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:fluttercry::fluttercry:....Poor Spike....:applecry:

Well, it has known what Twilight seems to think: and it's not good....for Rarity at least. But on the other hand, Rarity has the right to date and flirt any man that she wants. I hate to say it, but Spike....you should had just cut bait and look for someone else. There had to be that point where it isn't worth it anymore.

But to just give up all together, that's just silly. Never give up on love, Spike. Sure it's painful, and cause one a lot of pain, but when you finally find that one special creature that completes you, it truly is the greatest gift to one can ever receive. At that point, a little pain and heartache is nothing compared to true love and acceptance and belonging.

I wonder how the others will react to this. It's more than likely going to be a mix, but the interesting thing is what is gonna be said, and more importantly, by whom. I have a feeling that it's gonna be a pleasant surprise....and for some of the mares it's completely unexpected.:twilightsmile:

Well, you're off to a pretty good start. It'll be interesting to see Rarity crying to Spike about another failed date with Spike being completely neutral about it.:rainbowlaugh:


Well, it has known what Twilight seems to think: and it's not good....for Rarity at least. But on the other hand, Rarity has the right to date and flirt any man that she wants. I hate to say it, but Spike....you should had just cut bait and look for someone else. There had to be that point where it isn't worth it anymore.

I concur!

The way it happened was pretty hurtful (I suspect she didn't hear what he said because he kept botching it, not because she's that cruel), but it's clear it's not going to happen. If after seven years she still doesn't see him as potential coltfriend, then he's just not her type.

Good game, pack it in, move on.

If I were Rarity I would sleep with one eye open.

Le's have a little chuckiln here:: Since Rarity has obviously rejected Spike without actually saying that---How long will it take for somepony--if not more than one---will realize that she's has feelings for Spike for the longest time, and more intriging, how much it will take til Spike realizes it?

No offense, but seriously, Spike is as oblivious as other clueless ponies. Though in hindsight, having a candle for a single mare will make one blind to what he has.

4368548 Don't worry, he'll learn fast that she's not the only mare in town.

4368503 Yeah, as it said, he was nervous.And in a way it can be chalked up to her simply getting distracted by a pretty face. But no less a gut punch.

4368533 I am with you there. I want to see how she reacts when Spike isn't sticking up under her like he has for 7 years. She wont know what to do or think without him there with her. She might even feel like a part of her is missing. When she come crying to him I want him just to be steel face and be like I am done. I don't want to hear about your relationships anymore. Go to another friend or one of those other guys with this. I am going to live my own life. :moustache::raritydespair::raritycry:

4368548 Yea but think about how Rar will react when she sees him trying to live his own life. She seems like the type of person to want what she can't have. And the one person that was once always there under her now blowing her off. He can still be her friend but all that attention he was giving her has to end and I mean a hard end.:moustache:

4368670 I am happy he will notice quick that there are even more mares out there for him.And once news gets out that he isn't hung up on Rar anymore all kinds of mares are going to come running out to hook up with the hot piece of dragon.
I do hope this doesn't wrap his perspective on love but just make him alittle more careful who he spends 7 years chasing. I dont want to see him become a ass or not trusting of any mare thinking they are going to use him like she who will not be named... Rarity. But just feel that he has to guard his heart till he finds someone worth giving it t:moustache:o again.

4368670 Good to know that Spike will learn pretty quick that there are a lot of fish in the sea. It's just the question of who will make the first move.

Okay. So, Rarity brushed Spike off. Twilight is Spike's unofficial big sister. Twilight is going to let Rarity have it. Spike may have given up on love (which I can't blame him), but let's see if love has given up on him.
It will be interesting to see who (or how many) will try to fill the current void in his heart.

please continue :twilightsmile:

not bad but i think you may have played the twi card a littel early unless you have a good set up for down the rode

If I may make a suggestion?

Twilight is perfectly in character in her outrage towards Rarity. That's not a problem at all, she has understandable reasons for her feelings. However, don't make the mistake I've seen many other authors make, which would be having any and all other characters pile on Rarity for this. At least some of them are bound to understand her side, too. How you let Spike handle it was very promising already, so I don't doubt you will manage.

Just wanted to give a little heads-up about this!

I like where this is goin. Favorite.


I'm in agreement with all that you said.

However, the "piling on Rarity" comment is just par for the course. Especially if there are guys like Rainbow Dash who take their loyalty seriously. No matter what we say, it's gonna be a figurative lynch mob out for Rarity. Sure, Rarity has her right--and this pretty much confirms that she is attracted to handsome STALLIONS, a death knell for a potential relationship with Spike from the start. (I still think that she's shallow as hell :ajbemused:, but meh). Still, I believe that at the very least, she should just tell him that being a couple wouldn't work. Whether that be age, reputation, or species, she should at least told him that she's basically friend-zoned him. That way it's completely done--no what if's. There's still a what if factor in play. Even if Spike does successfully go out with somepony, it's gonna nag him and nag him with what could have been:
---What if she was just distracted, and I friend-zoned her because I selfishly didn't make her a chance to answer.
---What if she was just waiting for me grow a bit.
Rarity is gonna the get the "what if's" too. Even if it turns to a fairy-tale romance with whatever stallion she chooses, there's gonna be that nagging thought in her mind, especially when she see for herself that Spike has moved on to another mare that actually reciprocates his feelings. "What if I gave him a chance?"

There is one I have bothered. Twilight's attracted too early. I'm all for Spilight, but it's too cliche, too predictable. If anything we should hold off on the Spilight until Spike has met other mares, and there is are unofficial claims on him. Then Twilight shows that she has attraction for him that isn't sibling love.

EDIT: Part of me right now hopes that Rarity and Thunderlane's date go horribly wrong----and that Rarity is heartbroken as a result. She has no safety net now, because Spike won't be a rebound. Karma.......

Am I to Spiteful???

Interesting. I was hoping that Twilight would stay as the older sister, and not be a romantic interest.

Karma? I do believe the many, many times Rarity metaphorically slammed her head into a romantic brick wall to find a guy is karma enough already.
Unlike Spike, she actually changed course and looked elsewhere once she thought the relationship had no chance. We can even add seven more years to this!

As for being shallow: Well, considering Spike fell in love with her purely because of her looks :raritywink:

Addendum: I honestly wish the best for the both of them. Said best is probably best realised with other people, so.. more power to them!

4382860 4382220 I have to agree with you too. While I don't mind a Rarity dog pile I do like how realistic the author is being. While Rarity should at least either give Spike a chance or just tell him she's not interested in him she is free to date other guys. (flirting with someone while Spike is confessing his feelings deserves a fliped bird but it's in her every right.)Though I do have to admit that the Spilight is a touch early. I don't mind the shipping but I prefer a brother/sister realtionship between the two. This could be moment of weakness for a mare who probably haven't been on a date in her life.

4383173 Cool collage. :yay:

4383421 :eeyup:
'Cue awkward but funny moment.'

Twilight sees Spike crying in his sleep, she kisses him.
What she didn't know was Spike is half asleep.

:moustache:: "Twilight why did you kiss me?"

:twilightoops:: "Uhmm… well?"

Hmm.... Yeah this is favor worthy.

Let's hope he doesn't 'Pull a Spike'.

You mean huntresses.
Also how is Rarity taking the Spike-free zone?

4387028 Just noticed that and corrected it.

For Rarity, she hasn't found out yet. but she will.

Well I would hate to be Rarity right about now...........:rainbowlaugh:

4387028 better then twi would ohhhhhhhhhh

Twilight is going to go ape shit on Rarity! Lock your doors because shit is about to get real!

Really Rarity? I know you probably friend zoned the guy but if that isn't a kick in the balls I don't know what is.:facehoof: Though Twi is taking it a lot worse.:twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy::trollestia: Let me guess, every single within age range(and few that aren't) mare has their eyes on Spike but since was after Rarity didn't make a move. Now that he's stopped chasing after her it's basically open season.:rainbowlaugh:

4387346 Well, she still is a little annoyed:flutterrage: about what Rarity did, even though it was mostly a lapse in judgement::rainbowderp:

I just started thinking, what if Spike soon start to notice Twi as well as not just the girl that has always been in his life but as a mare as well. I mean what if he spend all his attention on Rarity he never notice Twi in that way. But now that his passion and lack of a better term lust is now on free roam he start to notice things... and mares in whole new light. That includes the mare he sees in in revealing nightwear and have a very personal and intimate relationship with already. (like brother and sister can change to a romantic filled tension relationship very easily all it would need is a slight trigger):moustache::twilightblush::facehoof:

4387397 While I would probably make a joke here Twilight has a long history of overreacting.:twilightangry2:

4387346 I agree with you that would make the sorry more interesting. But I would like it if Spike didn't do what I have seen so many other characters do in this situation and run from them all. I want him to embrace it. He has 7 years to make up for lost time. I want to see a chapter or two with different dates with different mares. (You can even make a contest out of it. Let your fans vote and who we pick gets to have a second date) I would like to see him take Twi out, sound like she needs a night out as well. I just want to see Spike enjoy his new freedom and not do the ecchi anime guy thing where they act scared when a girl make a advance at him. Dude 7 years to make up for! lol.:moustache::twilightblush::rainbowlaugh:

4387522 I can see her overreacting when she goes and confront Rarity. I mean right now she isn't in the most sound state of mind. She is starting to get the hots for someone she 'almost' saw as a brother not until this morning. And now she finds out the mare that almost made him give up on love want to put another nail through his heart. I can see her losing it slightly her without her thinking about it. :twilightblush::duck:

4387555 I have to agree with you for the most part. The only exception is when all of them form a mob and chase after him, then thats a good time to run.

4387660 True but that is when you run outside and you then come out giving all the mares a speech saying he is happy they all show interest and if they are willing he would love to take all of them out on a date one at a time to get to know them better and see where it can do. But he want to weight all his options so he wont be making any relationship decisions anytime time soon. I hope you call can understand I really would like to spend time with each and every one of you. What do you think? Does Spike have the silver tongue to pull something like that off lol.:moustache::duck:

4387688 Does Spike have the skills to talk his way to an nice solution? Yes

Will the mares get their horniness under control to listen to him? Beats me.:applejackunsure:

4387708 ... I like his odd ether way :pinkiehappy:

Spike is free from Rarity, but I got the feeling that Rarity like many other mares know that Spike was I love with Rarity, but in her cases she didn't know she was the mare he was in love in and because of that she didn't do anything.

You know why I like this fic. It dates back to the old times of spike shippings. When Spike technically gets rejected by rarity and the second everyone hears they go to great lenghts to become his new rarity. The reason why rarity is my least favorite is because how bitchy she is to spike. In other words this is awsome keep.it.going.

there's a reason why pissing off someone who is basically a mega wizard isn't on my to-do list. hopefully, for Rarity's sake, Twilight doesn't decide to just blow her up

Rarity...kiss your flank goodbye.

4388845 *snicker*

Well, played, good sir, well played

my Splight sense is tingling, it pleases me greatly! :moustache::heart::twilightsmile:

Twilight is pissed.:twilightangry2: I almost feel sorry for Rarity almost.

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