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Princess Twilight Sparkle pays one of her rare visits to Canterlot since having moved to Ponyville. Visits that had become even more scarce since her coronation, and her former mentor is all the more excited about every moment she can spend with the young alicorn. The guards and servants seem to share her enthusiasm, though for some reason they seem awfully nervous as well.

As always, the two spend some quality time together, reminiscing about fond memories from when Twilight was a mere child under Celestia's tutelage. But the promising filly had grown a lot since then, and both are tempted to see how their relationship had matured.

WARNING: SMUT INVOLVED! If you must know in advance, it's some cuddling and a bit of almost-but-not-quite-kinky tickling. Story is a gift for, and was inspired by a friend, who will remain anonymous.

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who even are you anymore

This was a lot better than I expected. Tickling is not everyone's fetish, certainly not mine, but it was very well written and well characterized and that IS my fetish :D

I really enjoyed this story! The emotions and thoughts Celestia was going through, as well as her interactions with Twilight, was both very sweet and felt like it had a nice pace (I always feel one of the most difficult parts of a romance development is the way to when they realize there emotions, and how to present it without being to slow or to rushed).

One thing I would like to se however is the perspective from the staff and guards and why they acted as they did. And while we got some clues to why, you did not develop anything more on it at the end, especially as it was such a big focus on it in the story. Hope to se a sequel or a continuation on the story!

Keep up the good work,
Cheers! :twilightsmile:


A sequel is very likely to happen for this exact reason. Stay tuned.

6969469 sweet! Looking forward too it!

I really enjoyed this one.

6969960 me as well, i enJOYED MUCH ABout the story

Oh my gosh that was awesome! I NEED SEQUEL!!'

That was amazing! I am definitely looking forward to a sequel.

This was so well written, I loved the way the interaction played out between them both. It's nice self-contained, but a sequel wouldn't hurt at all either.

“Hm…” There was a small, pregnant pause. “So… you don’t mind?”

OH MY GOD!!!! i would love them both to become pregnant ;3

Uhhhh, how would that even happen? Wait, on second thought, I don't wanna know.

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