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How long has Trixie been working at that car wash?

Rumor has it that she’s still working on it to this day!

Loved the extra-graphic descriptions~

nice work

I'm not going to read this but the short and long descriptions have been art enough for me to give you an upvote

You know what? That’s fair, I will take it.

that's what Trixie said. Probably.

Great to see you writing again.

I love the silly over the top porn fics like this and its a bit of a shame that there arnt many people writing them any more. Thank goodness you are here to halt the drought.

Why wasn't Starlight considered an option?

This was a wildly awesome story.

Like everyone already said, this was great for a story that's under 5k words, you really packed a lot of details in here. Thank you for the story!

I do my best! I feel like I should write a few more of these whimsical, over-the-top stories. It’s pretty fun. Maybe I should make a blogpost and fish for some fun ideas, or just see what I can think of!

This story (more or less) plays shortly after Twilight’s ascension to alicornhood, so Starlight wasn’t quite part of the picture yet. Otherwise she’d be a great option, though! Starlight is Twilight’s friend, after all, and a cutie at that.

Thank you!

Really all that matters is writing what you feel the most comfortable about first and foremost. I can tell how much more fun you had writing this piece than Midnight Serenade (which was still good!)

I didn't think I'd ever be reading a fic where cum or its derivatives came up in every paragraph, but here I am.

“So. Rarity and Fluttershy are in Canterlot. Rainbow Dash won’t do it, and Pinkie Pie... Pinkie Pie isn’t quite cut out for it, and she has her pastry shop to take care of. Applejack has the farm. So... that leaves you , Trixie. The great Trixie to ah, ‘help me out’ with my little issue until I figure out a better long-term solution or my body adjusts. Besides, you are a unicorn, and some knowledge of magic, will come in very handy. Especially some of your skills, such as making things disappear, teleportation spells, etc.” Twilight smiled. “So... Alright, what do you say?”

Is this a sequel, or a different timeline?

It's not technically canon. It might be, but I'm not fixated on it. Story-wise it plays between A Ponyville Breeding and A Ponyville Pounding, in other words, it's before Twilight's friends fully settle into their roles as harem toys. They're largely pregnant, but there's no visible baby bump or anything. Them moving in with Twilight happens later.

Fun story!

I really enjoyed Frocto's original fic, and this hits most of the main themes that made it so good. Twilight's casual disregard for Trixie's discomfort is particularly sweet. :raritywink:


Twilight's casual disregard for Trixie's discomfort is particularly sweet. :raritywink:

It is! I'd like to write more stories focusing on that character dynamic, sooner or later. I generally try to avoid making my stories too dark, but I really need to write a story where I just lean into that kind of heavily one-sided relationship dynamic, and see how it goes. :twilightblush:

The more one-sided the better, I say! Especially when Twily is the one in charge. :twilightsmile:

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