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Good shit >:3
Thanks for writing it :D

Not a bad piece, dood. There are some spelling, organizational, punctual and grammatical errors that could be fixed (do you have a proofreader? I recommend enlisting help from one).

The story does feel much too quick. It could easily be 4000 words and i encourage you to work on your elaboration of details. For example, here's what i would write:

Buttons' mom was in sheer bliss. After so long with only her right hand to fuck, the feeling of such a hot, tight and wet passage around her neglected cock felt indescribable. It felt so good, she had to fight to keep from blowing a load into the filly right then and there.

Great story though, thumbs'd it up!

g, musk, in

I kek'd for real at this XD

The story is about pony's isn't it? Not human or anthro, so even if they were underage it still wouldn't be breaking site rules, therefore could not be refused to be published because of it, or was the story originally human or anthro or something? Sorry if I seem to upfront and/or forward this question, it's just that similar things happening with other stories I just want a clear picture of why

It was originally anthro and that story was revoked, after publishing, because some thought that it had underage content. I modified it to be feral so that it could stay up.

I see, lol and again sorry alarm bells started prematurely in my head, who watches the Watchers kind of thing, and I enjoyed the story, a very uncommon pairing

Glad you liked it! ^^

Fuck, I thought it's gonna be a SweetieMash, but I've got another boring lesbian clop.

If everyone's 18+, why did you add it to the foalcon group? :unsuresweetie:

Nobody's twisting your arm to read it fam. Thanks for the feedback!!! /)^3^(\

Cause they didn't want it taken down. not that it helped. mods still took it down and he had to re write it.

A nice short story, but that's just it: It's really, really short! Too short to capture much detail. Still a nice read though, so props for that.

If this is how it was written save for references to things such as hands and arms replaced with hooves and forelegs, I can see why the mods pulled it. Despite your claim in the description, nothing in the story itself indicates that Sweetie Belle is eighteen. In fact, her being referred to as a filly and the fact that she is undergoing her first estrus -- as well as not knowing what it is -- indicate that she would be around the age where this is happening: the human equivalent of eleven or twelve. As such, a moderator would pick up on these (or someone may have reported it for such reasons), and find it in violation. Because while you may make the claim in the description, you have nothing in the story that would indicate anything other than canon age.

Yeah, gotta agree with what a few others on here are saying. Good stuff, but way too short.

This is a foalcon story. Literally everything inside of this story indicates that Sweetie Belle is between 10 and 13. I would have yanked it too if I was a moderator.

May be not best foalcon, but still good. Though it feels that this story is a bit too short. Looks like

And I honestly don't understand why people are so outraged with extreme fetishes in fiction, especially if it's marked with specific tags. Why would anyone read things they don't like? If I don't like guro I won't read guro. Or at least I won't rant about "it's too gory" if I still decided to read.

Foalcon isn't against site rules last time I checked. The underage rule applies to EQG children not FiM foals. Unless that changed recently.

Yeah this is the rule.

  • Sexual content involving human/anthro characters under the age of 18.

The mods yanked it cause it was anthro before, if I'm reading the comments right.

So how do you report foalcon?

I haven't read this but at reading the description all I have to ask is ... What the ever loving fuck? Directed at the moderator of course. I mean all my porn fics are foalcon. There are groups dedicated to foalcon. Fuck one of the most famous clop writers used tons of foalcon.

So what was the f'ing problem of the fillies age? I mean it stops being a filly once they are a mare, ie. adult. So the description no longer really works. It's simply a MILF and a mare. Not a MILF and a filly. That moderator should've been told off, and told that foalcon was something that exists in huge numbers in this site. If they don't like it, that's there problem, but it doesn't break site rules. Not unless they go through and tell every writer of a foalcon story to delete their works (and see how well that works out for them.).





Seriously. That's the tip of the iceberg. Literally thousands of stories of filly/colt porn. The moderator had no right to force something that ends up making the fic no longer filly and mare, but mare and mare. If that's what the author wanted to make.

You don't. It's not against site rules. Only EQG underage is against the rules for obvious reasons.

Honestly I have one problem with this fic. This feels like a starting chapter, like the intro to a larger piece. Which honestly would be rather good to have. After all Sweetie is now pregnant, and we need to see how Love Tap will take care of the foal growing inside her, and their new love life. It would be a good story.

But other than that little prob. This is a good start, and a nice little read.

There's no rule against foalcon. Hell there are several groups, with hundreds of stories with Foalcon. I mean frell, it's one of the more popular types of clop.

Funny thing though. All the EQG fics are technically "in violation" since the EQG cast are 15 yrs old, and still called teenagers ... so that rule is either ignored, or should be cut XD. But yeah, thankfully there are no rules against foalcon in the fimfic community.

You can't report something that's not against site rules. Hell Foalcon is so popular it has multiple groups dedicated to it.

EQG porn is usually supposed to have some form of emphasis on them being older or at a later date since it's possible to be 18 in highschool. At the very least a disclaimer saying that they're older. I'd imagine they're stricter on EQG porn of the CmC needing more than just a disclaimer.

Actually there isn't any disclaimer or age up anything. They're still sophomores, and in one it takes place shortly after a few months after Sunset arrived in EQGVerse (which is 4 years prior (bare minimum) prior to EQG).

And in most fics when age is brought up it's 15 - 16. And I saw one EQG CMC fic that had sex in it, and no age up. Not sure on the tons of CMC anthro sex fics I see out there (even though I wrote DeetsXAB clop before, it was more for shits and giggles, and not something I have actual interest in 9 times out of 10.)

Hey ... This fic feels like the opening chapter of a multi chapter story (lots of dangling plot threads as is). Will we ever get a continuation, seeing the outcome of Sweets getting impregnated by an older futa mare? And if they end up married / in a relationship? Rarity's reaction to Sweets getting full of hot mare cum? Etc?

It's possible, sure.
One reason I write and publish in the format that I do is because I'm weird with stories.
Sometimes I'll write subsequent stories, sometimes not. It all hinges on my mood and what I feel like writing.
Chaotic, I know, but it's worked pretty decently so far!

Sweet! I look forward to it maybe, possibly happening. And I totally understand that, all artists have their quirks that work best for them.

Thanks for the reply, and have a happy New Year.

Same to you, buddy! Cheers! :twilightsmile:

something tells me when they come out if that room ,they either going to be horny again or even more slutty

I thinks this fic could be used as a great example of what the word 'rushed' means.

All the pieces seem to be in place, but none of them gets the time and effort required to make this story work well. The 'naughty' details are a great example of this: it's really hard to care that there is an age difference between the two or how inappropriate it is to do this to your kid's friend. Even the fact that button's mom is a futa falls flat because, apparently, no one cares in this world - why should the reader do otherwise? :rainbowhuh:

To be fair, this was the third horse story I had ever written and it was for a friend >_>

Wait the mods take down underage content? But foalcon has a whole bunch of groups..... and foalcon stories end up in the featured list all the time

Anthro foalcon is against the site's TOS
Feral foalcon is a-ok

This site is weird and most likely where most teenagers discover sex. Look up ponies and they find clop.

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