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Whenever someone turned into a sex-crazed giant out of nowhere, it was almost always prudent to assume Rarity's involvement.

Boy, ain't THAT the truth.

kinda dark to have spitfire just get eaten, its funny in the moment, but then ya think about it a bit...

9103162 it's fine, it'll take a while to digest her and by that time twilight will probably have fixed things. she'll be uncomfortable and probably a bit wet, but unharmed. probably.

Yeah i thought about that after posting the comment...

My boner approves of this story. You write the toppest quality smut.

As always, great work, keep it up, and thanks for sharing your talent with us, Azure!

I really hope ya make more of this. the vore segment while short was great and I never knew how much i liked dragon lightning dust till now

"The fuck did you just say, little man?”

Ohmygod I'm dying XD I fucking love this

Now I want a macro dragon rarity fic. Damn you ;D

no one like the story it has 69 upvotes

So I read for the vore, which turned out to be sadly minimal, and transformation has never been one of my fetishes...and yet I really loved this. The narration was superb, and I loved the personality and attitude you gave Dust, which felt very true to her character without being off-putting the way she was in the show itself. Way to take a bitch of a character and make her likeable and entertaining. And I truly enjoyed the little interaction there between her and Dash at the end, just the insane contrast of the nonchalant attitude of conversation despite Dust turning into a orgasmic giant of a dragon proclaiming herself a goddess incarnant, and yet for Dash, it's just another Tuesday as it were. Very well done.

when you're friends with rarity you learn to take things in stride.

i don't rilly have much pony vore for now, whether that changes or not we'll see, it depends on my commissioners. i do have more vore on my FA, which uses the same username as here.

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