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I actually rushed to check and was relieved to discover the story is still marked Incomplete.

...It's funny how the fantasy that almost got Flash in real trouble wasn't even terribly perverse. Apparently Flash is only kinky for stage magicians. :trixieshiftright:

8043921 Mweh. Heh. Heh.

Brother, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Oh wow, a whole story for this one part? Nice.

8043958 Nooooo, a whole story because there are going to be seven total chapters.

I mean at this point......how couldn't the situation advance like this?

And there's gonna be more! Yay!


So I see the girls are more willing to go along with the game in this new edit. Pinkie basically blackmailed them in the original.

I'm so happy this is its own story now seems we're gonna see everyone's fantasies though. I can't wait

Nice to see this story up. Good edits and the third chapter was well done, if surprising at a few parts.

I meant "that one single part from the other story", sorry for the confusion.

And hey, that's way better!

This brings a whole new meaning to "Mind Fuck".

"No," she said. "Ah jes'...no."

missing quotation mark

Lets all be honest people: eighteen year old Apple Bloom is hotter than her sister. :rainbowlaugh:

Different, but nice.

Although, I miss the part where Fluttershy requested to let Flash titfuck her in her room. Don't know why, bit I really liked that part.

Picturing Twilight at the end was really hot. There's just something sexy about a nerdy girl doing something so lewd.

Also, I love Rarity in this. How she's trying to be the mature one in this, but clearly is getting into it.

The reason is because Applejack is so uptight about sex, while Apple Bloom is just really cute and innocent, you know?

Also, that could be a problem, what's going on at the end there...

Oh we're all so fucked...

And not necessarily in a good way either.

That Trixie scene is kind funny!

you should finish the other story before starting a new one

8044423 Considering the other story is a collection of short stories with no definite end, no he shouldn't.

8044234 EG, obviously. Hence the glasses, having gone to Camp Everfree with the others, and so forth...

8044332 Yeah, it...it didn't work with the new direction the story is taking.

8044367 That and Apple Bloom at 18 is probably way more of a freak than Applejack would ever be. I can see Apple Bloom being the BEST kind of girl to go on Spring Break with.

8044423 Exactly how does one "finish" an anthology that is, by design, intended to continue indefinitely so long as I can come up with new ideas for it? Also, you should not tell writers what they should and should not do. That isn't how the creative process works.

I'm starting to wonder what the deal is with you and Applejack. This marks a trend. Does her human design just not do it for you, or what?

That aside, this is going to end with him having sex with every named female, isn't it? Well, maybe not. Because if Flash can come up with a fantasy for the likes of Principal Cinch, but not AJ...

...I lost my train of thought there. :pinkiesick: She is such an unpleasant person.

I'm not even here for the sex, I just wanna see the girls freak out at Flash's imagination.

Keep up the good work.

So by the end I wonder how friendly the girls and Flash will be with one another? I am willing to bet that this will be a big relationship changer for everyone envolved.

8044647 It's not even just human Applejack, it's Applejack in general. She's just a very boring character. And frankly, yeah, her EG design is lacking next to Sci-Twi, Sunset, Rarity, and Fluttershy...

8044676 Yeah, you might say that...

Been a while since I've taken a look at one of your stories. Gotta say, your craft has improved a lot in the last year or two. (That or my own writing skills have gone way down, but I'm pretty sure it's more the former than the latter.)

Seriously, man—good job. This is going in my favorites pile. Some of the best pure clop I can remember reading on this site, and I really look forward to checking out Parts II and III later.


Now, my first instinct was to point out potential within the story itself for AJ. I quickly squashed that urge. I don't know much about writing erotica, but I imagine it's difficult to write for a character that doesn't do it for you. What's important to the reader is the story they get, not the story they wanted to get. And it is on that basis that I shall judge my enjoyment of this story.

...By which I mean I'll be staying pretty quiet. I'm never comfortable commenting on clop stories.

"Oh, this will not end well," Sunset said, pinching the bridge of her nose.

Wait, is that a thing? I do that any time I feel embarrassment-by-proxy, and a girl once pointed it out to me for some reason and now I think about that every time I do it. Is this a common action? Why is it again?


Twilight facepalmed. "You girls are crazy," she moaned.

Yes Sci-twi that how/what "really" close friends will do and talk.

There once was a young man named Flash
Who was picked on by miss Rainbow Dash
Although embarrassed at first
He was swiftly coerced
Into admitting his lecherous past!

Can we just get Rainbow dash and pinkie's perverted adventures . I bet a lot of us would love to see that

8044810 Oh, Applejack has her role to fill in this story yet...

8044851 Yeah, it's a common physical tic, just like facepalming, shrugging, etc. It's just body language we all pick up over time.

8044920 You get what you get and you don't get upset or you go to the vet and that's one you'll regret. :twilightsmile:

He coughed. "Well, let's just say you're not the Apple they'd pick. Umm...sorry."
"Ouch. Harsh," Rainbow said, wincing.
Applejack's anger turned to confusion, her brow furrowing. "Really?"
"Excuse me," Rarity interrupted. "Exactly how and where are these uncouth boys deciding that Apple Bloom is sexier than her older sister, and based on what?"
Flash shrugged. "She just is. Can't really explain it. Sometimes you can't put it into words, you know? You just know what..." He made a vague gesture with his hands.

“You're physically attractive, sure—All of you are that—but your entire attitude and behaviour just screams, ‘Don't even think about it, bub; I'll rip your dick off!’ So guys just don't. ... Except those who'd be into that kind of thing, I guess.”

“See?” Rainbow Dash crowed, “Even the guys all know you're a prude.”

"What the hell, Sunset?" Twilight cried, face flaming.

During the preceding fantasy, I suspected that it was actually Twilight's secret thoughts about how things might have played out differently.  Am I reading too much into this, or is her reaction here confirmation of that?

Is Sunset going to involuntarily share around everybody's fantasies now?  Will we see Fluttershy's dream of being chased down and ravished by a hunky werewolf?  Or Rainbow's fantasy of taking on the entire soccer team, until none of them can cum anymore and she's the last one standing?  Or Rarity's secret desire to revel in the dirtiest, most debauched and all-around unladylike behaviour imaginable?  How about Sunset's own idea of taking Flash and all her friends over to Equestria to have a big pony-style orgy with Princess Twilight and the other Flash Sentry?

We've already seen the inside of Pinkie's head at the end of the blooper reel of Legend of Everfree:

Her sex fantasy is the same exact thing, only everybody has their dick out. :pinkiehappy:


During the preceding fantasy, I suspected that it was actually Twilight's secret thoughts about how things might have played out differently. Am I reading too much into this, or is her reaction here confirmation of that?

You're reading too much into it. That's not at all what's happening.

Is Sunset going to involuntarily share around everybody's fantasies now?

No. Although that might also be interesting, but it isn't where this story is going.

Also: Good lord, that version of the Everfree blooper reel STILL has that clickbait thumbnail? :facehoof: Oy.

It's not the only one on that channel with a fake, edited image as a clickbait thumbnail:

And so on, and so on. That's not even counting the ones that have suggestive fanart as their thumbnail, because at least those aren't pretending to be images from the real video.

8045021 Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.

Oh no, she lost control, this is bad. This is very very bad. This stoy could go in a number of different directions from now, but a lot of them are very dark.:fluttershysad:

Oh boy, that's not good. Looking forward to more.


Is Sunset going to involuntarily share around everybody's fantasies now?

No. Although that might also be interesting, but it isn't where this story is going.

Heh, potential sequel, then:

Oversharing II: Electric Boogaloo
:rainbowwild:: Hay, Girls, remember when we did that sex fantasy memory sharing thing?  Let's do that again.

:ajbemused: :flutterrage: :pinkiegasp: :raritydespair: :twilightangry2:: NO!

Sunset: Don't you remember how that turned out, last time?

:rainbowlaugh:: Sure I do – It was awesome!

:pinkiesmile:: She's kinda right.

:rainbowkiss:: Come on, guys!  I had the greatest thought ever, last night in bed, and I have to share it.  Especially since it involves all of you.

:fluttershyouch:: Oh my!

:duck:: I must admit I'm morbidly curious now...

:ajsleepy:: Let's just get it over with.  She's not gonna stop until she gets her way.

:pinkiehappy:: Yay! Fantasy time!

:facehoof:: Here we go again...

8045254 Freaking perfect.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think a friend like that needs to be tossed over the nearest knee and spanked in front of the others to try and make it clear that such inappropriateness shouldn't be tolerated; especially the whole whining for six hours thing.

Keep in mind that—at least in this case—the others aren't really opposed to all the raunchy fun, they just feel obligated to protest for form's sake.

Mythrilmoth deliberately edited Pinkie's line in part 1 to make it clear that none of them are forced to be there and take part.  Secretly they're all at least interested in what boys fantasise about them, even if they're not quite as eager as Rainbow and Pinkie.

Also, Rainbow would probably enjoy a spanking way too much for that to work as a deterrent.

"I...honestly never thought about Applejack that way," Flash said with a shrug.
Pinkie whined in disappointment. Rainbow groaned. Applejack blinked. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Ah can't rightly be sure."

Neither can I to be honest.

Apple Bloom, noticeably older and leaner with modest yet alluring curves, gave Flash a smokey gaze as she rode his cock, panting heavily as she bore down again and again, grinding her slick, flushed pussy against him.

Huh. Well all right then.


Oh dear.

Flash paled as he looked around the room. The girls were staring at him incredulously. Applejack was livid. "Oh shit," Flash said.

You may wanna hit the deck, Flash. Or run like hell.

"It's okay, Sunset," Flash said. Taking a deep breath, Flash looked up at Applejack. "Look...I'm sorry, alright? I'm sorry that upset you. But the truth is, well..." He sighed. "Apple Bloom's pretty cute." Wincing, he added, "Actually...a lot of guys in our class think she's, well..." He coughed. "Well, let's just say you're not the Apple they'd pick. Umm...sorry."


Sunset frowned. "Yeah," she said. "I think that's enough—"
And then her eyes flared white.

Oh dear.

Before Flash could come, a giant windbreaker dropped over him and Twilight, and everything went dark.


Four more chapters? This is going to be good :raritystarry:

Well, I just went from feeling turned on by the sexy antics to know feeling bad for Flash.

There's no worse sexual fantasy than the ones you come up with when you're feeling sad and miserable.

Not that I know what that's like....(ahem)

So is Applejack not allowed to get any in your stories, is that a rule? Granted I haven't read everything you've wrote but this is the second time I've seen this happen. Don't get me wrong I get that everyone has there preferences but when it winds up being everyone but Applejack I just wind up feeling bad for her lol.

Apple Bloom is a red head and, if she is anything like her Equestrian Counterpart, willing to try anything to see if she is good at it. Of course guys would all be into a girl like that over who uptight older sister who can probably put a hole through a brick wall easily.

What about impossible fantasies? Or rather, improbable considering magic is a thing?

You can't tell me you ain't going to considerShrinking, Growing, Micro/Macro, Giantesses?


Oh good, I'm not the only one who noticed that crap. I mean, seriously, what if I want to share a clip with a friend?

8045851 It's uncommon for me to write Applejack smut, I'll admit that. Don't assume there won't be in any in this story though. We have a LONG way to go yet.

8045908 I plead the fifth.

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