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I've got Shining Armor tied up in my basement for molestation purposes.

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Looks great so far, I like how every character so far is totally cool with it, it’s weird how non-weird it makes things

Since she can’t just step through the mirror to Equestria and demand horse dick

Um...yes she can! It's been shown on at least 3 occasions that Sunset can just go through the portal as easily as walking through a door.

I have read many fics about this exact premise, with Sunset Shimmer having a strong craving for horse cock. Most of them do roughly the same thing, Sunset fucks one of the horses in AJ's ranch, though Fluttershy isn't usually involved. This is one of my favorite ones I've read, and I really enjoyed where you talked about how she preferred the shape of the penises rather than just the size, that's a thing very few people consider when writing fics like this.

The only thing I don't understand is why Sunset couldn't go back to Equestria to have sex with some horses? It isn't like the mirror is broken or anything, and I assume this takes place after Rainbow Rocks, so Twilight would be perfectly okay with her coming over.

That's really my only complaint, the writing was very good with little grammatical errors, at least not enough to where it took away from the reading experience. I do feel, however, that the characters were a bit off. Sunset being so eager and not really caring if other watch makes some sense. Fluttershy being into bestiality also isn't entirely out there. But the fact that AJ's entire family would be okay with it, some of them even enjoying to watch? Just seems a little off to me.

Otherwise, good job.

That isn't meant that she literally can't, but that she feels awkward doing it just to get dick. That would be bound to raise some eyebrows, particularly her old mentor's.

Also that isn't as fun as her getting boned by three horses. Clop is the priority here :rainbowwild:

AJ's family being so okay with it is meant more for comedic effect; I don't think there's much chance of them remaining totally IC in this kind of fic anyway.

I'll adjust the section about Sunset not being able to go back to make it more clear that it isn't meant in the literal sense, but in the "That'd be awkward to explain when I showed up just for that" sense


Also that isn't as fun as her getting boned by three horses. Clop is the priority here

No, really? :rainbowlaugh:

Although I'm sure if Sunset went through the portal in estrus and lifted her tail, she'd have more than three cocks lining up to sort her out.

Well, as I said this is a clop fic, but for the sake of this plot point, stallions don't tend to start families with mares solely because they're in heat, especially when they aren't sticking around, not that Sunset could even predict when she'd be in heat to go there at the right time. Courting a stallion takes time, so she'd basically have to go there repeatedly and completely ignore everyone else during the visits in order to have a chance at getting dick. She's not exactly well-known or a hot commodity in any way like the others are. That effort is more than she is able to put forth with her schedule, which I changed it to make more obvious.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! But thanks for pointing out something I could improve all the same.

She won't ever need to be lonely again. :moustache:

I think I need to see more too, not entirely sure what I just read but I want to see the other girls be brought in on this Rainbow Dash finds out and turns it into a challenge to see who can fuck more horses her or AJ, and I can see Twilight trying it as a science experiment and Rarity trying it just because all her friends are doing it. :moustache:

I did think about doing a story where AJ and Rainbow (either EG or FiM versions) have a contest involving who can fuck the most large creatures and/or monsters. I'd probably make that its own story but could definitely work if I get around to it.

Also still want to do a story involving selfcest between EG and FiM versions, especially with Rainbow and Rarity who seem like the types to want to go fuck themself.

Maybe have it become a foursome between both Rarities and both Rainbow Dashs.

As an idea when you said monsters the first thing that popped into my head is then going to Tartarus and fucking the monsters that are trapped there. And finally they decide to fuck Tirek to see who can come out on top there.

Tartarus isn't a bad idea.
That idea gave me a hilarious image in my head of Cozy Glow being the 'final boss' as she whips out an improbably sized futa dick.

YES! Have it be three times longer than her and she has to fly to move around when she is horny.

And ignore the fact that she should pass out from blood loss to the brain every time she gets hard! :rainbowdetermined2:

10/10 makes me realize I need more horse cock in my life, and in me

As do we all. It is one of life's most indisputable truths. :moustache:

One of the gods has smiled upon me! :rainbowderp:

This is remarkably like a story of mine: Saddle Up, Sunset.

Welp, glad my degeneracy has common ground with everyone else on this site. Liked and fav'd!

How remarkably? I mean it's a pretty basic concept that I based on the cover image; one of the first comments pointed out how often this idea has been used, so it doesn't get points for creativity no matter who does it. I hoped adding Sunshyne and some relative insanity would give it a unique ring though, and horsebangs are always nice.

It's not degeneracy. Getting gang-banged by horses is normal; it's a natural part of growing up.

Sexually acceptive culture. Maybe a little far For some considering it could result in bodily harm, but eh.

Send your asshole into shock.

Nah like Fluttershy says in the story. It'll be okay because she's probably magical or something.

Yes, my plan for world domination is slowly coming to fruition. :trollestia:

The old-style bluegrassy beat is a nice touch. :rainbowwild: Thank you for sharing this gem of the Internet with me :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, look how far you've come, from delicious rape-murder to lewd featured stories. I'm so proud Imma jack to this story till its redder than my alcohol addled face. :heart:

There's like five or six Sunset with a horse stories. All of them involve either Fluttershy, Applejack, or both. Only two of them involve pregnancy, one having a sequel, and the other mentions it as an after the fact. We need more homesick Shimmer stories. They are both an obvious porn premise to use and a shockingly underrepresented one considering the clop community.

I’m sorry if my comment was taken as a complaint. That wasn’t my intention, just pointing out the likeness between your story and one I wrote years ago. Great minds thinking alike, and all.

Well, technically I started with featured PG rated fics, but I appreciate the thought, anyway. Have fun jacking it. :duck:

I think referring to my mind as great might be a stretch, but I appreciate the thought. :rainbowdetermined2:

No worries but it's not my story.

Courting a stallion took effort that a single visit wouldn't help with, and Sunset simply didn't have the time to do that with all she had to do here. It wasn't like stallions would be lining up for someone like her.

Yeh. Men are sooo picky...

Tsk, sexist. :rainbowkiss: Cause it's so easy to find a stranger that will fuck you that is actually worth fucking.
Anyway, my headcanon is that in Equestria, the roles are reversed and mares are the horny ones while stallions are more often the reluctant ones. You know, like in anime.
Either way it barely matters, I only added that when someone griped about 'why didn't she just go to Equestria to fuck a stallion' as if that would have been half as fun in a clop fic. I'm not sure you all know how clop fics work honestly :rainbowderp:

I wanted to swing by and say I consume a lot of these sorts of stories, and this is hands down the best I have read yet!

Amazing work, darling! :raritywink:

putting this on read later got work in the morning

This was so ridiculous that I made food to eat while reading just to distract myself from laughing.

Just reading the description I feel like I read this already. Two years ago.

Not going to lie... decided to check this story out on a whim... and it actually made me laugh in a way that I didn't even realize I needed. Good job.

That thing would make a great horror movie villain. Way more scary than a hocky mask.

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