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A couple of centuries have passed since the day that Twilight and her friends were anointed the new rulers of Equestria by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The Friendship Council lasted a while after the deaths of her friends but as the saying goes, “Nothing lasts forever.” She’s made new friends of course, but Spike is the only one left of those that remember any of the events that are written in the Friendship Journal or Twilight’s Book of Memories. And during a visit to the Shrine of Harmony she gets a vision of the future. A future where history repeats itself. A future without magic because it’s a future without friendship. A future where each race of pony have split once again back into three separate tribes. Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi all keep to themselves once more and neither trust the other. Because the future will change, so too she has to change. She has to change in order for history to repeat and the magic of friendship to be found once again in another era of Equestria’s darkest hour. A change that she never thought she would have to make. Instead of spreading friendship, she must hide it. Hide it and bury it, so that one day it can be found once again. Because if she doesn’t, the magic of friendship could be gone forever.

Author’s Note: This story was written for the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest. The theme for the contest can be found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/950768/the-my-little-pony-renaissance-contest

It’s about rebirth and change. So, my idea behind this short one off story is what change would Twilight have to make in order for the magic of friendship to be found by the characters is the next My Little Pony movie that will be shown on Netflix?

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Amos John was just an ordinary joe kind of guy. Always busy working with the construction company as a driver and mechanic. One day, while working at Canterlot High School he gets pulled into Equestria by a dark force, erases his memories, and begins to try to control him for her own evil purposes. Without his memories he doesn't even know what he is let alone who he is. He doesn't know where he is or who he can trust and is scared out of his wits. Until a little white bunny named Angel found him and changed his life forever.

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