• Published 18th Apr 2015
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Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith! - Michael Hudson

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am a wraith.

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The Day After

Celestia yawned as she woke up for the second time that day. It had taken careful scheduling, but the nap had been absolutely crucial. Between her nerves about having to fight a wraith and then sealing much of Twilight’s power, she had been left feeling drained. Though, it was a great excuse for a day off. I should find and befriend powerful entities more often. “Especially cute little ones like that ghost.”

A soft sigh escaped her lips as she dwelled on the thoughts. The mare’s immortality was useful to Celestia, but she doubted she would have enough time to actually bond with her. Not when I have to teach Sunset and run a kingdom. Well, perhaps someday, especially if Starswirl’s prediction is right. She stopped for a moment and looked into the sky. “Wouldn’t that be nice sister.”

She then shook her head clear of such thoughts. Even though it was her day off, she knew better than to waste it. She started to trot through the halls, politely asking servants where her young pupil was. None could give her a location, though that wasn’t too surprising as Celestia had expected the Sunset and Twilight to try to find somewhere private to stay together.

However, by the time she had searched the castle twice over, even a ruler as wise and experienced as her was feeling her patience strain. With a cup of coffee in one hoof, her horn started to glow. The search spell slowly grew in size, as well as in how taxing it was. It has been far too long since I’ve had to use this much magic in only a few days. It isn’t even my fault. Diplomacy doesn’t give a lot of opportunities for razing a mountain. At least there is cake and the odd princess looking to further her diplomatic career through their own cake inflated thighs and-


Celestia snapped out of her thoughts of momentary delights and started laying down mental maps of where her seal on the wraith was. Just past the deeper parts of the library, underneath Jet Set’s house, just about where–

Servants in the castle almost were killed by Celestia’s mad dash through the corridors. Plates were sent flying and crashing down, three bookshelves were sent tumbling to the floor, and six doors flattened the ponies about to open them as Celestia almost broke the sound barrier. Sunset and Twilight looked up as the sound of Cockroaches scattering filled the corridors. The sound of flagstones cracking came from just outside just before the two small forts were thrown away from their occupants.

“Hey!” Both mares scowled at the princess who was heaving heavily. Sunset grabbed one of the books and started to bring it back to herself. Celestia promptly grabbed it and found an old version of the necronomicon in front of her. Sunset was promptly picked up and dragged away. “Hey!”

“Um, is something the matter?”

Celestia sighed as she continued to trot away. “First, Sunset, what have I said about dark magic?”

Sunset huffed. “Nothing.” She immediately winced once the necronomicon was put upside her head. “No dark magic, I know!”

Celestia couldn’t help but get a smile at her student’s juvenile behavior. “As for both of you, you can hang out tomorrow, and by hang out, I mean do something other than read silently.”

Twilight immediately snuggled against one of the discarded tomes and hissed at her, just before also getting grabbed and pulled away. “No!”

Celestia simply shook her head as Sunset glared at her and Twilight continued to wrestle and whine about her books. And here I thought life was going to get easier. She was proven just how right as half her face suddenly got a lot colder and heavier and she smacked both of them with the necronomicon.

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