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Oh shit, it's happening! I mashed the like and favorite buttons before I even opened up the story. Good opening chapter. I await more very, very eagerly.

I need more!! Please! I have been waiting for this for too long! especially when you left me off at an EXTREME cliffhanger! I shall wait...

8588445 reported I’ve been seeing u do this on a lot of stories. Man up and just click a thumbs up or down no need for dickbaggery, troll.

And you prove nothing troll, it’s a clopfic. So what. U waste your time I all I’m saying. And u go not constructive criticism so oh well. Why not shit post on 4chan where your supposed too.


The 'downvoted' comment was a running gag I was doing with all my clop writer friends at the time. We were in a Skype group together and I thought it would be funny to play a joke on them. Rest assured, I didn't actually downvote the story.

Neither have I. Same case with the other story I 'downvoted'—buddy is using an alt and I was reminded of you. You posted the reason why you had done so on your user page, so I figured I'd carry forth the tradition.

By the way, congrats on taking a decent idea and adding actual depth to it. Your prose is extremely vivid and I'm excited about more.

Calm down, broski. It's only a prank.

Oh. Eh glad to know. Sorry just seems wierd to me. The more you know I guess. Thx for telling me this and the truth I guess. I’ve read some of your fics and your friend there most are excellently written. My favorited was hybrid. Too me a sec but why you u even downvote your own story :p your the Author of it lol. Hope in the future you finish some of your other works too btw.

Thx again for clearing the air and looking forward to the second chapter.

A Fan, NC.

Comment posted by DrakeFang deleted Sep 21st, 2021

I can't wait to see what happens next I have always loved bragging rights I hope that this gets updated very soon

Comment posted by Klamnei deleted Sep 21st, 2021

Twilight learning to brag? Ooo this could get saucy.

Also there's a minor sentence malfunction

"It was fortunate that the spell was far to cast than easier than teleporting."

Very very good stuff :D I see why this was hard to write but you executed it perfectly.

Loved it! The original was plenty sexy and fun, but you really made this installment your own, and I felt invested in Rainbow giving Twilight a much-needed lesson as much as the ensuing hugeness.

just finished reading... and love it. I didn't expect such scale, such size. I know it's hard but I hope in next chapter will be more description from perspective of normal size pony. It was amazing to read how their growth change the landscape and interaction between normal pony and giant one. Maybe new character trying to survive between two giant bodys?

who's that azure dreamer who helped you write this she sounds like a fat gay nerd. downvoted.

Sometimes it really depresses me that random fetish porn writers get characterization and character growth better than the actual show did.

Anyway, pretty amazing finale, great read. Honestly I just want to see more absurd goddess power show-offs, sexytimes related or not. The hottest part of chapter two IMO was the part where the ambient magic started making a chaos storm. I love stuff like that, and would love to see more of it in your future endeavors.

One of the best sequel fics I ever read. The build up to chapter 2 was great, and sweet jesus this entire chapter is perfect. The characterization is perfect, the buildup, Twilight resisting RD's goading, her eventual caving and relishing of her capabilities, achievements and then taking Dash was all so good! The reminders of their growing size to the world around them was spot on, the cover art of the fic the perfect reference point to just how huge the two eventually became. The competitive aspect of the two is also hugely enjoying to read. Their dialogue is so spot on between them, and the subtle hitches and stops in RDs especially seals the deal on that front.
The epilogue is a turn from what I expected. A sexy twist on an otherwise epic moment in the show, but still retaining some of the seriousness and gravitas the moment had for the characters. I greatly enjoyed the buildup there before the cat was finally let out the bag. It's not often you get to read an intense action scene melded with something erotic and this totally worked.
I only wish I had finished the whole thing at an earlier date. Favorited and saved for future readings. 10/10

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