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This story is a sequel to Sunset's Collection

Everyone has one, according to Rainbow Dash. Everyone has a collection of porn, even the quietest, meekest, and most mild-mannered. Rainbow is determined to find Fluttershy's.

Sex tag is for raunchy humor and porn jokes.

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*Scrools through FIMFiction*
Yes... It has arrived.
Thought you gave up on the idea!
So glad that you didn't. Loved the fic!:derpytongue2:

7015780 Glad you enjoyed.

Your prediction wasn't way off, to tell you the truth. I may have gotten really big for my britches when I started thinking about several sequels. I think there may be two more in the tank, Adagio and Sci-Twi. But we shall see.

Sci-Twi would be hilarious!
And really, FIMFiction is not exactly Asimov Magazine in terms of professionalism, now is it?

I extremely doubt Rainbow can do that to Fluttershy.

Rainbow Dash you think you would have learned your lesson the last time you tried a stunt like this! :facehoof: I can see fluttershy or some pony else saying that to Rainbow Dash. It would be nice to see Sunset towards the end of this clobber Rainbow in the jaw for this type of behavior. I mean REALLY Rainbow what were you thinking?:twilightoops:

7015884 I'm considering a final story that is everyone's revenge on RD. That might actually be raw clop in nature.

This had me cackling and cringing at alternating intervals. I don't think I could endure a friend like Rainbow though. One of us would end up dead.:pinkiecrazy:

7015874 What, you mean the judo flip? Cause the way I see it, Fluttershy is probably the thinnest, most noodly of the HuMane Six. Rainbow is clearly pretty strong, and I don't think it'd be too far of a jump to say that Rainbow could pull off a maneuver like this.

Umm no. Realistically speaking, hurting Fluttershy. I mean, she's shy one from the group.

7015904 Friendship is weird in that sort of way. In my opinion, a best friend is one whom you desire to murder about 60% of the time, but manage to pull off a good laugh for the rest.

7015917 Sorry, can you be a smidge more specific? I don't see anything that Rainbow did as especially hurtful.

Opps! My bad! :twilightblush:

Fluttershy landed into the bed, so Rainbow didn't hurt Flutters. Again, my bad. :twilightblush:

7015951 Easy mistake, bruv, don't worry about it

Yeah. Actually, I was meaning Rainbow sneaking into Fluttershy's personal things.

... Rainbow's a dick.

Sequels are a good idea.

7016097 Yes but she's a lovable one!:pinkiehappy:

Just remember this Rainbow, when your time comes, and it will. I can surely say five girls whose privacy you've destroyed will take great strides to pick you apart piece by piece.

Wonder if Sci-Twi has a bigger collection?

7015969 I see Rainbow as that one friend who will just toe the line between total scumminess and human decency. Since she's been friends with Shy for so long, I imagine that RD would have no issue with poking through her crap. I'd go through my best friend's stuff and we'd both just laugh about it.

7016742 Sci-Twi's collection is the largest and, arguably, the weirdest

7016097 Isn't she, though? She's the best friend we should all strive to become.

Kinda. But she's a kind a person that is messing with you because she likes you :3

Yay! An Otakushy story.

Hahahaha! Finally! This was funny! I hope there's going to be another one!

7017281 In my eyes, Fluttershy just has to be an otaku. I imagine that she likes things like Black Butler and Yamada's First Time.

So, are you going to do this for each character before the grand finale of Rainbow Dash? Hope so!

7017728 I can't think of anything funny to do for most of the others. I'm gonna play it safe and stick with the characters I know I can do something with. Namely, Adagio and Sci-Twi. But, perhaps as the ideas floweth out, some more may floweth in. Only time can tell.

aside from the clop aspect, that would be highly amusing

I bet Fluttershy absolutely loves Shimoneta. XD

7018375 Not a fan of clop? That's too bad, because I really want to use this series as a platform to start writing clop.

7018393 Yeah, exactly! I like to think that she's into weird things like that

7018482 No, not really a fan, but I have to commend you on such a nice segue into writing it. :derpytongue2:

... Why I have the feeling Rainbow printed the photos Mako sent to Shy?

Hmmm I am both very amused and disturbed by this. Well done! I'm also kinda of regretting that I encouraged you to write a sequel but that part of me is slowly dying so meh.

Anyway you should go for a two-shot, like somehow connect Adagio with Twilight for the last part.

7018932 Interesting fact about the story's development: In the original draft of the story, Rainbow Dash did something else while printing off her homework. She also used Fluttershy's Skype account to call herself, and then went to the diner to watch Fluttershy masturbate.

Somehow, I figured that would be too much, even for RD.

When are they going to tear though Rainbow Dash's collection and make a fool out of her?

7019048 Probably never, honestly. I can't see Dash as having any shame at all. She probably wears her fetishes on her sleeve. But, if/when the time comes, it will surely be satisfying revenge for the ones she has wronged.

I might do a clop chapter about her though. Just Sunset, Fluttershy, Rarity, and, eventually, Adagio and Sci-Twi ganging up to bang her. Nothing is set in stone though.

“Oh, crap! Shy, you mind if I use your computer?” asked Rainbow. “I need to pull my chemistry homework off of the class page.”
“Of course, go ahead,” said Fluttershy, oblivious to the state of her computer.

Here's a good teachable moment. In the URL bar, type a single letter, and see if it auto-completes with anything you wouldn't want people to see. You'll soon understand why you should never, ever leave a friend unattended with your computer.

Rainbow put her hand and the door and pushed.

on the door

Also, this was very funny.

Very Good
That All i can say!

7019101 Or never let them touch your computer.

(I have three...One for sharing, one for gaming, one for nobody else to touch :scootangel: )

Only if Sunset brings her horse friend.

7021810 Maybe just the toy. Calling in Dusty seems like it might be... overkill :rainbowlaugh:

PLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE???????? :applecry:

7022051 You knew Applebloom was my one weakness, eh? Hm...

I'll try my damndest, but still no promises

As soon as it was Fluttershy, I expected yaoi to be involved. I did NOT expect where this whole thing ultimately ended up. :rainbowderp:

Also holy CRAP your version of Rainbow Dash is a jerk, why is anyone even still friends with her? :flutterrage:

7023001 Maybe I'm just weird, but this is the version of RD,that I'd most like to be friends with. She seems like a lot of fun to me.

7016914 Note to self: never become friends with chillbook.

No offense meant, of course.

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