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Wut m8? No pic? ;(

That fifth paragraph in should probably be broken up into two or three separate paragraphs because it lingers on and on and on. I mean, I know it's all about describing Carrot, but the fantasy which Derpy had should at least be by itself.

Anyhow, I really hope you continue this, it's sexy~

Break this into more paragraphs.

And then write more. :derpytongue2:

4775869 i tried including the picture that inspired this. but the full pic was just too big and wouldn't upload, so i cropped it a bit and then it got rejected for being nsfw (there's no actual nudity, but he gave top some pretty massive nips, so i guess i can give 'em that.) so i cropped it even more so that it was basically just top's head and changed the source to kevinsano's sfw blog because i figured that if the image i used was considered nsfw, then the full image would definitely be and they say linking to nsfw images is against the rules and i don't wanna run that risk? but i still wanted to credit the guy so when they said "hey you need to change the source" with no other explanation i just went "fuck it" and had there be no cover image. if you wanna find the image that i had in mind go to derpibooru and type "artist:kevinsano edits, carrot top" into the search bar. there's only two results and one's just a gif version of the other.

4775891 and 4775904
ha ha ha yeah i kinda worried that that paragraph would run long. i was hoping the the italics would break it up visually so it wouldn't be too wall-of-text-y but i guess that didn't work as well as i hoped. i'll see if i can find somewhere natural to break it into a second paragraph (i dunno if i like doing it right at the transition into fantasy because i like that effect, but i'd rather the story be easier to read, even if it is just a dumb clopfic.)
don't worry about me continuing this, i've got two more chapters planned (one for derpy in the shower and one with the actual beach trip, though depending on the length i might just make 'em one chapter) and then i might continue this if i have any more ideas or i might move on to sfw stuff on my other account that i'm not gonna share here because i'd rather keep my porn and my non-porn thoroughly separate. i will at least get to the bit where they have sex on the goddamn beach though.

4775998 Oh well. o3o

LOL. The title is also the name to type of a drink.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Hoooly crap, this is fantastic!
I immediately knew what gave the idea for the fic, yes, didn't even have to guess!
But the description of Top's body.... oh maaan, that is gold!
And then, there is Derpy with that last paragraph, hahah! Beautiful!
Continue, continue this as soon as possible!
This fic is a gem!


Uh, wow. Surprisingly pleased by this. Good stuff!

This seems interesting. I hope the updates come quick.

I am intrigued and wish to see more


I immediately knew what gave the idea for the fic, yes, didn't even have to guess!

A certain picture by famed clop artist Kevinsano, perhaps?:trixieshiftright:

Quite so, it seems, heheheh...

4786027 4788241
don't feel too special for figuring it out because i've said as much a couple of times, including in the author's notes that the fic was inspired by a kevinsano pic and he's only ever done the one pic with carrot top in it.

Point is that I knew the thing before I read a single word of your note or the comments, thank you very much.

Write more now. I want this stuff to go down.

4796885 just posted a journal about this, but expect chapter two some time tomorrowish. i wanna read it over again and also i'd rather post it at a time when the site's getting a bit more traffic so more people can see it

4793173 even without outright saying it, i wasnt really very subtle. glat to know people could tell right away before i added the cover image, also; thank you very much for the knd words! it makes this whole "writing porn" thing wothwhile :yay:

4776664 man, this is just some random porn im writing cause i got inspired, i ain't putting any real effort into it. but don' worry, there's gonna be plendy of description in the next chapter, i promise you that.

Well.. at least there's a shower there? :derpytongue2:

Huzzah for DerpyTop and deliciousness! All of my love!

Yeah, right. Less cleanup my ass.

Lol yeah

Hmmm, autofellato-Derpy, I have seen two animations of that, but none of them were anthro... heheheh, this was delicous!
In fact, this could be turned into an animation or at least a pic, yeees!
Continue this beaut' as soon as possible, this story is an actual fap-worthy material of a higher quality!


Wait, how could Derpy have Dinky if she has a man-part? Could someone explain that?

4837962 shh your making sense.

4837962 4837971
cuz she has girl parts too.

4838007 :rainbowderp: Oh...

Sorry, I usually avoid futa stories so I don't know much about herms...but I am willing to give this one a try. It looks hot enough.

I encourage you making more
W̭̪̤͍͚̱͞ḛ̬̫͖̬̳ ͈̯w̠o̗̯͚͔͞ụ͈̫̩l͔͕̯̮d͙̞ͅ ̻̥̭̳̙̻̙l͇͙̘̼̙i̲̭̙̯͓k̭͈̖̻̪͙e҉͍͔͈͚ ̢͍̱͚̼m͈̻͖͎̭oṟ̱̖̩͠e҉͍̯̟͇̫

This pretty good more please. :pinkiehappy:

Followed because Sakamoto:pinkiehappy:
And also story.

This is really hot. Keep writing.

4842516 4847689 4847740 4862399 good news, chapter 3 is almost done! i'm hoping to get it up sometime tomorrow or on tuesday. bad news; not a lot of actual sexiness in it. it's mostly just setting up the climactic sedx scene in the last chapter (which is gonna be 100% sex scene and im'm aiming to make it at least as long as the other three in word count to make up for vhapter 3.) also, you have no idea how good it is for my ego that there's four whole comments on this chapter alone that amount to "this is sexu, rwite more."

4838011 ha ha ha dont think about it too much, man, 's just porn. she's got a pussy anfd balls 'cause i find it more attractive. some folks prefer full on dickgirls without any kinda ladybits, but i find that kinda boring. i mean, if you're gonna give a girl a dick, why not also let her have a vagina? best of both worlds, man.

4833807 go to derpibooru and search for "derpy hooves, autofellatio" and see if you can guess which image i had open while writing most of chapter 2.


Aaaah, the one from Kevinsano, hmmm, niiiice!
Too bad it's not animated. Oh well.
But anyway, next chapter, please?


4867705 Well, thanks for writing it, I guess. Looking forwards to the following chapters!

wish granted! chapter three is up. now to work on the climactic sex scene that your'e all looking forward do :ajsmug:

you evil bastard! leaving us with such a tantalizing cliff-hanger!

smacked in the face by two and a half feet of horsecock suddenly coming into existence.

Not something I ever expected to read.

Oh my gosh. oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!
This, this... this! THIIIS!
Everything! Everything!!!! Everything is in my list of fetishes!
GLORIOUS TITS! Lactation! Hmmm-heheheh, and that cliffhanger!
Oh gosh, this is too much, I cannot contain my joy.... it's... it's... too mucH!

*makes random noises while faliling around*


Okay, I'm okay, I'm okay.... but....but... this... thiiiiis!...


4881133 ... if the first few words of the neck chapter aren't
Derpy: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!
Carrot Top: Derpy? What is this?
Derpy: I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to hide this
Cue awkward line of dialog that ends with Top being giddier than a school filly to know her potential lover could actually be the 'male' she has dreamed of I will be slightly disappointed.

Not by much but, slightly.

And then there would be sex, glorious sweaty futa sex that would make them question their location when it happened because of the sand in their privates.

More more more more more MORE.:heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::heart:
Oh and good luck durpy your gonna need it. :raritywink:

And here I was expecting Top to be knocked out by Derpy's dick.


Kinda the opposite for me, I'm surprised it took this long!

I used to be a clopper like you, then I took a dick to the face.

4881228 I really hope that tit jobs and anal sex are used.

Can't wait for the 4th chapter. I'm so excited for it. :heart:

4881166 :raritywink:

4881227 man, and here i thought this chapter was kinda lacklustre. all buildup and no climax and all that. glad people are enjoying it, the next chapter should be much better!

4881228 well, suffice to say, top's not exactly gonna be turned off, or else there wouldn't be a story. everything else, you'll just hafta wait and see!

4884188 would you believe this was originally supposed to be a one-shot of derpy fantasizing and then they go to the beach and fuck? it kinda got out of control. just a bit :raritydespair:

4961888 there's technically a titjob in chapter 2! it's a fantasy, but it still is described in detail, so fuck it it counts.

4970716 your anticipation gives me the motivation that i need to go on, kawaii hank hill. thank you for the kind words.

5004882 when i looked at the notices and saw "AzureDreamer replied to your comment on sex on the beach" my first thought was this "I wrote a comment about a fruity drink?" Then promptly fell out of bed laughing at the stupidity of my unintentional joke.

What about anal? Also, how do you like my phoenigriff OC? I am going to miss the bat wings.

5004882 Danke for replying, and Kawaii Hank Hill will always follow you. :rainbowkiss:

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