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What a beautiful Sunset.

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Welp time to put Holy on the featured list again

You never cease to write great stories, do you? JEEZ. I'm always excited when you release a story. That just goes to show how well you write. :ajsmug:

You're too kind.:twilightblush:

5866551 I feel like I'm not kind enough. I want to say more but I can't come up with what I want to say. I'm not a very good writer myself but I certainly do enjoy reading great stories like yours.

No, seriously; why does this story's cover-art look like it should be in a R18+ eroge? Also, can you PM me the location of this image?

any chance of a link to the image source?

Whoops. Didn't realize I had forgotten to add that. A link should be attached now.

Is it normal that the story's description itself confuses me? The subject of the sentence changes in the middle, making it seem like Sunset has a lot of questions that experiments on herself will answer. I'm just saying. It deserves some practice.

Well, I'm fascinated. Continue?

Put your cursor over the cover image and a little black box with the word 'source' in it will show up in the bottom right corner. Click on that box and it will take you to the pic.

This is an extremely well-written story. Have a like and a favorite my friend. :twilightsmile:

Somehow, I expected Twilight to say this after they had sex:

That was certainly enlightening! I had no idea your specie's mating habits were so close to our own! Does your kind often mate with the same gender as their own?


And it turned out she did it "for science!"

An entertaining read I must say!:twilightsmile:

5866698 for what ever reason it look heavily inspired by super deep throat


Dear sir/lady, you earned this:

that moment when you see the image and cant help but stare
....and have a minor case of (best image to describe the thing)

The only reason I look every time is because your username reminds me of that Swans song.

This fic is generic mindless clop. Standard feat box content. Why am I not surprised?

Good lord....

I dunno why I keep reading these.... But it's too hot.

This calls for a sequel!

This was only published today O.O

This. Is. The. Best. Twilight. Shimmer. Story. Ever.
Must. Have. More.


That was good :twilightsmile: I think a sequel would be nice but that is up to you :twilightblush: Well done it was a good story. :twilightsheepish:

An ending I also would've accepted would be.

"Twilight?" Sunset asked basking in the after glow.

"Yes Sunset?"

"You have some weird fetishes."

And that's how the fight started.

How come nobody ever thought about that kind of SunsetSparkle clopfic before ?
Especially with a popular fanart like this one ? :rainbowderp:
Anyway, it was still worth the wait !
Can't get enough of dat awesome ship ! :yay:

You know, you have a great way of writing, and honestly, I would love to see more of... Hm.. "Real World Twilight"xSunset, if not just for sexual purposes.

You know you're looking at the cover of a clopfic when
A) The title has the word "desire" in it (at least 90% of the time)
B) There is sweating and/or visible panting in the cover art
C) There is a mature tag

Now enough of me stating facts, imma read this!

is it sad i could see this as an actual story line? i mean the bases for it are here so why not expand it a little? change it from just a normal clop fic to a twilight and sunset shimmer ship? you dont see that many of those running around,

i'd love to see this continued, if that's at all possible.

Some things are best left as one-shots.

Great maybe continued maybe? I would like to see something like the pony twilight come back and things get awkward. I always like paradox like that.

Dear author,
Your avatar is thoroughly and unquestionably awesome.
I had to say that before I read, or else I would've forgotten. I will now enjoy your story. That is all.
Thank you.

Kneesocks top demon:raritywink:

Very Veeeeery awesome dude! Way better than I expected :D
You sir, get a Like and a favorite
and a cookie (::)

Definitely. Ya gotta love teh Kneesocks. Oh, random aside, am I the only one who saw the Sirens and immediately thought "Scanty, Kneesocks, and some new chick." ?

Part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 , part 2 ,
PART 2!!!
DO IT!!!

Opened this story up and went off for a bit leaving it minimized. Come back DDoS attack. Now I finally get to read it.

It was worth the wait.

This was refreshing to read, please, more chapters Q_Q

I just wanted to let you know, that you can't stop on only one chapter.
Or more like, omg please continue this story, please I beg you sooo much. :)
I really loved the part when Twi asked "W-was that adequate?" that made my day. Great job on the story.

:rainbowderp: Well... that's definitely one way of getting some Sunlight... *turns to ponyfied self* Silver, where you going?

:twilightblush: D-don't mind me, Lad. I'ma jus' be off 'ere... gotta find th' wife. *notices look* Shu' up!

Oh? :moustache: I see.

... still, shu' up!

Damn good story, and I hope that more comes in the future.

But I'll be damned if I won't admit that I want a part 2 :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy:

Imagine. Dom Sunset and Sub Twilight. I know it's been done before but I would like to see it in this scenario.


I approve.

Well, you never fail to disappoint my friend.
It's nice to see a quality story after so long.:twilightsmile:

>never fail to disappoint. :pinkiesad2:

But really, thanks. I was afraid I'd gotten somewhat rusty after so long.

5878786 Rusty? You? Surely you jest.:raritywink:

This story, now with a pretty complete review maybe! Go read it!

Or not!

But why would you not?

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