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After the furball tried to threaten him to get out with a rock, he decided to be get evil and simply told Angel about the rabbit and mushroom lasagna his grandma used to make on special occasions. "And I still remember the recipe; take one medium sized rabbit, properly skinned and dressed, using a sharp knife, cut the meat away from the bone..."

That was the first time he ever saw a rabbit blanch before it hightailed it out of the room.

He ran a thumb over a two-inch scar beside his right eye; the aftermath of his aunt's overly-pampered cat deciding it needed to show him who was boss when he was twelve. He'd gotten banned from the woman's house permanently after duct taping the little bastard to the wall as payback.

Dude. What's up with you and animals?:rainbowlaugh:

How would other ponies, or anyone else that lived in town for that matter, respond?

I have a feeling I know how three of them would react.

"So..." He spoke up, wincing a little at the still lingering soreness, "I think this where I say either 'I come in peace', or 'klatuu bavarian taco'."

One of the other ponies, a bright pink one with an equally pink, and very floofy, mane promptly raised a hand, "Oh! How about 'Baa Weep Grahna Weep Ninny Bong'?"

He grinned and chuckled, "While a good one, I don't have any treats to offer." His grin widened a little when the others seemed surprised that he actually comprehended it, 'Maybe this won't be so bad...'"

WT:yay:?! Translation please.

He going to see princess Big tits

I didn't understand it then... and I don't understand it now. And what about what Spike said? And Spike's response? I am so confused.

Spike was mispronouncing the phrase 'klaatu barada nikto'

and the second one is the 'universal greeting' from the transformers animated movie. I think it means 'I come in peace and I bring treats'

This is a great story. I loved it, and it kept me interested the entire time. You earn 40 points for not doing the far over done generic freak out scene. Great job for leaving it out.

I look forward to seeing more from this Author.

The Monk

Cadance and her wife

husband or gleaming shield?

One of the other ponies, a bright pink one with an equally pink, and very floofy, mane promptly raised a hand, "Oh! How about 'Baa Weep Grahna Weep Ninny Bong'?"

This brings me back. Also loving the story so far :p

i do like your stories, really i do but i think that you should focus on finishing some of the other stories ( Good Morning Class and Exposure therapy hint, hint ) before starting something new, but its your life your stories, that i really enjoy, and this is just my opinion. Anyway keep the good work

he noticed that there were twelve individuals standing there; a group of multicolored ponies, and one reptilian-looking individual that, given the row of spikes running down their back, he was willing to guess was a dragon.

So, we've been introduced to Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie. Five more individuals to go.

"Well then." She looked at the others and pointed at him over-dramatically, "The Great and Powerful Trixie claims first ride on this stallion!"

THIS is one of the reasons Trixie is my favorite pony.:rainbowlaugh:

Now, we have been introduced to Fizzlepop Berrytwist Tempest Shadow. Four more to go.

Haven't read yet but:

surrounded by small anthroporohic,


Seems strange the main character has the name Spike and yet he is a human from earth.

Otherwise loving the story!

Now he has to get on a train, full of nudist ponies, and meet the leaders of the new world he finds himself in. Which is going to happen more? Ponies panicking or looking at him lustfully?

here's to hoping we don't get hyper inflated princesses

nah, I like buxom, but the hyper stuff isn't my thing.

I am always for proportion if things are too big it goes from sexy to odd. Cool to know it won't be boobs as big as someone's torso .

Wait was that first part one of Ash's mispronunciations from Evil Dead? That and one of the most memorable lines from the 1980s Transformers....yep this is looking awesome.

Every once and a while there are a few grammatical errors but the story is solid. If you want to give the main character some neat abilities (if you decide to make them necessary) at least balance how strong he is, lots of HiE stores dont dont balance their character when giving the MC powers.
Otherwise this story is alright so far, keep it up.

Isn't that translated to 'I sex you up rutting style'?

Oversexed him why don't ya.

So totally not Spike from Earth who just happens to be named Spike meets our ponies as sexy little Shortstacks?

alright, im in

Bet you 10,000 bits he pops a boner in front of Celestia and Luna.


I'm assuming the two that have been described are Starlight Glimmer (light purple-grey) and Moondancer (yellowish-gray, and she wear glasses). I'm pretty sure that there is not pony Juniper Montage in this story...

Bet 100,000 bits they take it as a compliment.

You gonna be making fun of Celestia's famous cakebutt when Spike meets her?

A fandom trait given to Celestia is a big butt from her love of cakes.

Why name this character Spike? It seems a bit odd, both considering Spike isn't terribly common a name and from a writing perspective, it's bound to confuse things later on if he encounters the real spike. Unless you've got some joke or something planned...even then, not sure it'd be worth the confusion.

Interesting! Please continue.:moustache:

That does kinda bother me, actually.

He sees 12 individuals in this chapter, but we aren't introduced/he isn't introduced to all of them this chapter. Seems like an odd choice to put it off until later.

Very interesting story, can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter

He glanced at the pony girl snuggled up beside him, sound asleep. Since he could move around now, he had planned to sleep on the couch. However Fluttershy had insisted her bed was big enough for them both, not that he minded...it was kind of cute how she liked to cuddle up to him in her sleep.

But did she really have to sleep naked too!?

giggity. :pinkiecrazy: (i can honestly see Pinkie meeting Quagmire and deciding to make this her catchphrase as well) :facehoof: and yes, yes she does. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowkiss: :trollestia:

the flower trio i presume. reaction being similar to sao abridged. "PANIC IN THE STREETS!!!!!!!"

So, when is this being updated?

"Oh! How about 'Baa Weep Grahna Weep Ninny Bong'?"

I love you, that's one of my favorite movies. Before my time, sure, but still my favorite.

I can only dream of that moment when the CMC realize that Spike can't get a cutie mark. Also, this has been bugging me: Is Spike an opposite gender, human version of Barb?

Please tell me he's stuck here!!! Also, I demand a giant harem, including Eris the goddess of Chaos and the princesses and Chrysalis.

Yes he is, Barb is the rule 63 version of Spike.

Oh, so Mac is still male. I was wondering about that.

Hotties from another planet, but still..

Dude, he's a human on an alien planet filled with babes. It's his moral duty to pull a Kirk and tap what no man has tapped before!! :rainbowdetermined2:

Yeah, Spike's gonna need a male confidant to talk to, and warn him about his new role.

A toboggan is a kind of sled. :) Do you maybe mean toga?

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