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This is actually an interesting story. Screwball as an alternate personality isn't an idea I've really seen explored before, and the strange, strange story of Silver Spoon being Screwy's new f*cktoy is one that I will shamelessly watch.

Pretty good so far. Been wondering when someone would try making a story out of this artist's works. Forgot who commissioned them though, but yeah. I used to think, still sort of do, that S2's Screwball was Discord's way of messing with Tiara.

Anyhow, chaos magic really opens up some possibilities here. Have fun!

6305165 to be fair; the idea came before deciding to use this cover art. but yes, chaos magic is fun and this was a fairly unique way of bringing it into play in a porn story that i don't think has been done before.

and you just don't see enough porn of diamond tiara.

The fact that Screwball wants her pet to find some stallions to use her for their cumdump and she herself apparently enjoys pain makes me hope she ultimately wants for them to dominate them both.

6303958 I've seen it before, but not like that (that mare was a very strict seamstress)

this story has rape in it.

Eh, no problems here.

“Yes, well, Discord is involved.”

Silver gets to be mind raped as well into liking it.

Not saying I surely did, but I might be watching this story now.

6307866 no mind rape has occured yet. silver just has a rape fetish she hadn't quite realized she had until now. and, let's face it, discord at this point has been aorund long enough that most people/ponies know to just not question the weird shit that happens when he's around.

i make no promises that mind rape will not occur at any point. just not with silver.

Sounds like it'll be a fun ride, eh? Perhaps they'll come across Babs at some point—the traitor. A little application of chaos magic, and suddenly that one's Cutie Mark no longer refers to scissors in some obscure way, but describes her overhwelming need to spread her legs...

And why stop there? Surely there is a way to turn most of the fillies they know into proper sluts. The colts will be thankful, that much is sure.

Comment posted by Satch deleted Aug 15th, 2015

6311280 *sigh* this is futa, and Tiara was not gender swapped. She appears to have the power of Discord, so she can just give herself a penis.

Comment posted by Satch deleted Aug 15th, 2015

6317735 You're a moron... a smartass moron.

Let the basic Google research flow !

(What interest us, really : )
>Futanari is Japanese and means hermaphrodite, they are females with a dick. While a shemale is a derogative term for a trans woman (male-to-female).

>A genre of Japanese anime or manga featuring hermaphrodite characters, generally with female bodies plus a male phallus.

(More on a medical point of view : )
>Other uses of the term:
Hermaphrodite is also used to describe any person incompatible with the biological gender binary, but in medicine, it has recently been replaced by intersex. Humans with typical reproductive organs but atypical clitoris/penis are called pseudohermaphrodites in medical literature. Pseudohermaphroditism also refers to a human possessing both the clitoris and testicles.

People with intersex conditions sometimes choose to live exclusively as one sex or the other, using clothing, social cues, genital surgery, and hormone replacement therapy to blend into the sex they identify with more closely. Some people who are intersex, such as some of those with androgen insensitivity syndrome, outwardly appear completely female or male already, without realizing they are intersex. Other kinds of intersex conditions are identified immediately at birth because those with the condition have a sexual organ larger than a clitoris and smaller than a penis. Intersex is thought by some to be caused by unusual sex hormones; the unusual hormones may be caused by an atypical set of sex chromosomes.

6317735 okay so


you do realize the dick goes away after she's done with it, right.

like all of this pseudo-intellectual bullshit is nice and all but it's a magic dick she gave herself with which to rape silver and once she's done with it it goes away.

and just because she doesn't use it during that particular sex scene doesn't mean her pussy isn't still there.

like please keep this bullshit on tumblr, because i'm not particularly interested.

Comment posted by Satch deleted Aug 15th, 2015

6321472 so what you're saying is that anyone on top is automatically a male. right.

you're clearly trolling at this point. you were warned; all further commentary from you will be deleted, and you have been blocked.

6338566 rambling vaguely sexist bullshit about how giving a character a dick = making them a male (because somehow that overrides their previous gender identity???). he also apparently has a history of that kind of thing so really i just didn't want him or his bullshit trolling on my story.

You know, I gave you a like JUST for the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde reference and now I want to give this even MORE likes. DAMN YOU FIMFIC! Oh well, definitly faving and following this.

I'm just waiting for the continuation. I love how it's been presented thus far.

6907326 second part is currently at 4.1k words. but it's not my highest priority so. expect it eventually but not really any time in the foreseeable future considering all the commissions i've gotta do.

Two years minus one day later... Oh look, a new chapter!

Joking aside, didn't expect this to update, but thoroughly enjoyed it anyway!

i know, right? a new story and a new chapter of a two year old in progress story in the same day? i do promise that i will try my hardest to finish every story i have posted publicly eventually. we'll see how that pans out, mind, but i intend to try.

Hmm. Nice.

Who else is in that school, I wonder. Any other characters from Ponyville? Is Pip there? Snips, Snails? Do they get a lesson in gang-banging a masochistic girl? That would be fun.

This, is easily one of the most, unique, stories I've ever read. I'm glad it's updated.

I had actually forgotten about this story, but god DAMN this update is definitely a treat.

It'd be interesting to see how Silver Spoon WOULD do 'raping' someone else, even if it's just to see for herself.

Reality warping is the fucking best. I would very much love to see more.

Oh my god,screwball is awesome
But what the fuck was that? A videogame character creation?

I'm a little surprised she didn't start using slider bars :rainbowlaugh:. Good shit though.

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