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I've got Shining Armor tied up in my basement for molestation purposes.

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This was one of the hottest lemon stories I've read yet, thank you for this story, your now my new favorite here. 😍

Some images are just begging for a fanfic to be made from them.

This was really hot and funny at the same time. I liked reading it a lot.

I try to be funny and hot at the same time, so it's good to know I succeeded for once! :rainbowwild:

i read the non-consent first and this one is much shorter, proves my point that rape lasts longer than normal sex

Well it definitely seems like it's longer to the victim. I mean what kind of a sadist designed us that pleasant things seem to pass faster?

“Oh, I will,” Windy smirked. “By licking it off our new stepson when she’s done.”

I think you mean son-in-law.

MILF = Mother I'd Love to Fuck
GILF = Grandmother I'd Love to Fuck

I'd love to see a sequel to this.

“Oh, for Celestia’s fiery giant plot, I was joking!” Rainbow groaned and shook her head. “Do whatever you want.”


Comment posted by Shenzy deleted Nov 17th, 2018

Or prequel.

Spitfire s mom did that too!

“Only if you want to live, sweetie,” Windy smiled.

Well... Now you are the one being 'bucked'!

Im sad with my self that i found the whole cover image.

Ive spent a long time trying to figure out how to respond to that i just cant find how

Because it's so amazing :rainbowdetermined2:

You should try being crazy. It makes it easier to reply to things.

The funny thing is i am batshit fuckin crazy and if i ever went to theripy they would try to send me to a mental asylum.

You'd be surprised what they don't send people to mental asylums for anymore. Also, psychiatric wards only make me worse, anyway.
Not to mention the last time I went to one they charged me over $2000 when I was there half-a-day and didn't even get my own room or any medications. They basically just sat me in the waiting room and waited for me to stop hearing things. Seriously, I can do that at home for free.

That sucks dude but personally i dont like the idea of medication instead of actually dealing with the problem hey lets just drug them and send them off shit though thats alot of money for half a day.

I don't think 'dealing with the problem' is enough to help when you hear voices and hallucinate.
Even if you're not at that level, when you're dealing with a genetic condition, fixing your life problems isn't enough. If it was, people with easy lives and few life problems wouldn't still kill themselves.

Between the two versions...
This is definitely the better one, mostly because everypony actually FEELS more in character than the other one.

Yeah, I know, talking about how in-character the ponies' actions are in two versions of a smut-fic, how weird.

And the ending is amusing.

Can I say I regret reading the other one? No, not really.
But this is DEFINITELY the one I'll be going back to.

I actually kind of hope this'll eventually receive some kind of sequel about Soarin and Dash's wedding and honeymoon.

If I had the funds, I'd commission it myself, but as I said on the other one, I don't at the moment

I'd like to do more stuff like this but what is normally commissioned is the other stuff.

Maybe you could work on stuff like this between commissions? Or does your situation doesn't allow for that?

I have a rather large project I'm working on between commissions, and don't really want to take on a lot of other stuff when I really need the money from commissions.


Now that’s a good, raunchy fic! Gets going quickly and doesn’t let up … while still keeping the characters at least somewhat in character.

And, somehow, I think that Rainbow and Soarin being married isn’t going to stop either of them in the slightest.

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