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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


Multiple talks the girls have about different things. Subject varies from chapter to chapter. Suggestions welcomed!

Featured 3/11/18! This was a pleasant surprise after all that I've been through. Thank you!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 116 )

:twilightsmile: it was ok nice work.

I'd love to see more of these conversations between the girls!

This was so cringy that I'm going to need to read every Sunlight Ship story to wash it off my head. I just can't imagine Princess Twilight doing sex stuff with Flash. It's just... wrong in so many ways.

By otherwise, good story! I'll definitely give it a follow!

That... was..... hilarious. Just the right amount of awkward, but balanced out by comedy. Hope you can keep that up.

this fic got very uncomfortable when you implied flash oraly raped sunset and these are high school girls talking about sex like they are frat boys

“Yes it does!” Rainbow shouted. “What would you say to a guy if you were going down on him? That you wanted to see his finger? That'd probably make him lose his boner in ten seconds flat! What do you call boobs? Butts?”

Well, with this story has opened my mind. Finger it is.

I mean...it does kinda look like a big finger from certain angles. XP XD

Funny. Dirty, but funny. I should not find this as amusing as I do. Well done. Hope your mom gets better.

Oh my God, everything from Applejack getting insulted about her family & being stereotyped for being from the south to Sunset's knowledge on human's "fingers" is too much! :rainbowlaugh:

Kudos to you. I don't think this should have amused me as much as it did.

CHS doesn’t have a Sex Ed teacher,” Rainbow grumbled. She looked down at the pile of fries that now had a large hole in the middle thanks to Applejack.

“What?!” Twilight gasped, “you don’t? Well, then did you have one in middle school?”

“Nope,” Applejack crossed her arms, “some parents thought it was too inappropriate to be teachin’ their kids about the birds and the bees, so now CHS and CMS can’t teach it.”

“Parents like a certain country grandmother,” Rarity muttered as she fixed her eyeshadow with her compact mirror.

“Granny don’t want us having kids early,” Applejack responded, rolling her eyes.

a) If parents taught their children properly about sex, the Government wouldn't have to spent millions on sex ed in schools.
b) One of the main purposes of sex ed is to prevent earlier, unwanted pregnacies by teaching kids about the use of contraceptive methods.

You are right about one thing: Sunset's instincts about sex are going to be completely different when it comes to foreplay and positions. So, if she ever gets serious with a guy in the human world, she's going to have to do a lot of research and try to keep a lot of conscious focus during the deed or stuff will start getting a bit embarrassing.

Ah, memories. I think I'll like this.
Edit: yes, I did. Also, good luck with your mom dude, hope she gets better soon.

Could one of the topics the Humane 7 discuss be lesbianism please? :fluttercry:

Are the girls also gonna talk about politics?

how about how sunset can afford things like an apartment and food and other things

It could just be like student council or student president. Not Donald Trump.


Imagine Sunset, ready to mate, suddenly presenting herself with her butt up in the air and kinda wiggling it like she had a tail attached. Kinda sexy, until she suddenly says, “Hurry up and stick your finger in me!!!!”

Talk about bringing the sexy time to a grinding halt.:rainbowlaugh:

If Sunset and a Princess Twilight don't know what dicks are, doesn't that imply ponies don't reproduce through sex?

Nah. It just means they don't know what human sex is. Remenber, horse dicks and human dicks dont look the same. ....And i cant believe i said that. :facehoof:

In a broad sense, I can sum this chapter's main point as such

I regret nothing.

Help I'm dying of laughter

zoo wee mama!! thats some spicee stories u got going on there!!

... MLP Ponies are not animals. They’re barely even Ponies in the traditional sense. They’re more like aliens really. So that joke doesn’t really work.

Yes, but I’m pretty sure they’d know that it’s a penis at a glance. I mean, we humans do with horses.

Unless you regularly call horse junk legs or something. :twilightoops:


Yes, but it also suggests that neither of two scientists at the most prestideous school known had never picked up a book on biology. They're still all mammals. Especially since you conflated ponies to animals earlier in the story, rather than imply that perhaps ponies are sufficently alien that that is not how they reproduce.

(Hell, I can't believe that Twilight (pick one) couldn't give a three hour lecture on the functional differences of reproductive organs between mammals, reptile and insects or something.)

I was expecting for you to have had Sunset make a crack about how "well, they must be fingers, because they aren't big enough to be dicks, har har," which would have worked (the old ones are fine if the execution is good), but as it stands that just sort of fell flat for me, sorry; it just did not stand up to a second's contemplation.

Oh, I'm so sorry about your mom. I hope she beats it.

Is the implication in this story that male ponies don't have penises? I mean you never see them but I just assumed that was just cartoon animal logic?

the joke is that Sunset cant recognize a human penis cause its so different from a horse one

That's really dumb. I'm sorry but a joke can only be as funny as how far I can stretch my suspension of disbelief. Like this a problem a small child of a really sheltered human would have not an alien. She might be a pony but she's also a mammal It's just basic sexual education really.

Getting "Coffee In Equestria" vibes from this story.

:applejackunsure: ...... :moustache: Yeah, I could see that. Heck, if I looked hard enough I could probably find a fic with that exact premise. Probably nothing too high quality, but probably nothing horrendously translated. Heck, I could write that story if I didn't have a pile of other projects already.

halfway through the chapter, i expected them as prostitutes.... I was close, and that scares me.

Honestly, beings their age would have thrust funds so fat that working would be a distant memory. They had hundreds upon hundreds of years to learn how the rich and powerful do it and they don't seem stupid enough to depend on today's gains for that long.

The idea is rather amusing, though :rainbowwild:

Is it weird that I feel bad for them?

After a couple months Aria finds out that Sonata made billions on the stock market. She thought she was playing a game at the time. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not surprised, they came strippers... They always given me that stripper vibes during Friendship Rocks.

I mean, if they were immortal and you turned them mortal.... yeah, you basically killed them, it just takes a long time to take effect, like if you gave them cancer.

I mean...what else would they be able to do to survive? Not like they had a lot of other skills honestly. Plus it was before Twitch was as big as it is now.

“No! Itmeansshe can buy booze for us!”

Ah.. The rare 'That 70's Show' Reference in it's natural habitat

Wait I'm confused, what did they actually get arrested for?

Trying to buy beer while underage.

I don't know all the laws and it might vary depending on where you live but I don't think trying to buy beer is an arrestable offense. That would be a really stupid law and a waste of the police's time.

They may not be arrested, just being detained while their guardians come pick them up.

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