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What a beautiful Sunset.

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FYI, silicon is an element; silicone is a rubbery material derived from silicon.

Yeeaaahh, I kinda had the feeling that was gonna happen at the end once the video call got involved.

Anyways, unf.💦

nice work:twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:oh man

Which of your friends will want the toy first? Fluttershy?:derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2:


"Oh, thank you but, um, I already have some- er, one- I mean none! I have none at all! ...eep!" :fluttershyouch:

How it managed to stand up on the end after Sunset knocked it off, she'll never know.

Usually they have suction cups. I read that somewhere.

Amazingly hot, kudos!

There was no way she could fit it all inside her.

Oh, poor padawan. She really didn't do her research, did she? If there's anything that r/BadDragonGirls teaches us is that yes, over 12" and XXL sizes can be pussy hilted and riden with vigor. Sunny is just taking her first baby steps in that world, and I bet she'll get to fully explore her full, deep potential still :raritywink:

Dildos are like pizzas.
Just order a large.
You'll get it all inside you eventually.


JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA Poor Sunset, the Estrus did hit her hard!

The fact that she can Harkness Clause things that don't normally meet that requirement means she doesn't really need toys. At least not anymore. :yay:

Comment posted by Cheshirek4t deleted October 1st

HEY, I RECOGNIZE THAT AHEGAO!!! 177810 page 8!!! (or 9 if you count the cover).
That alone shall make me read this.

Back door... wasn't expecting that. At least she enjoyed it.

With how much Sunset loved it, she might want to go for more inches.

Sexy hot Sunset is always a pleasure to see.

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