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More of this please!!

With impregnation!!

I'm going Alliance. Death to the Horde.

This was great, now who's next in this great series?


Spike getting all the hoes. Lol
My buddies and I are rolling Alliance too! Most of them played Horde while I originally played Alliance back in the day. So many good memories from back in the day
Lok'tar Ogar! I Played a fair amount of Horde later on in my WoW days. Was just as fun as Alliance, granted I never did get to fully experience original Horde Leveling.

so when are celestia and luna gonna get their turn(s)?

Honestly with that tongue, any mare would have to be fruit-bat-shit-insane not to want to be Spike's fuck toy.:moustache::raritystarry:
There, that was my philosophy for today; consider yourselves enlightened. :rainbowdetermined2:

Do they deserve a turn? 🤔
A wonderful and mind-opening philosophy! His tongue is pretty fucking nuts 😆

Spike closed his mouth and gulped down the small amount of liquid marejuice remaining. He looked down to see an irritated gaze from Rarity, He snickered, “What? You didn't like it? Must be an acquired taste.” With her coughing fit finished, Spike positioned his thick, barbed, and pointed meat-spear into the entrance of Rarity's muzzle. “Don't worry, pet, it's now time for your breakfast.” Rarity's jaw stretched wide to welcome in his rod, a nonsensical reply was muffled from Spike pushing his length a few inches further, filling her mouth. Spike stood there, keeping his dick steadily plugged inside Rarity's vocal orifice, he let her tongue go to work as he mused allowed to his pet. “You know... I've been thinking.” Spike reached out and grabbed the mare's teats once again, this time lightly playing with them. “I want you to get these pierced.” Rarity moaned and screamed as he playfully pinched and twisted her sensitive nipples, the vibrations pleasantly reverberated through his cock. “Nipple piercings are pretty hot... and it will make it more fun for me to play with these wonderful puppies.” He gave her crotchboobs a squeeze. “Plus, think of all the fun you'll have making them fashionable.” Spike continued to play and knead Rarity's tits, forcing more muffled moans to vibrate into his cock. He moved his hips forward, pushing his dragonhood deeper into her muzzle, inches disappearing as he started to fill her throat.

I bet Spike will go crazy if Rarity really did that:rainbowlaugh:!!!

I love it.

Yes! With all of his conquered mares!

Why do you not like Spike? Just curious?

Thanks! ^.^ Glad you liked it. He does seem to be putting together quite the Harem, eh? 😂
Mostly because in the show he’s an annoying little shit. I haven’t watched much past Season 7? Honestly I can’t remember lol But I will say... an older, less annoying, and domineering ladies man version of Spike is pretty cool. 😂

His little pet, Rarity was laying in her ornate canopy bed, covered in sweat, each of her hooves bound to a post, forcing her into a spread eagle position. He looked down at her, enjoying the view of what a complete and utter sex-soaked mess she had become, her face was covered in fresh and dry tears, making the makeup around her eyes trickle down her cheeks.

:unsuresweetie:: *enters the room* "Hey Rarity, I wanted to ask you if..."
:duck:: "..."
:unsuresweetie:: "... I'll come back another time." *leaves room*

With a yank, he pulled Rarity's head closer to his groin. “Rarity, Look! I brought breakfast.” He said, his dick smacking her square in the muzzle with a soft 'thwap', giving her a full whiff of his own dragon scented musk. “I hope you're hungry for a nice, thick and creamy dragon protein shake.”

Such an nice, caring gentledrake...

The only pieces of sanity that hadn't dripped out of her were just enough to keep her pleasing Spike's rod as he pummeled her throat.

:moustache:: "Good enough for me."

Good story!
I wonder who will be next. Normally I would say Starlight or one of the remaining Mane6, but that would probably too obvious (Not that it would be wrong...).

I appreciate the way you think!

Nice always great to see more Spike and Rarity.

I will be joining the Alliance. I intend to return to my roots, and it all started with a human mage... time to do it all over and conquer the Molten Core yet again, just like old times. :)

well they have the bank accounts for it:trollestia:


:unsuresweetie:: *enters the room* "Hey Rarity, I wanted to ask you if..."
:duck:: "..."
:unsuresweetie:: "... I'll come back another time." *leaves room*

...Maybe she should join in; Spike's certainly older, so wouldn't Sweetie also be older?

Nice dude! If I even reach level cap, it will be cool to try and experience MC and all the other raids in their original state. Unfortunately I didn’t begin playing until Late-Late BC/WoTLK so I missed out on a lot of what people call some of the best times of WoW.
I’m sure they won’t have to pay for Spike’s ‘service.’

Tiny typo:

it's way inside


So maybe him seducing AJ for the first time next?

Thanks! My editor usually catches that type of stuff, I'm gonna have to give him a stern talking to... xD


So, The Mayor's assistant - check! The Number one assistant - check! The Fashionista's assistant - check! The Honorable Assistant (Applejack/ dragon code of honor) - WIP???

honestly, i'm a little surprised you started with the mayor. I don't recall an episode in the series where he helped the mayor at all.
Whatever doesn't matter where you started it. I love these short stories of yours! Who knows? Maybe it'll lead to a full blown story of Spike's assisting adventures!

*cough* Farmer's Assistant *cough* Lol

Honestly, the Mayor Mare one wasn't based on an episode with the two, it was just based on the Cover Art image (which is freakin hot).

With his new best friend Gabby in the fray......

Lol, that title is way better!

cant wait for the next one

amazing!! please remember flutters favorite hole!

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