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Original Works. It was a good run.

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I like this genre of brutally honest looks at what one would do with an altered Memory Stone

8849694 Just remember to like the story and help other see it then!

Well, that's an intriguing start

Well this seems fun. Definitely Tracking it.

8850018 I don't know if I could continue that as I did it before nowadays. I'm sorry.

This story is Commission Driven, meaning that I will be writing it as people offer to pay me to do so.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read in my life. So you release an unfinished work, and then tell the potential readers that you'll only continue it if they pay you to do so? If this story was an entire commission, I would understand, but you wrote this of your own accord and then suddenly decide that unless the fans of it give you money, you won't continue it? This is pretty much subtle extortion.

The story was good, but I honestly just don't get why people should have to pay you to finish something you started.

If this was already a commission, then go ahead and ignore this comment, but I didn't see anything about it being one in the description, either of the author's notes sections, or a blog.

8850186 I will be putting in the description of the next one that this has been getting commissioned so far and by whom, I just ended up not deciding for, specifically this second chapter, putting the commission credit, and for that I apologize.

No no, no need for apologies. I was just a bit curious, and had that been the case I would have been shocked lol. For what it's worth, the story is decent thus far, especially for someone you're not entirely keen on writing about without the proper motivation (nothing wrong with that hah).

8850191 To be fair, and this comes down to... So many stories of mine on this site, if I had infinite time, I would love to finish them all, as even to this day I could probably tell you what my plans for stories that are two years, or more, old that never got finished, but without a reason to continue them, I end up falling where my motivation leads me. With me becoming more and more of any original writer, and having bills to pay, this has only gotten worse.

Also, I am actually not immune to thinking that this idea is a bit callous. The reason I don't have my normal bits telling people to check out my original works is because I had to do something like saying that this story continues only with money behind it. It's not an admission I like to make, but I also wanted to be upfront about it.

Was Rainbow aware of what was happening, even if she didn't see Wallflower? Text wasn't so clear on this, at least to me.

Oh, this is going to be so much fun!

8850447 She was actually! She just interprets it differently, such as wind on her pussy for Wallflower's breath, and just going with the flow for the stuff that has no logical explanation.

I wrote one of these stories, too. Seems Wallflower being "invisible" was a good thing after all~ :trollestia:

Before I read, may I ask: Is this going to be predominately lesbian?

8850999 I.... don't know. At the moment it seems to be trending that way.

Obscure reference for English speakers maybe but the title of this thing reminds me of "El Fantasma de Canterville" (song and original work) even if the actual contents are not particularly alike to the best of my knowledge.

Exhibitionist addict.

In the next Chapter, can you have her put one of F.S.'s pet in in F.S.'s shirt, (between her breasts) !?

Ooh, I'm liking Wallflower a lot. :D

Dayum, that was hot! Very nicely done! And nice world building, too. Rather interesting setup for the school.

Fun! I'll be looking forward to Sunset's part :twilightsmile:

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