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So is Dr. whooves story dead?

5408727 i have never written a story featuring doctor whooves, but if you mean sex on the beach, then no, this is just a silly thing i wrote to help me get past some writer's block ive been having. don't get your hopes too high but i'd like to try and finish it before 2015.

5408760 Oh god, wrong author. So sorry. But thanks for the SOTB info!

I have one huge problem with this, while it was extremly hot Twilight didn't use her giant anaconda on anypony. I would have liked to see that.

5409287 Oh man, I thought there was gonna be autofellatio and then, as it kept growing, some even deeper penetration. Sadly, no.

5409287 5409317 well, if i decide to follow through with the blatantly obvious sequel hook at the ending, you'll probably get to see some autofellatio and you'll def. get to see some sex, so look forward to that.

God, this is hot. Good show!

5409425 I have re-bonered, looking forward to that sequel.

Well this was weird

And in need of a sequel



now we need a sequel where Dash and Twilight have fun together!

Hmmm...It feels a bit rushed towards the orgasm part. Needs more detail, lots more stuff about warmth and being in a state of mind that's bordering from fucked silly to over the moon.

I liked the story but I feel like it could be better improved if there was more focus on the sensations.

Reading the mini-summary, I thought it was gonna be cocaine.


This thing had a really neat premise, that I'd honestly like to see explored a bit more.

I mean, we've kinda seen even in the show proper that measuring up to an immortal sun-goddess has caused some... issues.

But I don't think I've ever seen the physical side of that before.

I am curious about one thing, though:

“She goes from D to G whenever she's gonna make a public appearance, I'm certain of it.”

Does this mean that the powder is only temporary and the effect slowly winds down, or does it push your body to 'ten' and anything above that is just temporary?

Because that idea put the image of a Celestia that is mortified because her powder reserves for the next decade is gone, and she's going to need to get used to an a-cup, or whatever, again into my head... and I'm honestly not certain what I feel about that mental image. :rainbowderp:

5409425 can u write a sequal to this story 4 me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:raritystarry::raritystarry::fluttercry:

“Pft, yeah, I kick ass, but...” She gestured at her chest. “Some cleavage'd be nice, is all. I'm a breast lady who don't got no breasts.”

Twilight smiled. “Welllll, I think I might be able to help you with that front.”


“Just follow me, and don't worry because your days of breast envy are in the past. I hope you don't mind getting sticky, though. Really, really sticky.”

I hope you don't mind getting sticky, though. Really, really sticky.


Fetishes, though: Futa, expansion, anthro. Good.

Oh... 10/10 would read again...

Well, that escalated quickly :rainbowlaugh:

5411343 i was feeling like i was starting to get repetitive, panicked, and rushed through the second growth segment even though it was kind of the whole focus of the fic. so yeah, the ending is def. bit rushed. thats a bad habit that i have as a writer im gonna have to break, even if it is just a pornfic i wrote for fun.

5410017 5410751 5411074 5434595 the general consensus seems to be that this needs a sequel though, so it looks like ill be getting a secnd chance at this shit.

5415725 i was writing under the assumption that it was the former, probably augmented by some other magic, but now you've put the idea of a grumpy flat chested celestia in my head and it makes me laugh enough that i'll go with that. as for the idea, whenever you see fanart of humanized/anthro celestia, she's typically got a figure that's kind of ridiculous? and i can't imagine any little girl growing up around that wouldn't end up feeling at least a little inadequate.

5467227 second chance? The fuck are you talking about?! "Second chance" means you fucked up the first time. Which obviously you didn't!

>Cdence rolled her eyes.
>She wildly thturst her pelvis
-Small errors.

5492120 both have been fixed. thank you, friend <3

Um you know I think this fanfic needs some more chapters. :twilightsheepish:

Do you have a full version of the cover art? It looks cropped.

5524040 it is indeed. the full version is nsfw and thus i cant actually link to it, but i reblogged it on my tumblr (which you can find a link to on my userpage in a variety of places!), or you can go to derpibooru and do a search for "artist:arnachy, breast expansion, twilight sparkle" and the images i used are the nly results.

5525267 so i'm sorry to bother you, but i was wondering if there was ever a chance of seeing a sequel where Dash and Twilight both get to have fun with twilight's new powder?

5938386 nah, you're not bothering me. as for a sequel, it's a possibility eventually, but right now i have a lot of shit im workiung on and so any sequel to this'll be a low priority for a while.

5939504 well at least it's on the table. fingers crossed!

First off, Meyer suggestion indentations at the start of each paragraph. I get penalized too much for forgetting those so I might as well remind people that. Second I really look forward to you doing a SQL on the story! Although I have a running gag in my story lines whenever I do Anthor,From now on after reading a story where, someone wrote rainbow dashes a double D! That rainbows been secretly hiding that she's actually gigantic! It probably doesn't help that I was also watching let's play a persona 4. Where the police girl is actually the larges, yet in all the sequences she looks to be the smallest!

And a suggestion on how to make the SQL have multiple chapters, play on twilights investigation personality! Have her try the study and perfect the powder!

6062599 if this were something i was writing with actual publication in mind i would probably do that without being told, but honestly this is just fanfiction and i find that extra spacing between paragraphs works just as well as indentations in terms of readability.

a sequel is sort of on the table, but i have many, many other things on the table too. i have something like 17 stories im actively working on and more like tewenty-something in the pipeline, so the sequel to this is a very low priority.

6067530 Cool! I know the feeling, I'm currently taking care two business the things(namely packing and preparing for a different placement) while also trying to work for my October run! I'm on my last chapter of my fourth story for October! Where nightmare night! Is supreme! Also the storyline that contains the most sexual content! Is the one I'm currently working! And if schedule permits me some freedom I might be writing a slightly funny dirty time story!

6067530 PS: Could you tell that to the ones who allow me to submit stories!

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