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Favoriting (and commenting) before I read it.

Edit: I cannot read this during NoNutNovember

Awesome! a continuation of a fic i love!

>Edit: I cannot read this during NoNutNovember
I will take this as a compliment.

Thank you!

I pray there's a sequel to this where Twilight breeds Celestia!! It would be perfect!!

Hope someone does commission you!!!

There probably will be, at some point! For now I'll focus some more on other stories I'd like to write, and then I'll return to this, sooner or later.

Still gotta work out just how Princess Celestia will even react to the fact that Twilight impregnated all of her friends! :trollestia::twilightblush:

A small thing but Twilight and Lyra going to Celestia’s School For Gifted unicorns together doesn’t even get a single sentence. Given that Twilight realizing that her school friends were in fact her friends and that she ditched them without even saying goodbye caused a breakdown in canon, it not being mentioned at all is a bit odd. Though Twilight was pretty distracted in this.

Maybe she’ll have the realization later and when she visits Canterlot to see Celestia she’ll make a detour to give her old unicorn buddies apology foals?

Good point, I suppose. Then again, I guess I'm not sure if people here are interested in that kind of 'drama' in stories like these? Something to think about.

Glad you had fun!

I said it was a small thing. But IMO a story can be more than one thing. They can be silly smut and still have some plot and drama to them.

Speaking of. Here’s a fun fan theory that might be relevant to your interests. Where did Flurry Heart come from? In canon it could be just because her mother is an alicorn. As far as we know show Celestia and Luna have never had kids to find out. However in fan realities like yours (assuming A Midnight Serenade is in the same continuity) they are responsible for many and if it was as simple as having an alicorn parent they should have seen one born by now. A popular idea is that alicorns have a connection to the power of Harmony. It was a blast from the Elements that triggered Twilight’s change after all. When asked in a fan interview how Shining Armor and Princess Cadance overpowered Chrysalis when Celestia could not Lauren Faust said that their love blast was the same kind of power as the Elements of Harmony. It is common fanon that Flurry was conceived that night. So the idea is that alicorns are conceived when the parents do the nasty just after channeling a large quantity of Harmonic Magic.

When did Twilight knock up the girls in this timeline? How often did they use the EoH before that? How long does residual Harmony Magic stay in a pony’s system?

All I’m saying is that five baby alicorns leveling Ponyville is the kind of comedic consequence that would fit the tone of these stories and it’s relatively easy to justify.


All I’m saying is that five baby alicorns leveling Ponyville is the kind of comedic consequence that would fit the tone of these stories and it’s relatively easy to justify.

Now hold your horses, I'm not writing a horror story here! :twilightsmile: I joke, of course. It's a really funny and amusing idea, but then again, I'm not sure if I have it in me to torment Equestria with the birth of 5+ alicorn foals. Ponyville might not survive, if they're in any sense like Flurry Heart.

Thank you!

This was so hot! Especially the Fluttershy blowjob scene in chapter 3.

(Sate, Sate, Sate,)

Okay, these three chapters were GREAT, it's all aspects. It is very clear that this is a sequel to your other story, which gives it more depth and above all a good continuation to know a little more about our Futalight doing his thing with other mares.

My dear friend, partner, almost sister, I must say that I have loved this story and I certainly want to continue reading more of these stories, therefore. I will spend some of my time reading other stories of yours. Maybe starting with that Bat-pony story you have, it looks promising.

With that said, Thanks for this other story.

This situation you've created is an interesting one. Especially your unique, yet familiar take on the characters and their relationship with Twilight. It's all quite hot. Keep it up.

I enjoyed this quite a lot! Thank you for sharing

WOW, this was incredibly good! The relationship between Twilight and Rainbow (and the rest of her friends) is by far the best part for me. The casualness with which they discuss Twilight's sexual escapades is super hot! I absolutely love the way you wrote their characters.

Honestly, reading this makes me want to write a similar fic where Twilight just casually dominates everyone with her overpowering sexuality (and her massive futa cock). This really reminds me why I loved that idea so much. Yeah, it's almost a cliche by this point, but there's a reason why it's such a classic: cause it's damn good!

Thank you for blessing us with this awesome fic! :twilightsmile:

"...played with the wooden stub..."

Wasn't that five feet from the bed? I don't think any pony had gotten out of bed.

Nevertheless, I really loved this. Lots of gooey detail and true to character.

I kind of would like it if you threw in a few more serious moments. Like Twilight learning to feel satisfaction for giving love. Maybe also domination stuff like spanks.

I absolutely love rereading this story and I really hope that the commisioner has you write the sequel soon!

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