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"Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else." -C. S. Lewis

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I must say that this is a very nice start and I'm eagerly awaiting to see where this leads. :twilightsmile:
There was one thing that I noticed in the story that you might want to fix.
Should be Tongue

Aside from that, very well done :raritywink:

DAMN I had a similar idea, but Octavia would become a Dj like Vinyl, rather than a pet.

Im a sucker for both hypno fics but also taviscratch.
The suckery has been doubled!

Im horrible i know.. :derpytongue2:

Time to read!

Your horrible for reading this? what dose that say about me for writing this :scootangel:

Hmmmm, DJ Octavia who has a pet/plaything at home named Vinyl? I'd read it!

Thank you for pointing this out to me, my spell check insissted it was right, well spell check...

Nice start to a good story. You might want to get someone to spellcheck the chapters for you, though. :twilightsmile:

i think you need a proofreader as well as spell check. but other than the many, many grammar and spelling mistakes it was a really good story

I agree with others here.

It is a good beginning, but you should look for someone that looks over the chapters.:twilightsmile:

6483097 (:pinkiegasp: somepony I watch read my stuff! :pinkiehappy:)
Thank you for pointing this out, I will get the first chapter revised asap as well as all others before release!

is this going to be more or less dark than let the music flow?.....
i r scared ;_; ....

I'd say a little less, but only a little. and with a happier ending.

6498125 I'm not saying there aren't going to be a few are moments, I'm actually working on the next chapter now, and have a total of 5 planed and "planed out"-ish , but maybe not as dark. :pinkiecrazy:

6498150 no no of course not , if that were the case this would be an e rated fic not worth looking at to me :ajbemused:....

So far I'm liking this, and I saw you weren't going to make this dark. But... if I may inquire. Have you thought about doing a "Dark" alternative ending after the real one? I mean just for those that like that kind of thing?

6502836 To be honest I had not, how ever if I receive enough interest in it, I'll add an alternative ending.

well that was a ton of fun, only complaint was a few misspellings but im not too anal about that. keep it up man

When do you think you'll have time to update the fic? It's really hot :D.

6528582 I'm slowly working on it, work has been killing me. I have the plot in my head, just haven't had time to write it down.


Well, I'm still looking forward to the next chapter. Take your time and make it count. :pinkiesmile:


Are you going to have time to write it down soon? o3o

Any updates on this?

Do hope you finish this.

Man, kinda sucks this never got continued, was really interested in it.:ajsleepy:

Reading this almost exactly a year since the last chapter. I would love to see where this leads if it is ever continued :)

Or could be use for de-stressing.

Nice story a little tavi neck biting for the win.

Holy shit an update???

Fuck yes, I love you.

Thanks for not dying like some of my other favorite authors.

I loved it awesome job but it's concert not consort. Consorts are really high-end hookers more or less. :twilightblush:

Thanks! And Fixed.

...it updated? IT UPDATED! YES! XD Love this story.

is Slice of Life out of canon in your story?

Damn! I fucking LOVE this!!!

Not dead? Again?


And only a little less than 2 months later, that's awesome!


well she got over it but recall Slice of Life had what seemed like a farly large breach of trust in t

Nice, I remember reading this a long time ago, good to see that you're getting back into it :pinkiesmile:

sweet another rare type of fic back from the dead! bonus for octavia c: ...

lol wut no comment? well that wasn't quite where i was expecting this to go so i guess i better keep going...

well you're certainly putting more effort into this than most people do...

nooo tavi's collar betrayed her llllol , now i wanna see the next chapter...

This got very nonconsensual all of a sudden. Not sure if I will continue with this one. I won't change my vote, but I prefer nice consenting fun, and I didn't realize Vinyl's words in her head were quite this absolute.

It gets better, don't worry. The reason ahead actually makes sense, even Octavia would agree.

Been almost a year. Will we see a new update soon?

If I can get my motivation for writing back, yes

The one with the motivation is the one with ideas threatening to burst out of their head:twilightsmile:

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

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