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Now curious as to what happens next.

Jesus Christ yes.

Beautifull start.

Also, Cthulhu just replaced Shub Niggurath as my favourite eldritch god.

Oh lord that cover art.

Take my fave.. Take it!!!

you get a like just for that sweet piece of succulight cover art

Cthulhu's treatment failed.

...wait do he have a desease or something we dont....

The authors notes did me in. Hilarous!

and closer to her most private place..

1. Not sure if you wanted to put an ellipses or just a full stop.

Hmm... Interesting. Now we know Cthulhu's preference. I'm okay with this. We wait for more and nope, no McGuffin-ing out of this :rainbowlaugh:

so is this going to be the kind of story where every chapter is a fuckfest with different characters? because that would be AWESOME!:pinkiehappy:

I'm just here for the sexy Twilight pic, hubba hubba!:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightblush::yay::trollestia::eeyup::moustache::derpytongue2:

6288010 Pretty good I must say. It is just like the feeling of punching an orphaned nun-kitten, truly one to die for. (The orphaned nun-kitten's commonly do this afterward in fact. I have yet to find the link between the event though). Anyways, having zero integrity is great, and I highly recommend it.

So, uh, you made this a thing?
Also, please unmark this as a sequel. It's confusing, 'cause this is an AU thing, right?

6288010 So, I do not understand your comment. I will apologize for having written what I, and after I asked, the fans did want. If the fans of the COMMENT DRIVEN story had said no to this, I would have just made it its own thing, but I was inspired to write it as a Twaith spinoff using her, the universe, and the lore. Also, if you want zero integrity due to me reading clop, first, fuckoff simply because I have written worse, and far more, then this. If you say that because of just how cloppy this is, let me direct you to Cheerilee's Special Valentine's Day Class where that comment may be warranted. Otherwise, I do believe I need an explanation for your comment.
6288545 I will not be removing the sequel. I'm sorry that this so deeply offends you, but as it says here, it is an AU, to an AU. This time though, it's more an alternate timeline. How events could have gone with Twaith. It is not canon to the rest of the story, and you can just decide not to care about it if you want.

6287887 It will hopefully be at least a bit more then that, but we'll see. I'm not entirely sure for actually later on in the fic. I just know that I have a couple more chapters I want to do.

Tracking both stories 'cause TWILESTIA!!!!! :heart:

dear god how did I not see this earlier?

Ah, that's okay. Also, it's well written, especially for a clopfic, on an internet where anything NSFW is typically of much lower quality than, well, anything else. I applaud you. :moustache:

6288903 I am sorry btw, for being so hostile. Today has not been a great day for me, even with this featuring. I do hope though, now with a different perspective on this, that you may be able to enjoy this fic. I do plan to be a good bit calmer with later chapters, at least, at first.

That's okay. We all have those days. In fact, I think flamers, on occasion, have them, however scarcely they feel "feelings" .

I have one issue with this. And that is that I think "Twilibus" sounds better than "Succulight".

6288947 Actually, I think Twiccubus is the best, but Succ-U-Light has innuendo possibilities.

6288952 To point one, I actually agree, but I hadn't heard that before. And for point two :raritywink:

Um....that remind me other Japanese Fiction......Oh yeah.....Monster girls.

You read clops???:pinkiegasp:


I loved it!


Dunno. I've seen some rather masterfully done NSFW pieces that trump pretty much anything else I've seen SFW. If anything, the only reason we see crappy NSFW so much is because we go looking for high-quality SFW and ignore the mountains of SFW trash stinking up the place. Where when we go looking for NSFW we take in everything and sort through it for something we like.


Holy crap! You found me secret!


You are grounded:flutterrage:

Or..... just go read more clops.:rainbowderp:

He's making reference to the fact you called out...fuck, what's his name.

He was making stories with the sex tag without making sexual content. He also had sexually twinged cover art without actually being clop. You called them out for having provocative cover art while using the sex tag to push the story despite the lack of clop, and now this guy is calling you out for using sexual cover art to sell stories.

:l He's kind of right.

6289768 ...No, he isn't. *Sigh* If I'm remembering the story right, you're either talking about the fic about Celestia's lover being taken to court, where I only objected to the use of the sex tag as you can get aaway with almost anything but the actual thing under mature, or one of Distorted Flare's fics, where I was bitching about the mods not enforcing their own rules. In fact, if the other guy had bothered to look at more then my first comment on that fic, I actually go on to say that I wasn't bitching at Distorted for use of the sexy pic, nor denying my use of them. I was more so saying that with the mod's flip flop attitude on what qualifies as NSFW by their own rules, I was surprised he hadn't used one of his own pieces of art and extended visibility of his patreon.
6288010 So yes, I have integrity.

Edit: Last point is that I don't think I've ever actually called out someone for the sexual nature of their cover art to push non-sexual material. It's a marketing ploy that I understand is just part of the game. It only irks me when I think it might be breaking site rules, which I realize at this point just means that the artist can't remember a girl's anatomy and you're fine.

Your point might be the mod's nitpicking, but complaining about sexual content in cover art, then turning around and using sexually charged cover art is a bit hypocritical whether you think so or not.

And your intentions might be about the mods and their flipflopping, but it comes across as you complaining about the sex sells angle (Which I agree with, it's bollocks), but then you turn around and use this cover, this title, and obviously standard no plot porn.

It's a bit iffy, and it makes you look bad no matter what your intentions are. Intentions only matter for so long before you walk yourself into a corner and this happens.

My advice, either stop using sexual cover art, or stop complaining about the mod's wishy washy approach.

You're arguing against the point you're standing next to, and while you might mean it in a different way, it still stands right next to you.

Also spread out your're throwing me a wall of text and my eyes are bad enough already.

6289815 *Sigh* No.

The reason I say this is because most of my complaints came off of stories. Stuff like the fact that there is a group banner with obviously sexualized asses. And no, I'm not kidding. And hell, even when it did come to stories, my bigger complaint was the fact that it isn't just sexy that was selling. It was sex. And I had other people agreeing with me that to ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD, it would be considered porn. Plain and simple.

I have never bitched about the practice of using sexual cover arts, nor condemned their allowance. Just the fact that the mods don't care when it's reported, or won't do their jobs with clearly pornographic images normally. Or, most of all, that they weren't doing it while something that clearly broke the rules was in the featured box, and they posted a blog about the policy. That is why I was so pissed most of all. They almost admitted to slacking on the job.

Okay...and I agree with your points, I'll state that before I boil this down.

You're complaining about sexual content, sexy, sex, porn, soft-core, light, heavy, it's all under sexual content.

And when you use anything sexually charged, it looks like LOOKS like you're turning around on your complaints and abusing it.

I'm not arguing if you're doing it or not on purpose, but this is how it LOOKS to people OUTSIDE of your head.

6289847 Yeah, well, if anyone had looked for half a second at my things, they may have gotten a feel that I give ZERO FUCKS as far as using sexual content for your stories, and that it may have been something more. But of course, all anyone can do, is simply blindly hate... something I should not be surprised by at this point.

Happens when you have an opinion.

Look man...I'm just explaining what he meant.

If I started complaining about Nazis and Germans, then started waving a Prussian flag and saying "It's not German it's Prussian." You'd call me a hypocrite. Technically right or not, it still looks bad.

No one is going to get what I mean...nobody knows Prussia :(

6289873 I know Prussia. Prussia was fucking badass.

And I'm sorry, but what you're telling me is the fact that I wanted the mods to keep to their rules, and said anything, I may as well consider myself fucked to feature with any of my clop, as I mainly do anthro, and fimfiction only allows blatant sex to sell. That... that honestly sounds absolutely right, as it fits with literally every other opinion I put out on this site.

Either I'm mocked, told to fuck off, or no one cares.

Look. If you want to champion the "THE MODS DON'T CARE AND LET SEXUAL CONTENT GO UNCHECKED" you can't also write clop and use provocative images.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

I'm really not trying to mock you, I'm just explaining this person's point and the circumstances around it.

6289896 Look, none of this fucking matters. I mean, I'm just a mediocre author. That is what this site has told me. What I produce doesn't fucking matter. So yeah, let some people hate on me. It won't decide if I feature or not. I will get hate no matter what I do, and a hope that my writing can make me feel okay anymore doesn't matter.

My mind is fucking broken, and thank you for explaining his position. I'll start slamming my head into a desk until I can stop thinking now.

Or you could just calm down.

Trust me, don't let fimfic do this to you. It's not worth it. I don't even know if you know me, what happened, or any of the shit surrounding my time here. But don't let this place get to you.

6289922 My problem is not yours. I hate myself and try to feel okay by writing, and thinking, and trying to state my opinion. In all three aspects, all I do is garner hate and reasons to hate myself. I don't hate my followers or the readers here. I just wish they helped me more with my base problems, but even then, they can't, as those are only ever going to grow and continue to state that I'm fucked up.

She has the sexual appeal of a math book.
Anyone that's ever seen It has said "Fuck me."


Except for people who like math, i.e me and everyone else at my school.


Jumping in to say something: everyone is at least a little messed up. If you start talking yourself down, you'll only believe it more. ...Of course it doesn't hurt to just let it all out at times.

Also, I only skimmed through, so please don't take my message as the start of an argument...especially because I'm stubborn and won't back down.

You really liked the poker night prompt I see and you really trusted Cthulhu to get you out of making more chapters?
*smacks the author in the back of the head* What was you thinking this is HIS kitty pony of course you well be making more!


Wow the title gets right to the point doesn't it? If you read this fic, you know what you are looking for.

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