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Not bad. I will watch out for this.

Spike is Hooge (Huge)

Twilight surprised them by just laughing. "Fluttershy, I got more than enough man right beside me." Her smile turned to the naughty side as, to accentuate her statement, she playfully grabbed Spike's bulge.

The girls all went wide-eyed at the rather blatant move, along with Spike blushing brightly. "Twwiiii..." He semi-whined, fidgeting slightly in her grip. "Not in front of everyone..."

Whoa! Twilight! I never thought I'd see that happen

"Ladies, while your comments are a little flattering, could you please NOT discuss the size of my penis while I'm around?" He spoke up, blushing brightly, and startling them all. "It's kind of awkward." He waiting until they all started to apologize before adding. "And for the record, I'm ten inches with a seven inch circumference." It was his turn to smirk a little. "Twilight couldn't resist measuring one time."

HAhahahahah I don't know why this made me laugh. Also.

"Tempest Shadow!?" Twilight suddenly blurted out.

!!! Tempest!!! Yes!! I love her!

Love the premise and the characters are endearing. Looking forward to more.

Will follow. Also, loved the part where the Pillar Men theme was "playing" in the background via Spike's MP3 and he posed JoJo-style.

So how tall are Twilight and Spike respectively? I know you gave a general scale, but I'd like to know their heights.

The Gentle Giant is about to get his hands full, and not just from Twilight. Great story, man. I'm following this.

"Least it's daylight out." Applejack replied, wearing jeans and a slighly tight-fitting flannel shirt. She adjusted her old stetson and looked at Twilight. "So, you gonna tell us what this 'surprise

"So, you gonna tell us what this 'surprise' is?" < Fixed.

Little grammar that could be cleaned up here and there, but not the most terrible thing in the world. You have my attention, and my favorite.

Oh sweet Celestia that Garam art up there. :twilightblush:

Jesus, the "Bae" thing and the thing with describing actions like "*hugs you*" is so incredibly cringy. I strongly recommend that you drop that...

As a side note, "bae", or "bæ", is a Danish word for crap. Not a particularly cute thing to call your girlfriend :facehoof:

Damn, that's a hell of a height difference. Also, this story appeared in my New Stories feed instead of my Updated Stories one. Kinda weird.

That's bugged me ever since I found out about it. You gotta wonder how it ever came to be a term for someone's significant other.

Heck yeah, Tempest! All that's missing is griffon Gilda showing up to meet with RD and Trixie and Starlight being the accidentally noisy neighbors XD

I didn't submit it until I had a few chapters in.

First of all, how is it that I miss this story!?

Okay, that makes sense. Well I hope this story gets off the ground. Normally I'm not a fan of big guys with small girls, but I'll make an exception here.

"OOh-di-le-EE-hoo!" The hyperactive partier yodeled from Spike's shoulder, surprising even him. "Guys, I can see my house from here!"

"The heck??" Spike yelped.

"Pinkemena Diane Pie!" Rarity glared at her.

"No, seriously." She pointed. "My dad's mowing the lawn."

Pinkie, you are so random.:rainbowlaugh:

You must be fun at parties.

The next question, out of all of them, was from Fluttershy. "How are you still walking straight??"

Twilight just blushed. "Practice."


They are talking via chat room. So describing actions is sort of common place.

I agree with the sidenote. I don't like being called poop, even in other languages. Which is why a lot of people don't use it anymore.

i kinda feel bad for spike he must have a lot of dry dick when he and twilight have sex

This looks so fun!:moustache::twilightsmile:

Love it! All of it!!!:moustache::twilightsmile:

yea well... Denmark isnt even a real country :P

why do me think tempest is either twilight ex, or another tall friend of theirs that left town and came back without tell either of them.

P&G: Heh, you're busy squeeing, aren't you?


I get the feeling the girls want a piece of the beef cake.

Laughing throughout the chapter then this

The next question, out of all of them, was from Fluttershy. "How are you still walking straight??"

Twilight just blushed. "Practice."

and I about choked


"Tempest Shadow!?" Twilight suddenly blurted out.

SO MUCH YES. Sunset Shimmer and Tempest, now this just got even better

Ok, I love the humor of this.

Twi just became leagues more adorable.

*notices bulge* OwO whats this??

I like this, fun read so far.

The answered questions came right back.

It also means 'bye' in Icelandic.

Also, according to linguistics legend, the acronym for 'Before Anyone Else' <-- The one I'm using.

This story is awesome. Please update again soon!!!

... What are you, some kind of Swede? :twilightangry2:


Hmm, fair enough. I've never really used those, so i wouldn't know. I personally don't think it works, but horses for courses, i guess.

The funnest. Unless the party is full of people that says things like "bae", "Lol" or "OMG" out loud. Then i'm under arrest.


You almost choked? I was eating Chex mix at the time I read that and I started coughing hard!

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