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It's the biggest wedding of the century. The union of three species, and the ending a of a great war. All Spike has to do is be ready... he's not. Luckily, or should be said unluckily, his best man is there to help him through this big ultimate step. Ember, the dragon lord has been tasked with this impossible mission when every other choices has mysteriously vanished.

My story has only been live for a few minutes and it's already at the top of the trending page!! One step closer to the Feature bar!!

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:duck: Now for the honeymoon
:moustache: I think I need Discords help "more help here"
:flutterrage: Discord that's not funny, Stop that right now!
:facehoof: Now we have three dozen Spikes to look for
:ajsmug: Look at all those little bitty Spikes just running all over
:moustache: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Give me some time. A bit hard to do a sequel and justify Ember being there for that. This one makes sense, so unless Spike, Rarity, and Gabby need a bodyguard...

That time Mel Brooks did a Shrek the Pony musical? :pinkiecrazy:

I'm glad you caught on to a few of the references. Those were tons of fun to write. Also thank you for favoring the story.

:twilightoops: Ember what are you doing here?
:moustache: Eh Starlights at the school
:trixieshiftright: Look at me, "I'm the Princess now"

:facehoof: The dragon lands declared war with the School of Friendship?
:moustache::raritywink: At least we're safe...

"Starlight, let me handle it," Ember picked Twilight up and yeeted her down the path like a toy. She rushed over and shook Spike violently. "Get a hold of yourself!"

Good ol dragon problem solving
Always get a laugh out of Ember's face blindness

"Do you think I can read?!" Ember raised an eyebrow and slapped across the face. "You are sounding crazier by the second."

I thought she was one of the few dragons that did read

"Don't forget this move will end the war." Ember jabbed his shoulder.

Twi, how bad did you F:yay: up?

"This is the first you've seen changelings at a wedding, isn't it?" Spike rolled her eyes at her.

Kevin behaved himself just fine at Cranky and Matilda's wedding

"You can't make me?!"

Bloodstone Scepter says otherwise

"Then you've got to, got to, care a little!!" She threw her head back and spewed massive fire into the air, scaring everypony clear out of their seats. "Chicks love the romantic stuff?!"

Quoting a famous ass who landed a dragon is definitely correct in this situation

"I have a problem!!" Garble flew in with his flames blazing. "Gilda, you can't marry this horrible goofball player--" He stopped halfway at the sight of Spike, Rarity, and Gabby. "Oh, wrong wedding room."

I don't ship it :derpytongue2:


Kevin behaved himself just fine at Cranky and Matilda's wedding

Yes, but we've never seen Thorax at a wedding before and he's the king now. If anything, he's more lustful, hello, his wife is Ember after, something has to keep him contained.

I don't ship it

I know, GarbleXGilda is a strange ship, but I mostly did it for Thunderlane's suffering. Kind of a running gag in my fanfictions is something bad always happens to Thunderlane. Like in another one shot where he accidentally shot himself in the foot while trying to take revenge after his girlfriend cheated on him.

Your comments are always a riot.

:pinkiegasp: Los Angeles is burning again?

:facehoof: California seasons Earth Quake, Fire, Flood, and Crazy

:derpytongue2: I am the King!

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