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It's Complicated

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Not exactly my style but I enjoyed it, great work! Reconitzed the cover, thus getting my interest.

Plus it reminded me of a idea of a friend of mine, plus a certain part he made with Lyra

Bendy #3 · June 30th · · ·

Great stuff. I feel like I want to do a similar story. Just with a pony's ass.

I was hoping you would like this story. I've picked up the "Make sure the growth doesn't hurt anyone" idea from you, so I made sure to use it here.

Bendy #5 · June 30th · · ·

Evil giantesses aren't sexy. Even more disheartening when it's about a pony being a big meanie.

If I wanted to watch/read about evil giants and I would look at Godzilla or Pacific Rim. At least Pacific Rim humans can make giant robots to punch them.

Ah, a fellow Pacific Rim fan!

Sometimes, all you need is unf.

Right? Sometimes, I find myself skimming through stories until I get to the unf part. Hence the desire to write a story that's just the unf part.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

I meant my post in the "same energy" fashion, please tell me what your comment means

The unstoppable growing boobs versus the unstoppable growing ass. Discord has to be laughing his tail off somewhere.

I mean, it isn't complicated in any way. It isn't thought-provoking or particularly interesting.

But it's very pure. It's one of the rawest formats for a fetish fic, and sometimes that's all you need. You still need the writing chops to execute it, so credit where it's due, it works. Sometimes a simple story is still good.

There's never enough of these. Girls just growing against their wills, futa, boob, belly, I can never find enough of these!

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