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Aaaaand instant fave


This is pretty good, made me feel bad for how neglected Wallflower is, and the sex was pretty good. Good to see Wallflower got time out that worked out better than the prom would have...:pinkiesmile:

yeeaaaaahhhhhh.........on principle I don't read Beastiality fics. But I'm sure whatever in here someone will enjoy it. and glad to see the best wallflower get some love from the fans.

NOTE: All Characters are 18+

Wallflower is fucking a GILF.

I wonder if this has any continuity with your previous story with this subject. If it does, I would find it funny that the girls discover that Wallflower remembers a relationship with Applejack's animals.

> Latent horse-lust intensifies...

I've read that that sort of thing has been used to press statutory rape charges.

Not gonna lie, kinda wished the horses slowly tore her dress apart to get her to slowly accept the situation she's getting into and LOVING it :ajsmug:

Still loved this though!

For those wonderful places where bestiality is legal?

Eh-hem... uh, something something uuuhh... ...white girls fuck dogs er whatever. :rainbowderp:

Fimfiction summed up in four words. Nice.

In addition to bestiality charges, because your "wonderful" would have come off as sarcastic outside the context of being a comment on a bestiality fic.

i dont. like this website very much.

Am I the only one who wants a sequel? Maybe after a couple more visits with her 3 new friends, she discovers that she's pregnant?

Silly question but where do i find the art pack?

Then why are you here? Especially since the option to keep you from seeing stuff like this is enabled by default?

Almost at 200 stories!!

And I have something extremely special planned for the 200th!

Hope y'all like smutty, romantic comedy novels!

the follower count is even more impressive :raritywink:

bro just say ur a zoophile and go jfc

:yay: one more human mare for the herd...
A night to remember...

How to wash up? She almost woll smell like a breeding farm... :trollestia:

Man I wish I hadn't come back to the comment section.......

I font know if some of the people here are actual zoophiles. Or if leech can write zoophillia as well as the other topics he's made

Eh, it's all good
Any sort of even vaguely divisive subject tends to have the comment section turn into a war zone
Honestly, I couldn't care less
That being said, thanks for your support

Np dude. You make stuff for all kinds so I expected something like this eventually. I'll give an update to show my support cause...I may not like the premise. But I'm assuming it was written well.

Sides. I like helping my favorite writers

I'm confused, how is he a zoophile?

Well then you can leave

Those horses were likely trained by Applejack.

Oh fantastic and can't wait to read

I'm not, but because I said something that could be read as defending the existence of this fic he assumed otherwise. (I'm actually attacking him for doing something of his own free will and then complaining about how much it sucked to do when he could have stopped at any time)

You've been a member since 2018. How have you not gotten used to this sort of thing?

The internet is an endless place, so logically there are some corners that are stuffed full of things you either don't like or don't even know exist but will instantly hate once you stumble upon them. The internet is also full of people just trying to kill time. Mix those ingredients together with some sugar and spice, and you get hell and heaven at the same time. The best thing you can do when you are too unnerved is to leave. Or you can do what I do and leave a compliment on how the story was written so well or how there weren't any grammatical mistakes, and finish by saying that the premise just isn't my thing.

Speaking of which, this is really good. Wallflower's inner debate flowed so well that I can totally see why she would do this, even though it's pretty insane. i see you're about to hit the big 200 story milestone as well, and I wish there were some good way for me to congratulate you. Perhaps Knighty will descend from the sky, parting the clouds with rays of light refracting in the surrounding mist and beaming unto the faces of all of your creations, and lead them to the Promised Land, like any My Little Pony god should.

Thank you for your kind words. I do have something special to commemorate my 200th story planned - a novel that I've been working on for the better part of a year; hopefully folks like it!

Exactly my thought... Or... By Granny Smith...

Hm I'm a bit mixed on this... I don't really care about the "bestiality" aspect, it's depicted sensibly, and Wallflower is REALLY in messy situation.
I'm more miffed by the "desire" of objectification, on one hand it is also represented as sensible, but I'm finding it not that agreeable...

Brainlet or a troll. Ether way not worth the worry.

I was very worried until the second sentence. :rainbowwild:

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