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I'm male, and autistic, just so you know. I've been looking for a career for years till I came here. Hugs to those I love, and the trustworthy friends I make here someday.

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For anyone interested in this, I had something crazy in mind... · 11:13am December 4th

For a while, I had been seeing through the MLP series, and what almost sprung to my mind after reading a genius fic from a certain genius writer here was a certain character as a main antagonist, Spoiled Rich, and the main antagonists being me (my OC or whatever) and some other OCs brought together by the new princess, who was taken off her throne. It’s a mixture with MLP and Grand Theft Auto, and Humans and Anthros coexist.

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2489017 the first one of what?

About to start on the first one, lets goooo

2461337 any media you do besides Skype?

Well, any way I can share images with you?

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