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My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am a wraith.

A comment driven story following an alternate universe where Twilight is hundreds of years old, Sunset stayed Celestia's pupil, and everyone has the hots for Twaith. Okay, almost everyone. Lets see where this goes!

Teen Sex because of expectations of the internet... and myself.

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Thank you to TheStarsOfPines for the current cover art.

Here is the original, confusing, cover art.
Here is the second cover art that had been used.
The third! Done by the same as the current.

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Heh i'd love to see Celestia having to drag both Sunset and Twilight away from a pile of books and force them to actually do something together like go outside.

Twilight and Sunset pulling pranks on the guards and servants??

Does anyone else find it funny that Celestia just got smacked with the Necronomicon?


I think Celestia smacked Twilight and Sunset with the Necronomicon. Not sure if it had the same effect on Twilight, although as a magic book, it could count as a magic weapon...

Celestia is also a lot more prone to violence so far.

I could see this turning into another "defeat Nightmare Moon" story, only Twilight gets to be the Spike. As far as shenanigans... Celestia has a pet phoenix who loves to play practical jokes. Fire and Ice vs. more Fire? Or would Philomena and Sunset team up against Twilight?

This has the potential to be either a wonderful story, or just another bad fanfiction. So far you're doing well, keep that shit up!

Granddaughter of Clover... Twilight must be loaded with power. I'm surprised she didn't run out of books before.

I'd like to see Sunset trying to teach Twilight the nuances of the modern world. As one shut in to another.

5878391 She checked out books from the forbidden part of the library too, but too few people go back there to have ever noticed.

I thought it was "Starswirl"?

5878399 Ah. Forbidden books. That's the best kind. Ancient and filled with forbidden knowledge. Now I want to see Twilight get mad and going all Dark Wraith/Revenant but only do petty things with her dark magic.


As a ghost, Twilight can turn invisible and fly through walls and stuff. I'd love to see her and Sunset leveraging this for some pranks on the castle staff! Maybe in the process Twilight could accidently come across the children of the nightmare and uncover a plot against Celestia.

Twilight finding some living relatives and ruining their image of their ancestors with stories?

5878224 Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Twaith R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Oh the trouble these two will get into, so much mischief! :rainbowlaugh: Looks like Celestia just adopted a new headache.

Twilight immediately snuggled against one of the discarded tomes and hissed at her, just before also getting grabbed and pulled away. “No!”

The funny thing is I can actually picture Twilight curled up with a book and hissing about being disturbed.

now all we need is twaith hovering around celestia during a diplomatic meeting and freezing the cake

thus inventing ice-cream cake and getting some slack from celestia

They get into an argument over a theorem that Clover the Clever wrote and try to prove each other wrong.

Promptly gives multiple professors seizures as they together make a new branch of math to prove it.

5880308 May I know what in the world this is?

5880887 hp Lovecraft replace Twaith with Cthulhu
( In his house at R'lyeh, dead twilight waits dreaming )

5880887 Its the beginning of the end.

*LATE but here it is!*

Celestia does work while dealing with the two bickering ponies argue over various topics foals their... age? Would argue over.

Sunset eats pancakes while Twilight attempts to eat breakfast?

Get more powerful with time.
A thousand+ years old.
Spent unknown ages in a library.

Twilight, you might very well be the most powerful being in Equestria at the moment.

.... Eventual shipping of Sunset and Twilight. And temporal shenanigans!

This story is so cute!

I would like to see how Twilight reacts to these nobles.... hopefully she blasts at least ONE. Doesn't have to be fatal, doubt she could do that anyways.

“Anytime my young pony.”

It's amusing that Celestia is calling a centuries old wraith "young." Granted, Twilight is still young compared to Celestia...

The morbid side of this is the implication that Twilight must have died as a filly... either that or when she shed her mortal coil, she reverted to her childhood.

5885980 The thing is she would actually have problems limiting her power from lethal, Considering if she's using an old scale for wraiths, at lvl 5 in the old scale, she would be the Equivalent of a level 15 in the modern scale. (Able to freeze Canterlot in a fit of fury.)

5886084 I do have to say, she is show age. She matured somewhat, even while being dead, partially to lower creepy factor of her being a foal and literally everyone thinking "I would tap dat."

5880887 In her house at R'lyeh, dead Twaith waits dreaming.
A nod to H.P. Lovecraft creator of the necronomicon and the Cthulhu mythos

or giving Blueblood horn-herpes like when Shining got hit by Sombra's power in the Crystal Empire/BUYOURTOYS episode.

Can we see Celestia reading a bedtime story to them?

cute and unnatural luv it :)

I'm hearing the Mansion theme from Luigi's Haunted Mansion as I read this.

I really like to see Twilight causally do something (with magic or power), preferable nice, that leave both Celestia and Sunset stunned.

Lovely story! Have fun writing it!

Again I find myself asking if there will be any time-related shennanigans. Like a wraith Sunset coming from the far future to tell them to not open the gates of Tartarus to see if Twilight could indeed make it freeze over. Which they do anyways, as it would be a great experiment to see how powerful Twilight actually is. Celestia stops them as soon as they get to the gates and gi9ves them a week long timeout from reading any books or scrolls.

I would like to see a comopetition about who could make the best present to Celestia.

There are quite a few nuances of theoretical magic that involve the combination of ice and fire magic, such as crystallized flame and cold fire.

Not EVERY author. Some paint him as being slightly retarded and make you feel bad for him. They are few and far between, though.

Like Treebeard in Lord of the Rings saying "Young master Gandalf!" and Gandalf is over 500 years old.


Or Auntie Applesauce disciplining Granny Smith and Apple Rose at the reunion.

I'd like to see you take the premise of this and write an actual story out of it instead of a comment-driven piece of... well... crap...

The premise is great, but making it comment driven kinda ruins it...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

5890767 I don't see why. Just because it may jump around a bit or be a little odder for it, doesn't mean a decent story can't be told. I do understand the stigma against it though, but for me, this wasn't going to come out any other way. I simply have too many other projects, and too many distractions. So yeah, I'm happy it doesn't seem like you downvoted just for it being comment driven, but I don't see why you should simply call it crap, especially after I showed a willingness to warp what is commented to have a bit more story.

5890782 I said crap because it wasn't bad enough to say anything worse. Coming from me, crap could be considered high praise if your story is comment driven. And there is the fact that this is still entertaining, just not as much as if it was a fleshed out story instead of a comment-driven thing. I have read a few comment driven fics, but they generally are too scattered about to make it work. Your premise was interesting enough to draw me in though.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

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