• Published 18th Apr 2015
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Fear Me, for My Name is Twaith! - Michael Hudson

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am a wraith.

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Sunset took in a sharp breath as they crossed into the forbidden section of the library, an ancient and foreboding place. Even after ten years of being Celestia’s pupil, she had never been allowed down here. However, this was the best way to the catacombs, and their destination. “So, exactly what should we expect?”

Celestia frowned slightly and brightened her horn slightly. “Now now Sunset, we talked about wraiths three weeks ago. There is no reason you wouldn’t know now.”

“But we didn’t go in depth on creation, just on abilities and how one would defend against it. Besides, you expect it to be a wraith? Are you sure it can’t simply be a ghost or specter?”

The princess shook her head as they turned down the final bookshelf. She almost smirked as her student kept her eyes stuck to the shelves. “Only a wraith’s ability and affinity to ice would be causing the pipes to freeze as they are. I only wish I had thought to scan the catacombs for larger magical entities before now. Luckily for us, it seems to only be the one.”

Sunset scowled slightly while trying to fight the temptation to slip one of the books into her saddlebags. “That also means it alone rivals the highest unicorns in Equestria,” her voice grew much lower, causing Celestia to barely catch, “and even beats me.”

She wrapped one wing over her student and smiled at her as they opened the door to the catacombs. “I wouldn’t have brought you if I didn’t think you could handle it. Besides, when we have to fight it, your fire magic will be invaluable.”

Sunset almost stopped in her tracks as the walls in front of them seemed alive for a moment before a cockroach landed in front of her. She immediately decided to get them back for the trick by firing a fire bolt down the corridor. “So, you said when? That’s a different tone for you.”

Celestia breathed a deep sigh, her breath coming out in an icy cloud. The temperature had dropped by almost twenty degrees by them simply walking into the catacombs, and almost every hoof step brought the chill further into her bones. “Wraiths gain power the longer they exist. Starswhirl persisted for almost a century after his death, so consumed by trying to finish his final spell that he wouldn’t leave. Not even he could resist the icy grip of death magic on his heart though.” She stopped in her tracks and felt her tear freeze her eye shut.

Sunset brought a low burning flame close to Celestia’s face. “Even Starswhirl?”

The princess shook her head clear as her legs started to become stiff from the increasing cold. “The magic that binds a soul to the planet is a strange one. For normal ghosts, it is regrets, but with wraiths, it becomes far more. Not only is it regret that causes them to stay, but also their own magic. That is why you’ll only ever see a unicorn become a wraith.”

She stopped just before the next bend. “The magic that binds them here conflicts with their magic though, and corrupts it. At first, they can only use ice. When they have spent enough time, they start to experiment with the dead, most likely why this one has taken roost here. It was only when Starswhirl heard the siren’s call of soul magic that he asked me to stop him though.”

Sunset leaned against her mentor. “I...its okay, I promise. Whatever is around the next bend is gonna get the asskicking of a lifetime!” She grinned at Celestia while her horn grew brighter and brighter. A small sun appeared at the tip and Celestia covered the added light with her wing. Soon it burst and tendrils of flame came over both of them. Celestia sighed, thankful for the warmth, though she knew such enchantments were taxing on her student.

“Are you ready?”

Sunset panted slightly as the cold was driven from her. “Yeah, I think I am.” At least, as long as there isn’t more you aren’t telling me about wraiths.

The two turned the corner and Celestia’s horn flared with light. Sunset stopped mid trot, trying to stop her magic from igniting the obstacle in front of them. “What in the world is this?”

Another voice came from the immense wall in front of them that blocked the corridor. It almost made Celestia chuckle from how nonchalant it was. “It’s called a book fort. Now please go away, I have reading to do.”

Sunset blinked a few times before turning to Celestia and mouthing, ‘What now?’

Celestia brought one hoof to her muzzle before focusing her light into a straight beam that went into one of the small holes in the wall. A pulse of magic travelled down its length before a bubble of blinding light swept through the construction.

“Ah!” Rustling could be heard within and for one of the large stacks fell, allowing the newly reformed cone of light to catch the hem of a ball cloak and cause another yelp from the creature. The rustling then stopped and ever so slowly Sunset could make out a purple hoof, just before it touched the light. “Agh!”

“Celestia, turn it down.”

Celestia bit into her cheek for a moment before complying. There was definitely something odd about the creature, such as the fact that they weren’t impaled by now. She herself watched the collapsed side for a few moments, but no further signs came of the wraith. Though perhaps it’s merely light sensitive? No, not with this much power. “Will you come out wraith, or must we come in there?”

“No, no, that shouldn’t be necessary. I… I just don’t really know what to do now.”

Sunset rolled her eyes. “Well why don’t you just come out then?” She almost immediately regretted it as even her own enchantment faltered against the freezing cold that came in a moment. Her doubt grew even more when she saw beautiful green eyes come out, framed just underneath a straight, bowl cut purple and pink mane. “Uh…”

The creature crossed its front hooves, a trail of ice following the right one as a slight red crossed over its face. Its form faltered for a moment as it looked between the two of them before it finally spoke. “Hello. My name is Twilight Sparkle, granddaughter to Clover the Clever. What brings you to my home?”

Sunset’s jaw almost hit the floor as she tried to register what had just been said. Celestia helped her student remember her manners by politely slamming her mouth shut. “Hello there Twilight. Now… do you know what you are?”

Twilight giggled. “I am an Equestrian, unicorn mare who has become a wraith, fifth class, ice. Is that what you were wondering?”

Celestia blinked once before steeling herself. Only fifth. Then again, her scale would be based off of much older measurements. “Do you know how long you’ve been down here?”

She tapped a see through hoof to her muzzle for a moment before shrugging. “I would guess about twenty years.”

“Twenty? Clover died seven hundred-“ Sunset stopped shouting as Celestia’s hoof smacked against the back of her head.

“Sunset, don’t be rude.” She turned back to Twilight as the air crew back its chill. She could see it happening to her. The realization of what she had lost, of how much time had passed, and how much time would pass. The faint warmth in her that was caused by the pretty mare only grew as she knew how much she must hurt now. “Twilight, are you okay?”

She hung her head down. “I… I don’t know. I don’t think I wasted the time, but then again, my… my family.”

Celestia stepped closer, her horn almost flickering out so as not to hurt the wraith. “I know, it must hurt, but I can tell you one thing that might not.”

Twilight looked up at her. “What?”

“Well, thousands of books have been made since you came here, just in case you were almost out.”

Sunset jumped out of the way as frost covered the hallway. “Yes, yes, yes!” Twilight stopped in front of Celestia. “Are you serious?”

Celestia felt a small pang in her, as well as hope. “Of course I am. However, we will need to take certain precautions to not have you reading them continue to be a problem.”


Sunset looked out from behind her small bit of cover, attempting to shake off the ice on her tail. “Apparently you’ve grown strong enough to start freezing the pipes just above here, and despite how awesome it was to see some of those nobles covered in sewage-“


She blushed slightly. “I mean, we would like to get that part to stop, for the ponies living above.”

Celestia brought Twilight’s eyes up to meet hers. “Which means restricting your power and growth.”

Twilight put her hoof back to her mouth. “So, I take a power cut and get all the books the world has made thus far and from now on?”


Twilight jumped into the air before giving a small whoop. “Then why would I say no?”

Celestia smiled at the black cloak clad mare. “And of course, I expect you and Sunset to become friends as another part of the deal. Understood?”

Twilight frowned with Sunset as they both said, “But that’ll interfere with my reading!” They both looked at each other and Sunset blushed as Twilight giggled.

“It will be good for both of you, I promise.”

Sunset sighed, knowing that the moment she said that, there was no getting out of it. “So Twilight, what do you do for fun?”



“Why and?”

Sunset simply stared at the mare before those green eyes met hers and something forced her to look away. “So, I guess we’re all heading back now?” The whole corridor decided to shake at just that moment. “What in Equestria?”

“Well, there are cows, pigs, pegasi, or at least I hope them and the earth ponies are around. I know someone had been rallying for princesses and unicorns to be the only race before I left to live here, but I like to think they didn’t get much traction.”

Sunset turned around and almost said something before she had to jump around and through large stacks of books. She watched as the book fort continued down the way. “Celestia, what have you done to me?”

She let out a small chuckle. “Just trust me, alright?”

Sunset swallowed hard. “Why does that scare me more than she does?” She never got a response, and soon had to gallop in order to catch up to the other two as they led the way out.

Author's Note:

Leave anything you wish to comment/suggest they do. This is a project I hope to update at least once a week as this was created as something to do during my all too long lunch breaks, which does mean most chapters will be short and, hopefully, silly. I do have some story planned, but the shenanigans will most definitely be the focus.