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Sugar, don't kid yourself, Applejack was first, you're the mistress, she's the real wife.

This is one of the hottest things I've ever seen you produce. Fantastic work.

That author's note is perfect.

Damn, Applejack's got 2 numbers for punching Rainbow Dash in the box. So she's 1 and 3

The fucking description had my laughing, hats off to you sir

It is amazing to have you back Shakes. Amazing story, just amazing, i love the interaction, the twists & turns of it all. It is just so perfect it fits like hand in glove. And what a sweet story it was, i love everything about this fic.

[The Apple Bloom part was the Best.]

And this is them moment Butter Mac was concived, a Little Brother for Apple Bloom to love & make love with. To take care off, then be married off with. Make love with & making love balls with. Keep the Apple Family tradition of incest strong for yet another generation.


Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle took a break from the dancing patio.

It turns out the patio was quite the indefatigable danseuse.

Good story. A few minor things I'd probably change, though.

He must a broke her heart -> He must of broke her heart

I've got her sacked out on some hay bails -> I've got her sacked out on some hay bales

I am. What Mac an I been doing behind her back? Taint right, an taint fair to her. -> I am. What Mac an' I been doing behind her back? T'aint right, an' t'aint fair to her.

Your stories are always entertaining. :twilightsmile:

"So is spaghetti until it gets wet." best. line. ever!

Welcom back Shake!

Not really into Applecest but decided to read it at random and was very pleased what I read. Good writing! Well written drama about jealousy and sharing.

And despite it being her own wedding, Sugar Belle suddenly felt very out of place.

That's one line that stuck out. Perfect. Only upon coming to the comment section I realized it was written by Shakes, so it's nice to see you haven't lost your touch. Good stuff.


it's nice to see you haven't lost your touch.

Well, that was fucking hot. And just how often does Dash get punched in the box anyway?

This. This is better than anything I've ever written. Enjoyable and, to a certain extent, believable. With their parents dying when they were so young, it feels almost normal that they would have turned to each other for comfort.

If I had to make any compliant at all... it's the timeline. As what was pointed out to me in one of my previously published but now deleted stories, the 9 seasons of MLP take place over a span of 3 years. Apple Bloom would have been 11 or 12 during Big Mac's wedding. I've also never known an 18-year-old to go to a sleepover. A party yes, but not a sleepover.

Otherwise.... prefect.


I've also never known an 18-year-old to go to a sleepover.

It's called a cover story.

It's actually one of those grown-up slumber parties that Sweetie Belle hosts with Moscato, inviting Scootaloo and Babs and the other ladies, where Sweetie tries to push her Multi-Level-Marketing products from Bad Dragon®.

Okay, now that's hot. Keep up the good work

Next up: Rainbow's box gets knocked!


Next up: Rainbow's box gets knocked UP

She grabbed his hoof and looked him in the eyes.

"I wanna watch you fuck Applejack!"


Part of me wants an epilogue of Rainbow getting punched in the box.

Even better.

"I'mma punch that mare in the box!"

This phrases needs to be used in more stories.

I'm making the prediction now: This will end with Rainbow getting punched in the box.

Pubic fluff on four legged ponies? Really? I’d prefer sone nice little teats.

Oh, and there was one spot where you used tis instead of his.

Overall, though, pretty great story. Enjoyed the comedic aspects. Especially drunk Rainbow. Time for an epilogue where she gets punched in the box. Repeatedly. By Big Mac’s dick. While protesting the whole time that she’s a lesbian and doesn’t even like dick. But secretly she’s loving every second of it. (With AJ and Sugar Belle supervising, of course.)

Omg. That ending is just *too* perfect :rainbowlaugh:

This is.......... an interesting topic

"Dammit Rainbow!" Mac cursed. "I'mma punch that mare in the box!"

I NEED to see this more


That's when you leave a negative Yelp review at a Mexican restaurant, right?

... Well, it certainly means that now





.............. I dont think I want to know anymore :twilightoops:


He must a broke her heart -> He must of broke her heart

Please no. Sadly the confusion of "must've", "could've", "would've", etc. with the incorrect "must of", "could of", "would of" is far too common for me to point it out every time, but I cannot let someone give it out as advice to others without stepping in. I see it's actually been corrected to "must have" in the story, which is also fine. (If AJ had been speaking, she might've said "must'a," which is closest to what was originally written, but this is Rainbow's line.)

I really do have the smartest fans. :twilightsheepish:

I appreciate the correction, I'll be sure to apply it in the future.

Someday I'll explain ordinal collapsing functions and you'll regret that fact. :trollestia:

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