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So...I'm writing porn now. Didn't see that coming.

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Sees Thic AJ covert-art by Sundown.

*heavy breathing intensifies*

But not guilty enough to stop

Add a full stop to this.

Chances are she'd have to grit her teeth, close her eyes and wait till Stampede was done, like some kind of bizarre, sexual roller-coaster.

Replace the full stop after 'done' with a comma.

It was hot, hot and thick. It was as if someone lit a log on fire and laid it along her back.

Try synthesising the sentences.

The second time was easier than the first, as his cock had been thoroughly wetted by both of their lubrication,

'Soaked' would be a better word choice, though that is just my opinion.

All in all, it's a decent story. It's not exactly outstading, but it's not that flawed either.

Fuck, you beat me to making a fic based on a Sundown pic. Well at least mine is based on a different one. Still can't wait to read this. Those pics need some good stories with them

Has there ever been an Applejack clop fic that didn't involve an animal or Big Mac? I can't tell if this is an abuse epidemic or she's some kind of vector for people's gross kinks.

7902089 Um... yes I've seen a lot of Appledash, some Spikejack, Rarijack, I haven't seen much but Caramel (who wasn't family apparently), Applebloom (which is sort of cheating cause I'm sure by Big mac you meant family in general), Herself (autofellatio, also possible technically incest but not really) also all of that as themselves, as futa's of themselves (the autofellatio one especially) and as various gender-swapped versions of themselves.

7902441 On the contrary. I've been here so long that I've seen a well-meaning fanfiction site transform into DeviantArt 2.0.

And this, Children, is why people think we're fucked up. We are, and we love it, but you get the idea.

I find it hugely ironic that, when someone posts a story about a humanised character fucking a horse (such as this case), they tag it with beastiality, but when a human winds up in Equestria, the beastiality tag is absolutely NOWHERE to be found.

Mostly Sunset gets shipped with horses. She is a mere, after all.
It would be rather funny if granny just went "hell, it's about time!" On AJ.
Oh, and I bet I ain't the only one thinking that this shall become a daily activity for her :trollestia:

7902912 sapience. It's bestiality because it's sex with a non sapient being. Ponies (and other species from there) are sapient, therefore it is not bestiality.

7902976 Fair point, but I still find it a little odd :rainbowhuh:

7902912 Harkness test. If it's sentient, can communicate with you, and is a consenting adult of its species, then it's OK to fuck it! Otherwise, it's bestiality and/or pedophilia.

7902982 So is it bestiality to fuck someone who only speaks a language you don't understand? And on the flip side, if you understand how an animal communicates and it's asking for sex (flagging in mares, for instance), is that not consent among two conscious adults?

Sexy story, thanks!

7903064 I'm guessing you don't know the Harkness test meme. But I'll go along.

Body language is, indeed, a thing. Of course, female animals in heat still tend to reject suitors in one way or another - just because one interprets the signals, it doesn't mean the signals are consent. How often in our world does a man tell a woman she's 'sending him all the right signals' and then gets mad when she declines to have sex with him? (I realize that may trigger a discussion about rape and victim-blaming - let's not go down that alley and stick to our particular route for the moment.) As for the human couple with a stiff language barrier? Surely they'll have made some attempt to overcome it before consummating their affections. Although, you could definitely say yes, that it's bestiality by the Harkness definition. We are beasts, after all, are we not?

7903327 I see where you're coming from about the signals. But I think that an animal can give consent. Would you pet a wild horse? No, because the wild horse doesn't want you to pet it, and it will react violently in response. Would you pet your pet horse that you spend all your time with? Most likely, because the horse is able to let you know that it wants your affections. I don't see why this can't extend to intimate things.

Plus, there's no concern about consent when it comes to spaying or neutering animals. Why is genital mutilation without consent not only okay but not even questioned, but genital stimulation, even with implied consent, is absolutely abhorrent, no matter the situation?

7903352 It's a good question. Intimacy has evolved in response to choosing a mate for life, I think, and there are animals on both sides of that - who choose a life mate, and who mate freely. I would say because intimacy is often defined by humans as being exceptionally close to someone in all forms (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and others I may fail to mention), the possibility of reaching such a stage with an animal is extremely unlikely. Even if it could be reached, it would most likely be one-sided, depending on the animal.

The topic of 'fixing' animals is a pretty wide veer from the original topic, ne? I'm not sure where to even begin with it.

7903373 The fixing was brought up to point out when consent is considered important and when it isn't can be very arbitrary. On one hand, animals are possessions that belong to someone as much as a machine is. You can force physical changes on your pet, like fixing, or you can have your pet put down if you so choose.

But then on the other hand, even if you have a pet that could consent in as much as its able to and would be able to share intercourse without injury, and is willing to do so (take for instance a woman letting her pet dog fuck her by getting on her hands and knees and then the dog takes over from there), it's still seen as unacceptable and as some kind of violation of the pet's rights. Not that I'm encouraging raping pets, because I'm certainly not, but I'd point out that, in the wild, many animals mate primarily through rape. Not to mention that when inseminating animals, humans often perpetuate rape by, say, tying up a mare so she can be mounted by a stallion.

There's just no logical consistency to it; it's just taboo on account of tradition.

7903399 I would argue that because we tend to be more sentient than our pets, it's our duty to intervene for their benefit. A person who arrives to the hospital unconscious is not going to be denied treatment simply because he can't consent to it. I think the difference isn't tradition - it's a matter of choice. Consensual sex is a choice. Caring for someone or something's health is a must. Therefore, I'd say there's no comparing the two.

7903425 I'd agree in the sense of us doing something for the animal's own good, but things like fixing and forced breeding usually aren't for the animal's good, but for the owner's good.

Neat! I wouldn't mind seeing more clopfics from you, Author! :pinkiesmile:

I fapped so hard that my dick and right leg have been numb now for 45 minutes, but yeah great clopfic

I'm just here to remark on the Phat Assed White Girl Applejack picture.

[Takes off sunglasses]


Okay, I'm done.


Oh, yeah.

BOOTY HAD ME LIKE :applejackconfused:


It's sunnysundown's specialty. Look his work up if you want more.


Oh, I know, and I felt I had to give you mad props for using their work. Thanks though!

Well, the story wasn't bad, but... having lived on a horse ranch for three years, I can tell you that a lot of suspending my disbelief was happening so I could finish. The story, that is. Let's take for a moment, the fact that (according to what is written in the story) AJ carried most of the bulk weight of a one ton horse. Most weight lifting records are less than a quarter of that. At one ton, this horse is clearly a Clydesdale, because that is the dead center average adult male weight (1,800-2,200 lbs).

If we keep that size, then I can't help but laugh and mention that the females would be wondering when he is in, simply because a 2 foot long horse donger is woefully short. Not even joking here, most stallions' erections scale in longer that a 6 foot tall human's arm, tip of the fingers to back of the shoulder (Stampede is short as fuck, dude).

While a 2 liter would be on the far end of wide for it, I have seen some that wide (most of the time due to improper cleaning and the reukt of an infection). And the mares really did not appreciate that thickness on the ones that were naturally that wide. That being said, flares can easily reach that size, but that (usually) only pops up directly before ejaculating. It does stick around for a bit, but they usually don't enter anything with them.

In all, I'd give it a 6/10. Bad proportions and some minor spelling errors sank the fun boat pretty quick. Get those cleaned up and it can easily be an 8/10.

This story's in a group named "Human Females x Horses".

How did I guess there was a group for that?

Oh right.

I own it.


Dude, I appreciate your real life experience and all that, but this was never meant to be realistic in the slightest. I honestly just used random videos of draft horses mating and took some guesses at an average overall size. The whole two feet thing was literally about the largest I could find on horses, give or take a few inches. I could change it if you really want, but I figured that as long as people got a sense of immense scale in comparison to Applejack, they wouldn't mind if it didn't match reality 100%, as most people haven't lived on farms and wouldn't know the more minor details anyway.

EDIT: Well shit, now my imperfections are bugging me. I'm going to have to change this aren't I?


I would have used the pic that actually inspired this story, but it was FAR too NSFW.

Awesome story, kudos on the attention to details! Sundown's pic was awesome, and this fic does it justice. 10/10!

I gotta be honest, I fucking hate Sundown and his art makes me hurl, but this fic is why you never judge books by their cover. Good work!
7905312 Doesn't hurt to improve. Looking forward to it!

Talk about a Buckaroo story.


Gotta agree with you on that opinion, buddy. There's 'thicc' and then there's 'fatty tumours that would do nothing but impair movement and cause horrible degeneration to the muscular and skeletal structure.'

But different strokes for different folks, I say. Let people choose how they like their ass in the morning and all enjoy some nice AJ-and-huge-horse-donger-clop

7902912 that might have to do with the sliding scale of furry or xenophilia. I can't find it quite yet, but a comic explained the difference. The standard litmus is 1. Can it communicate? 2. Can it consent? 3. Is it of an age of sexual maturity and consent within its species? Generally answering no on any of those questions means it beastiality, or generally depraved. Human and equestrian ponies getting it in falls usually within the yes section of all the above.


Improving as a writer is never a bad thing. Just remember to never let yourself be consumed in the editing process. Know when enough is enough.

Huh. I always thought "uncomfortably hard" was just an expression.


7906534 To think I'd finally have common ground with a catgirl fan. Foxgirls are better. Though, if I should let them enjoy their tumor booties, shouldn't they let me enjoy, well, NOT that?

I will say this though. My intentions were good initially. I personally think that some of the best compliments I've ever received were related to something being unexpected. I can see that doesn't apply to everyone now, in terms of how warranted it is.

7903497 I would argue that fixing could be for the animal's good, if it were done because the animal had complications with previous pregnancies (female) or or otherwise had an instance of a potentially chronic disease that the procedure could help to prevent. Both would be in the interest of the animal's quality of life.

Can't speak for breeding - I'll agree that's human sport.

Are you planning on doing a sequel to this story?


No, this is pretty much it.

This definitely reminded me of that hot comic Sundown made...

Not bad.

I've grown up around horses and I've been riding for about 10 years, my family has had a total of 4 American Saddlebreds, 2 Friesians, and 1 Appaloosan when I lived with my parents, never seen a horse dick larger than maybe 18 - 20 inches though.

Also, horse cum is actually thin and pretty watery.

Clydesdales are really pretty by the way.

7902541 is right I'm afraid. The site quality here has dropped to a point it's rivaling fanfiction.net, only with bandwagon races to the featured box. And even that has interesting concepts but average writing at best on the top parts. People aren't near as strict and critical as they were back then. The whole broken 'heat' system just serves as the cherry on top.

:ajbemused:...Goddammit, now I have to wash ALL of my socks! Way to go making that clompfic so fucking hot, asshole! Well, at least AJ didn't get lusciously knocked up with a foal. Then I'd have to get a carpet cleaner...

Srsly tho, great smut here. :pinkiehappy:I'd love to see moar.

7910055 sounds like you speak from personal experience :trollestia: In all seriousness you know this because you have had experience with horses breeding, no?


Thought I'd let you know that I've decided to work on a bonus chapter and you just might get your wish.:raritywink:

8139335 WOOOOOOT!!
Man, if she does have a foal, her stomach'd be HUGE by the time she's carried it to term. AJ having a big belly full of offspring ALWAYS makes me have wonderful pants-feelings.

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