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I spent a good amount of time thinking of a witty comment for my bio, this is what I came up with.

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hmmm, continue. You have peaked my interest

I've waited a while now for a story with exactly this premise.

First off, love the themes. Brainwashing, sluttification, bondage, anthro, a great mix! The scenes focussing on Cadance's transformation are exciting and sexy and definitely worth it.

They also might have the additional upside of not containing dialogue; which is, at times, a little messed up.
Remember: New speaker, new paragraph. For the most part, you handled that pretty well. There's an instance relatively early where Cadance's and Shining Armor's speech bleeds together. There's some other issues here and there, like misspelled words. It's a great help to have someone else look over your text before publishing it, trust me!

Now, for a possible chapter two, I would love it if Shining manages to turn the tables on Chrysalis. In a fit of anger, he straps her into the machine and brainwashes her into a docile fuckslut. Afterwards, he could legally marry her, tying the Changelings and ponies seemingly together in peace while secretly using their queen as his personal sex slave.

7329899 Maybe. I recently read a story and it left me with a bad feeling in my chest. So I'm kinda taking a break from clop at the moment, so no new chapters that soon.

It does my heart good to see a damn decent mind break story.:pinkiecrazy:

Keep up the good work.:ajsmug:

Banned already?

2 savage 4 fimfiction

I admit, I expected Chrysalis to trick Shining Armour into strapping his own wife into the thing, and only realising the truth when it was too late, but this was really enjoyable too. Shame the author seems to have been banned for some reason.

I like the premise, but the execution was somewhat lacking.

7330388 Nah..Their parent probably found out what he/she/it was doing and they sent him to Jesus camp

Oh well plenty of good smut out there, so it's not really a big loss.

Oh and I almost forgot

PM me if you come back and I'll take this down.

7331934 There's no need to ever take that down

7330563 Well, the original idea was that. But as I wrote it at 3 a.m and made the second part only 600 words, I didn't like the outcome at all. I then took more time and wrote a lot more, scrapping the entire written second part. Along the line that part just kinda went away. I do like the final version a lot better though. Seems to be doing well for a first story

7330388 My savagedy can never end.

I was kind of hoping Chrysalis would be brainwashed, there isn't enough stories with her being hypnotized. But the first chapter was great, keep up the good work.

7333089 I have a lot of ideas for potential stories or chapters. I want to do a story like that at some point, but it might not be here for a while.

7333093 indeed, take your time, i look forward to reading more of your writing

I almost gave up on this story as I saw the Author banned, but now a few hours later he is unbanned? Hope for this story is not lost yet! :yay:

7333542 I will defiantly be coming back and writing another chapter. Need to come up with an idea and get the motivation. I'm currently writing another story though. Might be a while until I come back to this, But I will.


Another story? Might I ask what the story is about? I'm quite curious now after seeing this story. :pinkiesmile:

7333576 Another 'Sluttification' story, this time featuring Rarity and not having her stuck in a machine. I personally didn't think my first story was that great. I spent 2 extra days 'editing' it, without adding anything because I wanted it to be perfect. Wasn't perfect but people seem to enjoy it. With that said, so far I like everything I have in my next story, despite having 700 words down so far. It's going to be a few days as I don't want to rush any part of the story, but I have trouble making moments last long. Besides this ramble about things The next story is: Rarity. Anthro. Sluttification. Altering personality. Possessed clothing (No better words for it). I should have the general story written by tonight though, and I'm not going to spend days at a time adding tiny little details and mostly doing nothing.

Ramble. Ramble. Ramble. Sorry, I haven't went to sleep yet since Netflix exists and I kinda Ramble and make less sense what that happens.


Possessed clothing (No better words for it)

Could it be that you mean 'Living Clothes'?

In any way, it sounds interesting and that's why I will read it! There are too few of these sluttification stories out there after all! :pinkiesmile:

7333604 Well, I'm trying to make it unique and not terrible. Thinking about it, the exact term is 'Possessed Clothes' if you want to be technical about what my idea is.
I don't constantly read stories but I would assume more people would write sluttification stories. Huh.

I hope you can continue this, I'm getting into this...


Possessed? Makes me really wonder what this means. I never heard about such clothes before. Can you explain it to me?

And to the second, yes, it is kind of a pity but there are not that many stories about this. Just as there is a lack of Glory Hole or Zebra Domination stories. :ajsleepy:

i'm hoping this continues or another story is made

7336882 I will eventually.

7337378 Almost finished with another story. Going to most likely work on this next.

7337022 I don't want to over-explain it in the story, I kinda just give a simple short explication that's like half a sentence. If I tried to explain my idea, it will take at-least 2 paragraphs. Just expect something hot (Hopefully).

I think it would be interesting if this got a sequel where Twilight finds out what Chrysalis did to Cadrnce, and somehow manages to turn Chrysalis into an even bigger slut than Cadence's new self

How exactly did Chrysalis discover the plan?

This is fine, but needs some major works when it comes to editing the grammar of the text.

7494478 Yeah, it was my first story. My first go at writing. And, at that point, I honestly hated writing. Only recently I've come to like writing. I don't know how it goes for first attempts, but I like to think it's at-least decent.

7493907 Never really explained. I just meant she had a spy as a guard that overheard it. But, I let it be more of a mystery and whatever answer you wanted that would fit.

Canon spelling is Cadance with an 'a' (I know it sounds wrong but I'm not Hasbro™)

You think that doesn't bug me ? the slightest?"

? = in (missing word)

Just please... please, Leave me out of it.

"Shining, I know it's for the best, Just tell me what will happen,"

Lower case after comma.

it thrusting itself out fully before slamming right back in,

Don't worry, you did well with this, I've read stories by writers with way more stories under their belt make more typos than this and I did really like this story. A follow up on how bad she gets and what happens when Shining walks into one such event. His reactions plus what he tries to get Cadance back in the machine to deprogram her should be hilarious.:pinkiehappy:

D'awwww, a happy ending.

Please update.

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