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Storm King? · 9:58pm January 21st

Greetings my readers,
I thank you for everypony that has been reading my stories, putting them in their favorites, those who gives a thumbs up, and those that comment on my stories. This blog post is about both the Ninetales story and the Lost Heir story. I've had comments on if I was going to continue with the Lost Heir story. I've been thinking about where to take both stories and here's what I want to do.

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Judging by the first Ninetails and a half of the second one - it could do some improvement. I mean that in a good way. Yes, your writing is good, but there is always a room for improvement. Like you said that you read a fic with a lot of scenery explanation and you think that a lot of scenary is a not good thing. Maybe, but every fic has its genre. Horrors need that scenery, while romance need dialogs and action. Balance is the key in there. Sure, you could write action fighting scenes but without "where they fight" - it's going to be a mush.

Sounds interesting and I appreciate the offer, but I'm not looking to corroborate a story right now. What do you think about my writing itself? Like, do I put enough details in my scenes, etc.?

How this sound to you :
Daring goes on expidition of the old temple deep underground and find a human woman, whose from the Old World, when Equestria didn't existed. Woman ask Daring to find her brother under Canterlot mountain and reunite her family. She and her brother will be the new defenders of the crown. No anime bs, just slight Dishonored and Bloodborne wibe.

If you would like - we can work together with this story.

Thanks for the tip. Ninetales Storm King has a lot less sex in it and more action. I do have two other story ideas that I'm experimenting with while writing Storm King. One isn't an HIE story at all but about one stallion who had to almost fight his way up the ranks of the solar guard while being accused of rape with no evidence. He's the protagonist. The antagonist is a mare who grew up in an orphanage and got raped. It starts out with her grown up and living away from the orphanage with a bunch of others from orphanages. She comes back and murders the guy that raped her. She gets caught but what starts it all is that she also has the stallion's list of names. Very prominent and important names. Some names even from the Canterlot elite. That's when the protagonist stallion is tasked with finding her, putting her under a witness protection program, and investigate the names. I had an idea to tackle the issue of rape and evidence, the consequences of just believing someone was raped without evidence, how would someone feel about being raped but not being believed, etc. I've put that on hold out of worry that might be too hard of an issue to cover.

The other story is a HIE story but it's based off of the Warehouse 13 idea. It's set in the future where ponies can't use magic because it's been taken from them by the "Princess Society" which is the name of the story. Set in a future high tech Equestria, a guy gets pulled into this futuristic high tech Equestria by a third party that's at odds with the Princess Soceity. But because of that the Princesses, like Celestia, Twilight, Cadence, etc., think that this guy is dangerous. So, soon after he shows up, he gets attacked by Celestia and a chase ensues, etc. Kind of like a Warehouse 13 conspiracy type story.

I could give you an idea of what you might write along with your main work. Fimfic is lacking of good, long anthro story. "Tale of thief" is long and interesting story for example. HiE is good topic. But the problem is - they ultimately the same. Human is young, as not older than 30 in most of them. Use someone that is not the main characters for romance or someone unusual. Like Shining Armor for example. Make him a mare, and you already would have an unusual story. Think about it, mate.

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