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Holy shit that was absolutely fantastic.

That was fantastic! I can't wait for another one... maybe they'll rival Derpy, or grow bigger! :D

Humor was on point. The rest was great as well, but I particularly enjoyed the humor.

This story is actually hotter than I initially thought.

great story and now im thirsty.


that was amazing.

But now i cant help but wonder, what would have happened, if derpy had a different condition instead? that stuff About her having increased muscle Density sounds kinda hot, coupled with her clumsiness...

He stared at the mess for a few moments, before turning around and closing the door behind him. “Nope.”

Smart lad

Sometimes I wonder if he's the only one in the ENTIRE SHOW with a full bucket of common sense.

"Ain't my mess, I ain't cleanin' it."

My thoughts exactly

It does seem that way doesn’t it?

torso-dominating pair meant still meant that her own tits

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