and it will have events from the series, but probably not in order.

Hmm. I'll keep an eye out for this story.

We reached the foyer when a thought came to mind. I had to tell princess Celestia about Alex. "Pinkie?"


"Can you please get Spike for me, I need him to send a letter to the princess."

"But Twilight, Spike's right behind you." We all looked behind me for Spike. Sure enough he was right there.

"What? How'd I? I was just in the library." Just ignore it, Twilight... Just ignore it .

Well, that's new.:derpyderp1:

"You have no idea what this is like for me right now. It's not just that I've never seen one before. Where I come from they don't exist, they're just myths... And the coolest things ever." As I said that last part, Rainbow crossed her arms and pouted.

Now that was funny.:pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritywink::yay::twilightsmile:
:rainbowhuh:: Well not to me it was.

How old are the Crusaders in this story?

7670775 their age will be shown in the next chapter, but they will be turning 18 soon

7670775 don't worry. I have a plan... It might not be a good one, but it's a plan

Love the story... :yay:

Couple things you could fix though only minor nothing to worry about too much.

Comment posted by Omnipotence deleted Nov 16th, 2016

7718882 where Shining Armor was a Horrible brother at the Canterlot Wedding, and WHY IS HE STILL A BIG BROTHER AND BEST FRIEND FOREVER! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage:

7722115 i dunno... what Armor said at the wedding rehearsal was heartbreaking :applejackunsure:

hey Note, when's the story updated? i'm loving it! :pinkiehappy:
i wanna see Twilight, The Royal Sisters and maybe Cadance to viciously chew out on Shining Armor for what he did to Alex! :twilightangry2: :flutterrage: :pinkiecrazy:

7726890 it's updated as often as I can, just super busy at the moment. And I totally agree, shining getting an ear full would be amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

7728487 tell me about it! he's gonna get Celestia's sunburn on his ass! :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh: (no pun intended)
anyway take your time, i'm just loving the story

Ha ha ha! Alex is a funny basterd i Love it.

This is so good!!!

There are plenty of mistakes. But...Keep it Pg-13 lol

Hmm...I can see where this story's going

hmm. I don't remember going up any stairs... Wait. Yes I do. I almost got an up skirt view of Feather Duster... I am such a fucking perv. But then again you can't blame me for what she was wearing.

It was such an amazing view. (The balcony, not the maid)

oh really?

Well. Sorry for your experience. Anyhow Great chapter. Hope to see more form you.

7747593 you will. I've found a real drive for this story and am loving every minute I'm writing.

I was hoping someone would randomly yell "An illusion, what are you hiding?!"

That blood is going to give him dark powers and try to force him to become evil, isn't it?

We were in the carriage that was taking us to this place. The ride was pretty squishy. Me, Rainbow, Twilight and Pinkie were on one side and Applejack, Spike and Rarity were on the other. I think it was only supposed to seat three people to a side. I had a bit of a scare when I looked outside to see we were about five hundred feet in the air. I'm not afraid of heights or anything, but I wasn't expecting a carriage to be flying. I flung myself away from the window and onto Rainbow's lap, who was sitting next to me.

I guess Fluttershy took the train to get there?:derpytongue2:

7752793 whoops, I knew I was missing something... I just thought it was my marbles.

7776043 I'm glad someone picked up on it. Yeah, it's sort of what he's based off of

7776501 awesome! I like Ghost rider, is there gonna be more characters similar to some superhero/villains?

HAHA. Love it. Looking forward to more content. Keep up the good work and take your time

So. This guy can like his body on fire when his adrenaline runs high, use some type of penance stare that probably snatches someone's soul if he looks deep enough into their eyes (they are supposed to be windows to the soul after all), and now, what ever abilities his got from this new guy that is probably inside his head/body somehow. This is going too weird, even for Ponyville.

7784884 Close, but not quite. He's not going to get any powers from this new guy.

"Nathan Summers, but my friends call me Cable"
Cute.:trixieshiftleft: We have a real comic book fan here, don't we?:trixieshiftright:
And it looks like Alex might've just got blasted by somepony's alter ego. I have a feeling things are going to get very hairy soon.

omg, Rainbow told the others and most of the Mane 6 lied! :flutterrage:

Wonder how Alex will take it if he finds out :twilightangry2:

7785723 You know it... That applies to both parts. :twilightsmile:

"holy Celestia, is that it? I thought a
filly was getting raped or something."

"Hey, that was a manly scream."
"It was a filly squeal."

:rainbowlaugh: 10/10 you are a comedy master!

Clop great!

Twilight took it and read over it. She said that the Pincesses

Great work do.

Wut. OK. Good. Bye. Why are you still reading this? I don't know

I like it, and I was wondering shouldn't our hero start to experience protein deficiency?

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