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Normally I wouldn't touch an Anthro pony story with a 50 foot pole, but you somehow made me stay :O

I need a bucket, someone get me a bucket.
Any human clop fic that is serious deserves to be used as kindling for the writer's burning at a stake.

It was warning that made you read wasn't it. :)

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1906919 Yes :(
My curiosity will kill me some day :fluttershyouch:

Let me use me "anger" filter on that:
You deserve to be burned alive for writing this.

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I'll watch this for now to see how it plays out.

uhmm. Two things. One, anthropology is the study human development. So the way you are using it in your warning is completly wrong. Instead you ant to say that the story has anthropomorphic ponies, or just anthro Two, batman is a DC hero, not Marvel.
Anyway, I will be watching this story.
By the way, there is a group for anthro stories. It is called Anthropomorphics. You should check it out.

Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to correct the mistakes. Oh and about the anthropology thing, I just typed in anthro before submitting it, my computer has a glitch issue when it comes to typing so random things happen to words I type...kinda gets my nerves

Your welcome.
Ah. Okay then. Yeah, I have experienced such an issue. I guess if it keeps happening you could just put the whole word, anthropomorphic, so that it doesn't auto-correct anthro.
Anyway, something i forgot to mention. Are you going to give more descritions as to what the ponies, and the main character, looks like in the next chapter? In this chapter you only mentioned that Rainbow was blue, and that she had a equine like head. No mention of if the blue color as fur, or if she has hooves, or feet. We did not even get any description of the main character's apearance as well.

That's just me, I can't really blurt out appearance, especially in the 1st chapter because it kind of gives away extra detail about clop moments (when one is observing the others features before getting it on) . Since you asked though I think I'll be able to put more detail into appearance. After all appearance is what Chapter 2 is going to be about.

You have piqued my interest good sir, I hope not be disappointed in the future :duck:

Okay then.
Looking forward to the next update. Take as much time as you need though.

Ignore the haters man, and just keep doing what you like!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

My apologies, the first chapter is usually the one I have the most trouble with.

Thanks for the encouragement bro, it means a lot:twilightsmile:

1907433 Sure thing, I know the pain of having a hater on your story, it sucks lol But oh well. People will do what they want on the internet.:rainbowlaugh: Oh and welcome to my group.:raritywink:

I shall refrain from giving you a thumbs up, and here's why.

1) Walls of text. While it isn't as bad as some other stories I've seen, you could still use some more use of the 'Enter' key.

2) Little to no description. I know that you're 'saving it for the clop', but still. C'mon man, you gotta paint a picture in the reader's head!

3) Grammar. I see extra apostrophes, misused commas, run-on sentences, improperly used semi-colons, etc.

You clean this story up, you can have a thumb. I won't thumb down, but that's the extent of my mercy.


Like I said the one the others before, my computer has a glitch to when I'm typing it will either delete what's already written or it will do something random in the text. I can't control it , but I'll see about editing the text. The description of characters is my bad, I'm always nervous when typing the first chapter.

Also, how is this a Crossover?

Crossover, I'm not sure actually, but form what my fellow fic writer told me a crossover is when a human goes to equestria or if a pony goes to earth. If that's not the definition of it then shame on him for telling me it was. Fools me again then shame on me.

Yeah...no. A Human in Equestria is not a Crossover. You'd do best to remove that tag.

Every time I see a new story added to Anthropomorphics, it makes me happy. I will have to read this at some point.:twilightsheepish: Added to my read later list.

Demorgorgon has stopped writting something like this, thanks for picking up the torch. Continue.


Other author with a premise that has Anthro ponies, in this site.

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I hope to see more of this very soon.

So far so good! I'm gonna track this! :pinkiesmile:

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this looks like a very interesting story so far hope to see more soon:scootangel:

Equestria's future generations are at risk.

Gee, I wonder what it could be?

I dunno, we're all going to have to find out.

Final Warning: If you don’t like anthropomorphic ponies then turn and head the other way. Give it a thumbs down if you must but please give a reason why, don’t leave me hangin’.

I thank you for this. I really, really do.

Really interesting story and I like how he isn't instantly man whore but is trying to stay sane. Also using a biology student is definitely interesting considering most stories ginda gloss over the human character's background. Out of curiosity are you a bio major?

“Why are my clothes wet?”

The cyan pegasus answered me instead. She told me that after I fell out of the tree it started to rain, and she flew me to Twilight’s house.

Didn't her explanation for his wet hair already answer that question?

he asks himself about his wet hair when he wakes up. Daniel isn't entirely sure why his hair is wet until dash gives him the explanation.

2004722 Yeah I got that, but the explanation of rain was brought up twice: one for the hair and the other for the clothes. I thought wet hair was enough to assume that the clothes were wet as well.

Guy better have some good lungs cuz if he cant fight them off than he better be fast.

....someone get the mac signal this boy's in mare trouble and needs an extra phallus to help him!!
loving it, was kinda hesitant to read with the whole gore tag mixed with sex.....that stuff kills my....."apreciation" for the sex scenes, rough and dominating is ok and hot if done right but the few I have read with gore and sex I thought "naw no one would do that must be like fighting a manticor or somethng and having rescue sex" haunt me to this day

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