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I've been waiting for someone to take the reigns and write this ship. If not, I'd have to and nobody wants that.

Great story.

VERY nice story. And fun ending there too. All the girl's reactions to Spike here was pretty funny, and the ending kinda makes me wish this would get a sequel multichapter story where Spike ends up getting them all in a personal harem.

I hope there's going to be a sequel.

This was great. I laughed! Thanks for that!




Oh and Twilight seeing how much of a hypocrite she is

Finally! Was waiting for someone to do a Spike X Tempest Shadow clop story. Now we need ones with him with the following: Captain Celaeno, Princess Skystar, Queen Novo, and Songbird Serenade and we'll have the entire movie package.

*looks at the Comments, Faves, and upvotes*

So, this mean a new ship has been born?

Love EVERYTHING about this!:pinkiehappy:
Great job!:moustache::trollestia:

Perfect. Just, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! I burst out laughing at the last line. More!! Please more!!!!

This was fantastic! I always wanted for spike to let loose all the shit he goes through. I'd ask for a harem sequel but I known you've already got plenty of those. Again I liked the angry spike

Wish you did write one. I need more stories about Spike and Tempest. I NEED MORE!!

And with that a new mare....................HAS BEEN SPIKED!!!!!!!!! :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

Wait, what happened to, Starlight?! Did she go back to her room to rub one out and watched the action using a magic viewing spell?! That's my take anyway.:pinkiehappy:

Would have been even funnier if that was the case, and when Fizzlepop made the offer, Starlight would teleport in the room and strip off whatever she was still wearing.:moustache:

Still a great peace of work.:trollestia:

Yeah, I could totally see Pinkie stripping nude to get impaled on a whim. Rainbow Dash a little less so but I wouldn't put it past her to let her hormones go to her head.

:trollestia: That's my boy
:derpytongue2: All the mares get Spike
:moustache: Yep, they all 'get' me...

I wanna see this continued, Twilight freaking out while the other friends try and get some spike.....and possibly with some swollen, foal/egg filled bellies later. :pinkiehappy:

Me too. Maybe you should do a Tempest x SPike clopfic?

Dude congrats on getting this amazing story featured so fast!

I like how Twilight treats spike like a god damn 6-year-old, I mean I know its a story but seriously? at least don't burn something he bought thats just rude and stupid.

Kinda surprised it showed up so soon myself.

Would definitely love to see this continued.

I would love a sequel to this, something that expands on their relationship.

Wow, this one's turning out to be way more popular than I expected

It was good enough at the start, but seeing the Mane 6's reactions at the end is priceless. First Tempest Shadow clopfic to read, and I don't think anyone can top it.

"What??" A rustling of cloth beside her made Twilight turn around, "RAINBOW DASH, PUT YOUR SHIRT BACK ON THIS INSTANT! YOU TOO, PINKIE PIE!"

This demands a sequel! :rainbowkiss::pinkiegasp:

BTW: where did Starlight go off to after seeing this happen?

And it just made it to the front page. Contrags

Considering this is the first story EVER to ship Spike and Tempest Shadow, that's to be expected.

Well being a story from you pretty much guarantees it being Featured anyway. I've only been here for a couple months and in that time you've written, what, four new stories? And they've all been featured practically as soon as you put them out.

But aside from that, Tempest is THE hot new character right now. That, combined with this being, to my knowledge, the first and so far only SpikexTempest story? As sure things go, this story being Featured is right up there with death and taxes.

Buuuut, just to prove it's not a fluke, maybe you could write another? Just a suggestion....


Wait, this really IS the first?? Holy shit!!

Well, it IS the first Tempest x Spike clopfic. Hope more appear.

I'm pretty sure starlight went to rub one off.

I died laughing at the last line. Perfect. Just pure gold!!

This is great! I've been waiting for a Tempest X Spike story.

I hope there will be more.

So, is this all a race or something?


"Do you wanna see mine?"

That dialog needs a little more setup, of where Tempest is in relation to him, and how she's acting, sitting or standing or w/ev. I just kind of lost where Tempest was in the room when that hit, and it's kind of an important moment.

I liked it! A little more imagery could've benefited the story more, but overall, this was pretty damn good.

And nice with the foray into the Tempest/Spike dimension. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some more of these because of this story. Lord knows I've got some ideas now. Good show!

Or go find Trixie for a bit of fun with magic.

I did not realize how much I wanted this in my life......... :eeyup:

This needs a sequel keep up the good work.

D'aww! That was so sweet. And the ending was hilarious!:rainbowlaugh:

All right, I'm in the 'sequel' crowd. Where Pinkie and Rainbow Dash know they're just in it for fun, and Spike and Fizzlepop are actually serious about it. And Twilight has to come to grips with Spike's maturity.

While not quite as personalized as Starlight or Spike's rooms, Tempest had managed a little with hers; a ponnequin sat nearby wearing what was obviously her spare armor, albeit with the Storm King's emblem scraped off. Two yeti spears and
a shield hung on the wall as mementos, and the gauzy, pastel green curtains had been replaced with heavier, dark blue ones, apparently for a bit more privacy.

You have an enter after and. Might want to fix that. Other than that it was a hot, sexy, and funny story. :twilightsmile:

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