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Well, after that, I'm now all out of Wat. I'm not sure when the next shipment is, so I'm out for the foreseeable future. I hope you're happy with yourself.


So I take it you're not interested in Bible Study?


Ugh. Booooooring. I'm more interested in the practical, field practices of apostles.

As long as you continue to show your dedication, you may be chosen for such tasks. If the High Priestess finds you worthy.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:sorry but it was so funny and great work

... Isn't this more Starlight Glimmer's Schtick? XD

Also that ending though.

Glimglam is really good at intentionally starting cults. Shimmer excels at accidentally starting them.

Normally I avoid the religious fics on this site, but I feel like you really have something worthwhile to say. :trollestia:

If this story does well enough, I might write a full version of Sunset's bible

Nice fic, great story!

Ohkay, ohkay
That was fucken hilarious
I probably just added another negative point to my eternal sentence, but i'll be if that wasn't fucken hilarious
On the sermon part i was half picturing sunset as a pentecostal preacher, adding a lot of "ho" and "hallelujah" and whatnot to everything while a chorus sung in the background, but the singing was moaning and the clapping was "clapping" if you catch my drift...
My imagination runs somewhat wild sometimes, don't judge me

wow...........I mean ........wow also hot

What a day to be literate

Lucky you, literacy means you can read the word of our Lord. Praise be!

Congrats on getting the flame icon and top featured!
Just from the cover I can tell this will be a great read! Wish you luck in the contest!

Yeah I'd like to see this blossom into a sequel or series.

I think there's a lot of room for expansion in this universe, as Equustarianism grows to be more known and popular

Hmhmm. Can't wait to see it then! And again, wish you luck on the contest.

Contest over. Roll credits, we're done here.

If this story wins the contest, I'll eat my hat, your hat, and the Pope's hat.

What. Did. I. Just. Read?!?

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not just yet. I need more research.

The founding of a new faith. It's really quite interesting, to see a young religion form.

I'll eat my hat, your hat, and the Pope's hat.

That's a new one. And a good one, given that the Pope's hat is absurdly bitchin'.

This is so fucking stupid. Take my like and favorite and go.

Some people might not understand it, but "this is so fucking stupid" is very much so the essence of this story. It's what I kept saying to myself while writing, so I'm glad I was able to translate it's raw stupidity into an entertaining form

Now how about "The Brotherhood of Our Lady's Unfathomable Horsepussy"?

Now would they be rival factions, or brothers in arms?

They would most likely have their philosophical differences but ultimately understand that what's most important is spreading The Word of the Horse.

Well, it worked. And I would know such things; I contributed to the Beanis Saga™ after all.

This whole story was sort of spiritually inspired by Beanis. Syeekoh actually helped me with a few details, you can see his fingerprints all over this.

Sunset writing the entirety of their religious text while on an Irish Coffee bender was his idea

I actually quite like The Word of the Horse as like the overarching core to both beliefs, in a way that unites them in the end. Not a bad idea, at all

Rexy #37 · August 31st · · 1 ·

Agreeing with some comments, i really hope there will be more! Also, heck you might’ve started a new cult titled The Children of Our Lord’s Infinite Horsedick. Congratulations, everyone here now praises horsedick. And Lord Esroh. Hopefully there will be more to the story! Btw, if you couldn’t tell, i loved the story. ❤️ Have some kudos and a like!
Edit: hope you win the contest, m8! This is the best thing i’ve read today, considering i haven’t read any of the Austraeoh series today. But either way, it’s a great story and would be in the top 3 for today! Good luck in the contest!

actually have no idea what i read but at least it was funny and a little hot
like, a bit?
anyways https://youtu.be/QJoIdrLqxLU

11347757 Five words comes to mind after I read this: Cult of the Lamb Crossover.

This has me morbidly curious...

*reads until she hits the following line: “Oh! It’s a religious thing!”*
My reaction:

You had me morbidly interested until you went that direction...>.>;

Lord Esroh... Horse Drol

I love this absolute ridiculousness and I agree this should be followed if possible. Maybe do bring Starlight into it, her being very jealous of how popular Sunset got her cult to be while she has been working hard on hers without much results.

You're the first person to find a joke in Lord Esroh's name, but you've got the wrong punchline. Try the same methodology with his surname, rather than Lord.

It's really dumb

Most people would've been out when they saw a girl gargling sweaty horse testicles, rather than the religion lie, but you do you

I went and checked. Yeah, it's really dumb. But really dumb is somehow a humor I enjoy XD

This had me laughin'! Thanks!

This is amazing, but I am afraid that I was only able to make it halfway before my brain rebelled and wouldn't take anymore. I will try to finish another time. Probably, maybe.

I think the comedy kind of overshadows the clop … which then makes it weird that there’s still some clop. Also very unexplained why Drunk Sunset was correctly able to predict the existence of horsedick god.

It’s an entertaining story, though. With on fatal flaw: AJ’s stud never did get off. Not on-screen anyway. How you gonna create a religion around this horse’s dick but never actually satisfy him?

I initially wasn't going to lean on the comedy too much, but when I tried playing it straight, it felt... Hollow. But I didn't want to abandon the smut entirely because A) C'mon, it's me we're talking about, and B) it would t be valid forthe contest.

I think a great majority of the humor comes from Sunset somehow being an inexplicably good prophet while drunk. If there was any rhyme or reason behind how she predicted Lord Esroh, or how she managed to convince so many otherwise ordinary people to fuck horses, I feel like that'd be a lot less funny.

You're right about Lord Page, though. He deserved an on-screen climax, and I'll be sure to rectify that in any future stories. From now on, it's considered blasphemy to blue ball a horse.

Thus spoke the High Priestess.

I kept expecting surprise beanis.
That's arguably a compliment.

We’ve been talking about this lately for a good reason, can’t wait for the sequel. Great job! :rainbowlaugh:

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