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“Hi, Rarity? Sunset. Listen, I just realized I'm out of some essentials and I need to get them tonight.” She paused and grinned. “Can you give me a lift to Value-Mart?”



Oh no, Rarity don't! It's a trap!!

Rarity's end = best end.

That Pinkie fantasy though... Sunset, you really, really should have known better.

Applejack shrugged. “I dunno what I am, but I know that I don't rightly care about sex. So it seems to me that if Twi needs a control group for this, I fit the bill.”

I think asexual is the term then. And that's fair.

“It wasn't sexual,” Sunset began, confusion in her voice. “But we were skinny dipping. So, no sex, but we were both naked.”

Huh, interesting...

She let out a yelp as Pinkie popped up right next to her. “Me! Memememememe! Do me!”

“Phrasing!” Rainbow smirked. The others looked at her. Rainbow huffed. “You all need to get some culture.”

Thank you, Rainbow.

Now for the crunchy center!” Pinkie tilted her head back and opened her mouth. She held the stake between her thumb and forefinger. Sunset, still upside down and getting dizzy from the blood rushing to her head, looked at the gaping maw below her.

And this just turned into Attack on Titan.

“Spank me! Punish me! Make me sign bad checks! Oh, god, force me to shop from the discount bin!”

... It occurs to me, that drinking water while reading this may not be the smartest idea.

Rainbow blinked and blushed. “Uh... yeah. Okay, fine, you got me. Mostly I wanna know what Fluttershy has in her head.”

This should be fun, she's either going to be the most innocent of the group, or the kinkiest, there's NO in between.

The bear let out a growl which resembled a chortle. As Fluttershy chatted with her ursine friend, she failed to notice her geode glowing. A flash of pink light shot from the pendant and rocketed toward the school, straight for the dome that covered the library.

So, it's Fluttershy's doing?

Fluttershy turned bright red and she hid behind her hair. “Um... well, it's mating season for a lot of them and some of the less dominant animals were looking for advice on, um, intimate matters.”


“Hi, Rarity? Sunset. Listen, I just realized I'm out of some essentials and I need to get them tonight.” She paused and grinned. “Can you give me a lift to Value-Mart?”

Well then.

Good story lol. I laughed my ass off.

Pinkies fantasy was extremely disturbing. I know Sunset wouldn't look at her the same way again. I really wish you did Rainbow and Twilights fantasies. I was curious to know.

But in the end. Good story.. The end part.. I swear when Sunset did Rairty, it was a foreshadow for the future!

I really wish you did Rainbow and Twilights fantasies. I was curious to know.

I was going to, but I was up against a deadline. After the contest, I may go back and add those scenes as a bonus chapter.

I so want to know how they trip went.

I've had an idea similar to this fic in my head for some time now, only Sunset would have seen the fantasies of ALL of her friends. Each of Sunset's friends would have unique and very erotic fantasy involving Sunset Shimmer.

Good stuff. Wouldn't mind a followup to see just what happens... :raritystarry:😉

You know I never thought I'd see a story where there is "Sex" in the title, and features an entire segment of two girls, laying naked together on a beach, with a scene of them putting sunscreen on each other.....And it's completely tame/clean. No sex, no sex jokes, no anything. If you didn't mention them being naked, you'd never know they were in the first place.

It was actually a pretty natural moment and felt like something that could happen...atleast in a story based on the series. Ain't no way Hasbro has the balls for something like this. But yea, it felt totally in character and honestly just felt like a nice, quiet, moment between friends.

Color me Impressed.

Oh yes, please do so
I'm very curious now

A trap you'll want to trigger

So, saw the titl for this story in Aragon's blog post and went "hey, I haven't read that one."

And then realised that, yes, it must be my personal bane of FimFic, the mature filter. Which I have not gotten to work (i.e. to allow) for... A LOOOONG time. I'd tried everything, basically, up and to including asking for help with no results, so I thought I'd have one more go at it my seeing if I could manually frack about with it. After several more attempts (and deleting the cookies TWICE, the latter with the page closed), it appears, for the first time in years, to have taken. At least far enough to let me read this story. (And I'm telling you this in case I find I can't comment again if it sticks back off again...!)

Which thus marks the first mature-tagged story I've been able to read for QUITE some time.

And it was an enjoyable comedy, so thanks for that.

(When it was working, I generally keep the mature filter deactivated, since it reduces the clutter of stuff I'm not so bothered about a fair bit and then turned it on when I found something I want to look at. Until I couldn't turn it back on again...)

Bonus points for making AJ a sort of "non" (I relate, but me being me, I refuse part of any group that would have me as a member, though I would cheerfully state I "non" or "anti-" because I am a miserable old toe-rag), because I haven't seen that done before as far as I can remember.

this was great but i feel cheated

i want fluttershy rainbow and scitwis sexual fantasies

See my earlier reply to a similar comment. :twilightsmile:

George Takei, can you help me out here?


Oh, that ending! Brilliant!

I really really really want to see a chapter with Rarity and Sunset at Value Mart now

Ditto. This is a chapter that must be made.

Why Ruin... I'm shocked! You reading this type of story!:pinkiegasp:

Admit though, you liked it, otherwise you wouldn't have commented!

This is genius. Start to finish genius.

“Hi, Rarity? Sunset. Listen, I just realized I'm out of some essentials and I need to get them tonight.” She paused and grinned. “Can you give me a lift to Value-Mart?”

I need a continueation on this one please

We all know Rainbow Dash's fantasy is Rainbow Dash.

BUT IT'S A GOOD TRAP!! :raritystarry:

I don't know about Rainbow, but Twilight's is obviously about science, "experiments" and possibly bad wordplay.

I knew it! she's still evil! (go sunset)

you know what happened; Hot sweaty lesbian sex.

For all the regret I have that we haven't seen all of the mane6 versions, I am still glad for what we got. I laughed a lot. Good job :twilightsmile:

First off, that line Rainbow Dash said after Phrasing is so from the show called Archer and i loved that line. Second, i kinda knew before reading this that Pinkie's was going to be the weirdest one of all. And third. Fluttershy being the one to put this whole thing into motion kinda took me off guard but when she said it was mating season for the animals it put the whole thing into perspective. The whole thing made me laugh the whole time i was reading it and it gave me some insight on some of the Humane 7 but i kinda wish you did all of their subconscious thoughts, but other than that the story is good and it deserves a sequel if you have time.

Applejack and Rarity's fantasies actually aren't too far off from events in our life... :rainbowhuh:

But, but... Sunlight, and sunDash.... T_T

None for Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash?

Well, it probably wouldn't have been my kind of thing anyway, though Rarity's came close.

See my reply to an earlier inquiry about this. Thanks!

Lol, everybody wants to see the rest of her friend's fantasies, and all I can think about is how hilarious Principal Celestia and Luna would be. Hell, just imagining Sunset accidentally touching Granny Smith's hand while getting lunch has me in stitches.

I'm curious if that story about Rainbow's sunburn is true or not.
Because if it is, Hahaha! Eight shades of the Rainbow!

And now I'm thinking about it too. :pinkiesick:

“Wait, wait, wait! What?” Twilight Sparkle dashed over. “You're picking up what?! ”

Lol best sci twi reaction I’ve ever seen.

I find it interesting that you have Applejack be asexual in this, usually if one of the main six is going to be asexual, from what I've seen, it's Twilight. Also, I loved that ending line but I couldn't help but think that they weren't all fantasies involving Sunset and that it was actually just their sexual fantasy that Sunset was overlaying herself as the main partner on top of which would make this visit to the store with Rarity potentially very embarrassing if true.

Rainbow held up the book. “'Moby Dick!'” she gasped before collapsing into laughter again.

BAHAHAHAHA! I'm so immature. XD

Sunset’s eyes widened. “Oh no. No no no. Hell, no!”

I'd love to hear her say that. Dunno why.

“You... you were...hahaha... you were giving sex ed to animals!” Rainbow collapsed into a chair, laughing so hard she lost her breath. She gasped and wheezed, her face turning red as she tried to draw breath while laughing. Applejack rolled her eyes and pounded her on the back.

I LOVE this Rainbow Dash.

Definitely a very funny story.

As for everyone wanting to know Fluttershy’s sexual fantasies:

Come on, Fluttershy is the kinkiest one of the group. I’m thinking if Sunset had actually peaked at her sex fantasies, she would have seen leather, whips, chains, and probably herself calling Fluttershy “Mistress”.:rainbowwild:

Well....That was.....I mean.....Yeah I got nothing. Though does this make Fluttershy a furry?

well now this was uh ahem a thing that was er yes

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