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1. As a general guideline, the majority of all fan-artwork used for cover images originate from DeviantArt.

That being said, I do not know off-handedly where or whose artist this image is. Which is all the more ironic since I rather like the theme & style of the picture you have used (humanized Twilight Sparkle & Spike).

2. On a parallel track, it is odd for you to use this image for your cover image since your story-premise is an HiE, should it not depict alicorn Princess Twilight and dragon Spike then, rather than their humanizations?

I like the fact that you use a creature heretofore unmentioned on the show; most writers I've seen that need a threat use one of a few 'stock' creatures from the show, mostly manticores and timberwolves. It's cool to see something different, that I could actually see as being part of that ecosystem.:pinkiehappy:

Since no one pointed out the artist, I will.

The art piece is created by Holivi. I can't find the picture itself on her deviantArt, but I know that's her style.

Now you can source properly! :twilightsmile:

Humanized Spike? From our world?

Hmm, this has piqued my attention. I wonder if there's a connection between our protagonist and the Equestria's dragon Spike.
I will be looking forward to future chapters :twilightsmile:

Makes me think this is sorta EG in reverse (At least this spike didn't turn into a dog)

"Glad to me you. I'm Spike,

You ate a few letters there.



Can you please tell me how is this a TwiSpike fic ?

Comment posted by Alex Wadegrove deleted Aug 5th, 2014

I am interested in this story, mortal. I gift you with a fav.

ponies but cover art is human?.....

Okay, couple of things 1) Is dragon Spike in this, and it's just a coincidence that they're both named Spike? 2) For some reason, the coverart reminds me alot of Portal, namely, Spike resembles Wheatley. Is that just me?

[It looked like someone had put the head of a wolf on a crocodile's body, stretched the legs out, made it three times bigger than normal and painted the whole thing purple.]
I've never heard of a Chupacabra described like th- Oh, it's from the comics! Ok, I see it now, but I've never heard of them trying to eat anything that wasn't a goat. In the comic, it thought Twilight and Fluttershy were goats because of the sticks in their manes so I don't know why it would attack Spike and Fluttershy out of the blue.:rainbowhuh: Does Spike have stuff on his head that he's not aware of?:rainbowlaugh:


Thanks to Blackskulls' informing us of the fan-artist's profile, I found the exact picture source. The reason the singular picture could not be found before because it was but one panel of a whole strip.

Twily and Spike, by DeviantArt(ist) Holivi.

A very heart-warming comic-strip :twilightsmile: , and the fundamental core-premise between the pair: life-long companions. Even Lauren Faust stated that her concept for Twilight Sparkle and Spike "are two halves of one whole" in characterization.

In any case, now you can Source Link the cover picture too, MrWriterWriter.

Interested to see where this goes.

This is a GREAT story so far and if there are NSFW scenes and they are marked than I would definitely read this whole thing!

all i can say is DAYM!!! spike since wen you start knocking out chupacabra's and wining the harts of pony's #player:rainbowlaugh: also love the story so far

great story and do i smell a bit of a gary stu?

Lets give it a shot. Please no tiny chapters though, easiest way to ruin a story.

4804580 The guy is an alternate human version of spike just ignore twilight in that pic

4805473 how does having supper strength = Gary Stu?

Gonna be on the lookout, for more of this Spike.

4805710 Trust me he is far from that. H.Spike is very flawed everything doesn't know fall into place for him one bit lol.

4805702 mmk , why not crop the image then?....

4805801 Maybe this image was when he was still in the human world going through college with his adopted older sister Human twilight.

lol couldnt help myself from asking! my brand new bike got jacked so im trying to cheer myself up

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Comment posted by The Commander deleted Aug 5th, 2014

4805935 put the image in paint , crop it , save , done....

Sorry, but story titles have capitalization rules... :unsuresweetie:

Before anyone asks, yes, I deleted The Commander's comment; and no, it wasn't because of the gif. don't really care if he didn't want to upvote, I deleted it because of that Nazi picture he had. There's no way in hell I'm allowing something like that on my page.


It probably would've been nuked by the site admins anyways if they noticed it, anyways.

4806915 Or native american swastika, or hindo swastika, or shinto swastika or etc...

Someone quick get me that picture of Leonardo DiCaprio doing the you had my interest and now you have my attention thing!

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